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Bandarban is a part of the Chittagong Division and a district in South-Eastern Bangladesh. Also, it’s one of the three hill districts of Bangladesh along with a part of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. The district’s area is 4,479 km² and the total population is 292,900. The meaning of Bandarban is the dam of monkeys). It’s also known as Arvumi or the Bohmong Circle. Moreover, it’s the home town of the Bohmong Chief (currently King, or Raja, U Cho Prue Marma) who is the head of the Marma population of the other hill districts. In addition, the district of Bandarban is regarded as one of the most attractive travel destinations in the country.


Also, it’s the administrative headquarters of Bandarban district that’s turned into one of the most striking tourist attractions in Bangladesh.

Geography of Bandarban District

There are the three highest peaks of Bangladesh are located in Bandarban district. They are Tahjindong (1280 meters, also known as bijoy), Mowdok Mual (1052 meters), and Keokradong (883 meters). Moreover, two more highly noted features of the district are Chimbuk peak and Boga Lake. Here is the only river born inside Bangladesh territory is the Sangu River (also known as Sangpo or Shankha). Its position is between 21˚11’ to 22˚22’ North latitudes and between 92˚40’ to 92˚41’ east longitude. 

Upazilas List of Bandarban District

  1. Bandarban
  2. Rawoangchari
  3. Naikharchari
  4. Alikadam
  5. Ruma
  6. Thanchi
  7. Lama

Pourashavas: 2
Number of Union Parishad : 33 

Bandarban District Economy

Bandarban produces little that is of economic value outside self consumption of the hill people, also known as Jumia and heavily dependent on it. The major exports of the district, with tourism growing fast as a source of revenue are fruits like banana, pineapple, jackfruit, papaya; masala (ginger, turmeric) and tribal textile. Like most other commerce in the district, has been taken over by Bengali settlers and much of the trade in fruit. Although it’s largely not considered as economically profitable products, Bamboo and tobacco grows in significant quantity. Besides, some bamboo-craft and local-made cigarillos are now exported out of the district.

Bandarban Hotel & Motels

There are so many international standard hotels in Bandarban. Some of Bandarban hotels are below:

  • Hotel Green Land
  • Fanush Resort
  • Hotel Plaza Bandarban
  • Hotel Hill View
  • Hotel Night Heaven
  • Hotel Hillton
  • Nilambori Resort
  • Hotel Swiss Garden International
Bandarban District Borders
  • North- Rangamati district
  • South- Arakan (a state of Mayanmer) and the Naf River to the south
  • East- Indian Border and Rangamati district to the east
  • West- Cox’s Bazar district.

Bandarban District Hospital

Bandarban district has 7 hospitals. They are Bandarban General Hospital, Upazila Health Complex-Ali Kadam, Upazila Health Complex-Lama, Upazila Health Complex-Naikhongchari, Upazila Health Complex-Rawangchari, Upazila Health Complex-Ruma, and Upazila Health Complex-Thanchi.

Bandarban District 10th Parliament Member’s

Bandarban-300: Bir Bahadur Ushising, Bangladesh Awami League

Bandarban District Major Crops

Bandarban district grows Ginger, turmeric, sesame, cotton etc.

Bandarban District Major Fruits

Bandarban district grows pine apple, almonds, orange, banana, jack-fruit, lemon, tobacco, vegetables etc.

Bandarban District Major Rivers

The rivers of Bandarban district are Mongla, Modhumoti, Shila, Haringhata, Baleshari, Pathuria, Bangra, Daratana, Panguchi, Pashur, Vangra, Goshairkhali etc.
Dharla river :

Bandarban District Industrial information
  • Heavy Industry- 01,
  • Middle industry- 01,
  • Cottage industries- 01,
Bandarban District Bank
  1. Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking – 01556440701
  2. Bangladesh Agricultural Bank 0361-26232
  3. Sonali Bank 0361-63131 0361-6345
  4. Agricultural Bank 0361-631314
  5. Agrani Bank 0361-635353
  6. Janata Bank 0361-634346
  7. Pubali Bank 0361-2323
  8. Rupali Bank 0361-624443
  9. Employment Bank 0361-62610
  10. Islami Bank 0361-63411
  11. Trust Bank 0361-63204
  12. Mercantile Bank 0361-63040
  13. Grameen Bank 0361-63149
Bandarban District Major Non-government Organization (NGO)
  1. UNDP
  3. CCDB
  4. World Vision etc.
Post office with Postal code
  • Bandarban Sadar post code: 4600 
Tourist Place

Meghla Tourist Complex, Chimbuk, Shale Proteep, Marginal Lake, Bagalak, Keokrudong, Taizdong, Mirinja, Rainwater vesiputous, Nilchal matkailukompleksi, Nilgiri, kultainen temppeli, Kawajadi Hills, Uusi silta Ripar View, Ali tunneli, Dindhu Pathar Chhara, Rengkhan Pond etc.
Notable Famous people

Dr Nilima Ibrahim (Writer), Sree Das Gupta (Politician), Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah (Poet), Prof. Abdullah Abu Sayed (Writer and Social Worker), Prof. Abu Baker Shiddique, Sheikh Amjad Ali, Kiron Chandra Roy, A. S. M. Mostafizur Rahaman, Prof. Moazzem Hossain, Prof. Kazi Azhar Ali, Prof. Ruhul Amin, Dr Sheikh Gaus Mia, Bidhu Vushan Basu, Sheikh Kamruzzaman Tuku (Commander of Mujib Bahini) etc.

Bandarban District Miscellaneous

  • Language: Bangla
  • Primary Schools: 343
  • High Schools: 27
  • College: 5
  • Government hospital: 11
  • Divition: Chittagong
  • Time Zone: +6
  • Postal Code: 9300 
  • Official Website:
  • Mosque (Mosjid): 297
  • Temple (Hindu): 34
  • Temple (Budhha): 177
  • Church: 113
  • Stadium: Jela Krira Songstha
  • Public Library: 1

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