Barguna District: A to Z information

Barguna district is located in Bangladesh’s south- western part. From sea level, it’s only average 11 feet above. “It’s assume that timber traders of northern part came here to buy timbers and they waited for favoring flow (Baro- Gone) of the river of Khakdon to overcome and consequently the region was named Baro-Gona”, according to some historians. Baro- Gona muted to Barguna by the passing of age. On the other hand, it was used “Gun” to dragging the boats against the mainstream of tide.

This way the reason was named as Barguna. In the last decade of the eighteenth century, Barguna police station was established. Then, it was upgraded into a sub-division in 1969. And, finally, the subdivision was turned into a district after the liberation of Bangladesh in 28 February 1984.

Geography of Barguna District

The total land area of Barguna district is 1831.31 square kilometers. As you already know, it was established as a district in 1984 after the liberation war. It’s bounded on the north by the districts of  Jhalkathi,  Barisal,  Pirojpur  and Patuakhali. It borders the Patuakhali district n the east. Also, Barguna is bounded by the Patuakhali district and the Bay of Bengal on the south. It borders Pirojpur and Bagerhat districts on the western side. the Paira River, Bishkhali River, khakdon river and the Baleshwar River are the Important rivers of Barguna district.

Upazilas List of Barguna District

  1. Amtali Upazila
  2. Bamna Upazila
  3. Barguna Sadar Upazila
  4. Betagi Upazila
  5. Patharghata Upazila
  6. Taltali Upazila

Pourashavas: 4

Number of Union Parishad: 42

Barguna District Economy

The economy of the Barguna district is primarily dependent on agriculture. Although Jute cultivation was once important, it gradually lost popularity as a cash crop; the principal crops are rice and pulses. In the Barguna district, there is a thriving fishing industry being a coastal district. Also, the district produces betel leaf, pulses, bananas, betel nut, molasses, marine fish, and shrimp. It comprises mostly rice mills, saw mill, soap factory, flour mill, ice factory and pen factory with a small manufacturing industry. On the other hand, tailoring also thrive in rural areas along with traditional cottage industries such as weaving, bamboo and cane art work, goldsmithing, blacksmithing, pottery, wood work.

Barguna District Population & Literacy

Barguna district’s total population is 892,781, according to the Bangladesh Population Census 2011, where 437,413 Male and 455,368 Female and the sex ratio are 96:100. The density of the population of the district is 1439/Sq Km and annual growth rate is 0.50%. Besides, the literacy rate of Barguna district is 57.60% where 59.20% Male and 56.10% Female. Moreover, the school attendance rate is 59.10% for 5 to 24 years age group.

Barguna District Borders

  • North- Jhalokati, Barisal, Pirojpur and a part of Patuakhali district
  • South- Patuakhali district and the Bay of Bengal
  • East-  Patuakhali district
  • West- Pirojpur and Bagerhat districts


There is one General Hospital with 100 beds in the Barguna district. Besides, there are 6 Upazila Health Complex, 8 Union Health and Family Kallayan Center, 123 Community Clinic and some Private Hospital/Clinic.

Barguna District 10th Parliament Member’s

Barguna 1: Advocate Dhirendra Chandra Debnath Shambhu, BAL

Barguna 2: Shawkat Hachanur Rahman, BAL

Barguna District Major Crops

Barguna district grows Rice, winter crops, peas, pepper, potatoes, pumpkin, watermelon etc.etc.

Barguna District Major Fruits

Barguna district’s major fruits Betel nut, coconut banana,tal/palm, mango, black berries, date palm, wood apples, chalta, karamcha etc.

Barguna District Major Rivers

The rivers of Barguna district are The Payra, Bishkhali, Khagdum and Baleshwar etc.

Barguna District Fisheries Production

Registered number of fisheries: 45,621 2

Number of registered motorized vessels: 205

Production of hilsa (2016-17): 72,250 metric tons (13% of the total Hilsa produced in the country is procured in Barguna district.)

Total production of fish (2016-17): 92,003 metric tons

surplus fish quantity (2016-17): 72,205 metric ton

Fisheries landing station: 01, government (Patharghata).

Barguna District Township

The establishing period of the Barguna Municipility is 1973. In 1977, it was renamed as Barguna Paurashava. There are 9 wards and 18 mahallas in the Barguna Paurashava. The Paurashava area is 15.57 square kilometers.

Barguna District Bank

  1. AB Bank Ltd.
  2. Agrani Bank Ltd.
  3. Al Arafah Islami Bank Ltd.
  4. Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd.
  5. Bangladesh Development Bank Ltd.
  6. Bank Al Falah Ltd.
  7. Bank Asia Ltd.
  8. Habib Bank Ltd.
  9. ICB Islami Bank Ltd.
  10. IFIC Bank Ltd.
  11. Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.
  12. Jamuna Bank Ltd.
  13. Janata Bank Ltd.
  14. Mercantile Bank Ltd.
  15. Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.
  16. National Bank Ltd.
  17. One Bank Ltd.

Barguna District Newspapers

There are some newspapers in Barguna district, such as:

Daily: Dipanchal, Dainik Saikat Sangbad.

Weekly: Barguna, Betagir Katha; defunct: Dainik Ajker Kantha; Bargunar Kantha.

Fortnightly: Barguna; weekly: Barguna Kantha, Barguna Barta, Bhatiali, Payra Par.

Barguna District Major Non-government Organization (NGO)

There are 83 NGOs in Barguna district, such as Kamola Samaj Unnayan sangstha, ASECED, Terre des hommes Foundation, South Asia Partnership (SAP)-Bangladesh, Asha, Brac, grameen bank, etc.

Post office with Postal code

  • Barguna Sadar post code: 8700,
  • Barguna Sadar 8701
  • Amtali 8710
  • Bamna 8730
  • Betagi 8740
  • Betagi 8741
  • Patharghata 8721
  • Patharghata 8720

Tourist Place

There are many famous places to visit in Banguna district. These include Fatrar Char, Ashar Char, Haringhata Forest, Laldiar Char and Sea Beach, Mazhir Char, Sonbunia, Taltoli Rakhain Palli and Temple, Samudra-Bilash, Bibichini Shahi Mosque, Sonakata Forest, Donbunia, Mazhirchar, Khoyra Mosque etc.

Famous person of Barguna

Some people has enlightened the Barguna district. These include Professor Sayad Fazlul Hoque, Shelina Hossain (Novelist), Motin Boiragi, Abdul Aziz Master, Dr Entaz Uddin, Gazi Ali Ahmed, Delower Hossain Montu, Motiur Rahaman Talukder etc.

 Barguna District Miscellaneous

  • Language: Bangla
  • Government Primary Schools: 814
  • Government High Schools: 2
  • Non Government High Schools: 148
  • Barguna Govt College: 2
  • Private College: 22
  • Government hospital: 7
  • Divition: Barishal
  • Time Zone: +6
  • Official Website:
  • Mosque (Mosjid): 3602
  • Temple (Hindu): 143
  • Church: 01
  • Pagoda (Budhha): 14
  • Cyclone Center: 335
  • Stadium: 1
  • Public Library: 1

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