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Under the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC), the 42nd BCS Circular has already been published. In all the vacant posts of various cadres of the civil service, BPSC has invited online applications from qualified participate in competitive BCS exams.

They published the 42nd BCS Circular through the official website of www.bpsc.gov.bd. Every candidate can download the PDF copy of the circular from that website. According to the 42nd BSC Circular, the application process and whole procedure are discussed below.

• Total number of general cadres: 642
• Total Technical/ Professional cadres: 619
• BCS (General education): Government general colleges- 892
• General education (BCS): posts for Government teacher training colleges- 15

So, a total tally of 2166 people.

BCS Online Apply Date and Time

BCS Application Date and time details below …….

Online registration Date: 05/12/2020. 10:00 AM.

BCS Application last date: 04/01/2021, 6:00 PM.

Qualifications for BCS Exam

If you are planning to apply for the BCS exam, then against 42nd BCS Circular, you need below-given qualification.

Equivalence Certificate

A candidate will not be able to apply if he or she does not have the required educational qualification for the different cadre positions mentioned in the notice.If a foreign resident obtains a degree and claims that it is the equivalent to any of the educational qualifications given in the 42nd BCS Circular, then he or she will have to submit the equivalence certificate which is provided by the concerned Equivalence Committee at the time of viva. It is recommended for Equivalence Certificate to contact Medical degree holders to BMDC, Veterinary Council for Animal Husbandry/ DVM degree, and all other degree holders to Education Ministry authorities.

Eligibility Criteria for BCS Exam 

If a candidate participated in any examination and they think after publishing the result they will be eligible for the BCS exam, then they can also apply online. But Still, it will be accepted temporarily.

Those candidates who have completed all examination of the Bachelor’s or post-graduate level within the deadline of accepting application for the 42nd BCS examination can apply for the exam. In this regard, the candidate has to submit evidence issued by the head of the educational institute or university department chairman along with the BCS application form.

The main copy of the university’s certificate must be submitted to the Commission as proof of passing the examination. If a candidate can’t provide the evidence, then their oral exam will not be taken, and they will be treated as null.

Age Limit

For all cadre candidates (excluding the freedom fighters daughter, son, disabled candidate, and BCS health cadre candidate), the age ranges from 21 to 30 years as of the submission deadline.

The age ranges from 21 to 32 years for the freedom fighter’s daughter, son, disable candidate and candidate for BCS health cadre. Only in the case of small ethnic group, the age range from 21 to 32 years for the BCS general cadre.


• Applicants must be a citizen of Bangladesh
• A candidate will be ineligible if he or she marries a foreign citizen or promises to marry without government consent. To get the government’s permission, the permit must be provided to the board of the viva exam on the day of the viva voce.
• Regardless of gender, any citizen of Bangladesh will be eligible to take the BCS exam.

Apply Through Online for BCS Exam

Candidates can complete the registration process through two websites, and they are bpsc.teletalk.com.bd and www.bpsc.gov.bd. After entering the site, you will see the three radio button for the application form of 42nd BCS exam, and also instructions for applying with the cadre option.

After clicking, you will get the 42nd BCS Circular as well as detailed instructions for filling the BCS online application form. You can download the admit card from the website later, and you need to deposit the fee through SMS. The three categories on the application are given below-

• Application for General cadres
• For Technical/ Professional cadres
• For General and Technical/ Professional (both) cadres

Depending on your choice of cadres, you will click that respective button. Then fill in the form according to the instruction.

BCS Exam Fee in Bangladesh

After finishing up the application form, uploading the signature and photo as per the instructions, candidates will be able to see the preview. Upon successful completion of the submission of the form, the candidate will receive an applicant’s copy with a user ID, signature, and photo. You should download or print the applicant’s copy for later use.

With the user ID, you will pay 700 taka as application fee through Teletalk sim by the SMS system. Under the same clause, disabled, small ethnic groups, and third gender candidates will pay 100 taka for the exam fee, and after that, they can download and print the admit card. here are The range of centrally-registered registration numbers is given below:

BCS Exam Fee Payment Through Online

With a Teletalk sim, you have to 700 or 100 taka for application fees. Keep a sufficient amount in your mobile balance before making the payment. Furthermore, go the phone’s message option and type –

First SMS–

BCS <space> User ID and send to 16222
After the first SMS, you will get a reply with your unique PIN, which has eight-digit. Then type –

Second SMS

– BCS <space> Yes <space> PIN (which you got from the previous SMS reply) and send it to 16222.
Example– BCS Yes 87654321

Congratulations! You have completed your online payment for the BCS examination.

However, if you have lost your password or PIN, then type – BCS <space> HELP <space> SSC Board <space> SSC Roll <space> SSC Year and send it to 16222.

Photo and Signature Upload

After completing all three parts of the BCS application form, you will see the preview of the application. According to 42nd BCS Circular, upload the scanned image, which can’t be more than 100 kb, and also pixel can’t be more than 300*300. Your scanned image should not be taken not more than three months ago.

You can’t use black and white images, and the application will be rejected if the image is not viewed in the applicant’s application form. Face and ears should be visible in the form, and pictures with sunglasses will not be accepted too.

In the application form, the signature can’t be more or less than 300*80 pixels, and file size is not more than 60 kb. The application form will be considered void if the signature of the applicant’s copy is not displayed according to the instructions.


All the candidates must declare in the declaration section of the application form that all the information given in the form is true and correct. If the authority finds out that the information provided in the application form is fraud or corrupted, then the application will be canceled, and the Commission may take any legal action against him or her.

Filling Multiple Forms is Forbidden

If you submit the final application form and download the admit card for one of the centers by submitting the fee, then you can’t provide the online application again for the center. If someone fills the form multiple times for the same center with wrong or false, incorrect/ different information and also accepts various admit cards, then his or her overall candidacy will be canceled and will be disqualified for all posts.Legal action will be taken against them.

How to BCS Application Form and Documents Submission

Those candidates who have passed the written test, they should download and print the applicant’s copy from the BPSC website. They should submit the form collected from the site to the viva board on the day of the examination along with the below-given certificates and documents –

First of all, three copies of passport size photo signed by the candidate and verified by a first-class gazetted officer and must be attached to the top left of the application form.

You need to give proof of educational qualifications such as a photocopy of all the certificates provided by the board and the respective university.

Submit a verified copy of the original certificates of SSC or equivalent exam provided by the board as proof of age, and an affidavit will not be accepted for proof of age.

Candidates who hold a four-year bachelor’s degree have to submit the verified copy of the certificate provided by the university along with the application form.

Sons and daughters of freedom fighters have to submit two valid copies of the Mother/ Father Freedom Fighters Certificate with the application form. Besides, the third gender candidates have to submit the certificate provided by the civil surgeon.

If the candidate has a degree obtained from abroad, then he or she has to submit a valid copy of the Equivalence Certificate provided by the concerned Ministry of Education. Don’t forget that verified copies of the certificate must be submitted in favor of the changeable permanent address.

Somehow, if the address of the candidate of the applicant as the daughter and son of the freedom fighter is different from the permanent address given in the application form, then in favor of address, you have to submit two copy certificate authorized by ward/mayor councilor of the city corporation.
The candidate will be allowed to participate in the viva after verifying the BCS application form and providing the required documents. Those candidates who fail to submit a copy of the BCS online application form along with the necessary documents for the viva board will not be eligible to participate in the viva.

BCS Police Verification Form

You can find Police Verification Form on the Commission’s website www.bpsc.gov.bd on time. You have to download the form and fill it carefully with proper information and need to submit three copies of that form to the viva board.

Removal Orders / Exemptions

Candidates who passed the written test but currently work in a Government/ Semi-Government/ Autonomous organization or local authority examination will need to download the exemption/non-acceptance form from the Commission’s website. They need to collect the responsible authority’s seal and signature and submit a copy of the form to the viva board.

If you fail to submit a copy of the clearance certificate signed by the respective authority, the viva will not be conducted. Candidates who have resigned or been removed from a job also can take part in the exam. In these cases, they need to submit the order of removal or resignation letter along with the online application form on the day of the viva.

Some Important Issues Regarding the BCS Preliminary Test

There will be a multiple-choice question type preliminary test with a score of 200, and the duration of the exam is two hours. The answer sheet will be evaluated through the computer on the OMR machine.

There will be 200 questions, and the candidate will get one mark for each correct answer, but if you give a wrong answer, then (0.50) will be deducted from the total number. You won’t find any syllabus for this exam, and you can’t appeal to re-examining your answer sheet.

Preliminary Syllabus and Mark Distribution According to 42nd BCS Circular

BCS Preliminary Syllabus and Mark Distribution

Written Exam Syllabus and Mark Distribution According to 42nd BCS Circular
For the General Cadre –

For the Technical / Professional Cadre

Written Examinations Time, Number, and Viva Voce

The time of the written test will be 4 hours for each of the 200 numbers, and the time for the written exam of each item of number 100 will be 3 hours. The average minimum pass mark for the written test is 50%. If a candidate receives less than 30% in any subject, then he or she won’t consider pass in the exam.

The Viva test contains 200 marks, and the pass mark is 100. You have to pass both written and viva exam separately. In the case of disabling candidates, if they need a stenographer, the Commission will provide eligible stenographers as per application.

Interview Letter

The Commission won’t send you any interview letter by post, and the 42nd BCS interview letter will be uploaded on the BPSC website in due time. The candidate will come on the viva board at the Government Public Commission, which is at Agargaon, Shere Bangla.

Health Check-up After Recommendation

The Commission temporarily recommends some candidates, and they must appear the Medical board for a medical test. Those candidates must have below-given physical qualifications –

Without the required physical height, a candidate will not be considered eligible for the cadre post. Besides, candidates should be visually impaired according to the rules and have to specify their chest in centimeters in the online application form.

As an English version student, you need to check the box of question type option in the online form, and you will get the English question in the exam.

Candidates must not cover the face and ears during the exam and also should not use jewelry when taking the exam. If you give any false or incorrect information, provide a fake certificate of educational qualification, then it is a punishable offense, and the Commission may take legal action against you.

As a recommendation, I want to say that you should follow every instruction given in 42nd BCS Circular. If you do everything according to the circular, then you won’t make any mistake. I tried my best to cover all the information regarding the 42nd BCS Circular to help you in your BCS journey.

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