Bogra District: A to Z information

Officially know as Bogura, Bogra district is a northern district of Bangladesh, in the Rajshahi Division. Bogra is the gateway to the North Bengal. There are many small and mid-sized industries are sited because Bogra is an industrial city. The administrative centre point of the ancient dynasties of Maurja, Gupta, Paul, Sen etc were in the region during the 4Th to 12Th century. When Ikhtiar Uddin Muhammad Bin Bakhtiyar Khilji conquered Nadia in 1204, Bogra came under the Muslim rule. Sultan Nasiruddin Bagra Khan, the second son of Sultan Ghiyasuddin Balban who was the emperor of Delhi became the ruler of the region during 1279- 1282 AD. The district is named after him. Bogra district was established containing 9 police stations in 1821 during the British East India Company period.

Geography of Bogra District

Bogra district is consisting whole of Upazila Sariakandi, Gabtali, Sonatala and major part Dhunat is called the eastern alluvial tract. The eastern alluvion is one of the most fertile and prosperous areas in Bogra, Jute, aus, aman paddy, sugarcane and pulses are grown for the fertilized by the silt of flood waters. Without any apparent diminution of its productivity, sometimes as many as three or more crops are grown on one field in a year.

It’s a marked contrast to the eastern one in the western portion of the district. It’s well-wooded in most parts. There has a comparatively large proportion of cultivable waste land along with dense serub jungle is to be found is Upazilas of Sherpur and in parts of Sibganj. The eastern parts and is generally above flood level because this part of the district is slightly higher.

Upazilas List of Bogra District

  1. Bogra Sadar
  2. Kahalu
  3. Shibganj
  4. Gabtali
  5. Sonatala
  6. Dhunot
  7. Adamdighi
  8. Dupchachia
  9. Nandigram
  10. Shahjahanpur
  11. Sariakandi
  12. Sherpur

Pourashavas: 11

Number of Union Parishad: 108

Bogra District Economy

In recent years, there has been a lot of improvement in the infrastructural infrastructure of Bogra. The roads are reconstructed and upgraded into two lanes through a new city plan. The soil here is very fertile and there is abundant grain production. Over the last few years, the production of red pepper in Bogra has increased greatly, which has become a business of Tk 100 crore. Along with the business-commerce business, the new level has come to the banking system. There are almost one branch of public private sector banks. ATM booths are open at any part of the city in 24 hours. In 2008, Danone Group, a business firm in France, took the initiative to build a strong partnership with Grameen Group.

Bogra District Educational Institutions

In the city center there are “Bogra Zilla School”, which was established in 1853. For the education of women, the “Government Girl’s High School” is also known as “Victoria Memorial Girls School” and “Cantonment Public School and College”. “Millennium Scolastic School and College” is for English education. Nasik University “Government Azizul Haque College” is well-known. There are also “Shah Sultan” College, Mujibur Rahman Mahila College. There is Bogra Polytechnic Institute for Technical Education. For the treatment, there is a sophisticated opportunity “Shahid Ziaur Rahman Medical College and Hospital, established 1992. There are also government nursing colleges, medical assistant training schools, a private medical college.

Bogra District Population & Literacy

Bogra district’s total population of this district is 34, 00,874. Out of total population male is 17, 08,806 and female is 16, 92,068 According to the Population Census 2011. Besides, Literacy rate for both sexes is 49.4%, male is 52.9% and female is 45.9%.

Bogra District Tourism

Bogra district has the Archaeological tourism in the famous “mahasthangarh” Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, a place sacred to everyone. There is also room Manasamangal laksmindarera Basara, Gokul merha, Vasu Bihar, ascetic bhabana, Bihar, Vimeo jungle, Kherua Mosque, Sherpur. BMW is the city of “Nawab Palace” by the British during the “nilakuthi” was known. There are four star hotels “Naj Gardens” to stay here.

Army Medical College Bogra

This is a private medical school, Army Medical College Bogra, which was established in 2014. The location of the medical college is in the cantonment area. The medical college is affiliated with Bangladesh University of Professionals. With 50 students along with 4 Army Medical Colleges (Chittagong, Rangpur, Cumilla & Jessore), academic activities began on the month of January each year. It has 200 MBBS students in 2018. There is study leading to a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree, which offers a five-year course.

Bogra District 10th Parliament Member’s

Bogra-1: Abdul Mannan, Bangladesh Awami League

Bogra-2: Shariful Islam Jinnah, Jatiya Party

Bogra-3: Md. Nurul Islam Talukder, Jatiya Party

Bogra-4: A.K.M. Rezaul Karim Tansen, Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal

Bogra-5: Md. Habibar Rahman, Bangladesh Awami League

Bogra-6: Md. Nurul Islam Omar, Jatiya Party

Bogra-7: Md. Altaf Ali, Jatiya Party

Bogra District Major Crops

Bogra district grows Boro Paddy(Rice), Aush Paddy(Rice), Aman Paddy(Rice), potato(alu), Jute(Golden Fibre of Bangladesh), Banana(Kola), wheat, pepper(Chili), Sugarcane(Aakh) and all kinds of Vegetables etc.

Bogra District Major Fruits

Bogra district’s major fruits are Mango(Aam), Orange (Komola), Jackfruit, Banana, guava, papaya(Pepe), Pineapple(Anaros), Coconut(Narkel), Litchi(Lichu), date palm, Lemon(Lebu), Watermelon(Tormuj) etc.

Bogra District Major Rivers

The rivers of Bogra district are Karatoa river, Ichamati river, Jamuna river, Nagar river, Bangali river, Nagor river, Halhalia river, Mahishaban river, Sukhdaha river, Dakuria river, Belai river, Vadoy/Vodroboti river, Chandraboti river, Gangnoy river, Manos river, Gojaria river etc.

Bogra District Bank

There are all commercial and government bank in Bogra district. Some of them are below:

  1. The Sonsani Bank
  2. Janata Bank
  3. Agrani Bank
  4. Rupali Bank
  5. Pubali Bank
  6. Uttara Bank
  7. Agricultural Bank
  8. Grameen Bank
  9. Islami Bank
  10. National Bank

Bogra District Newspapers

There are many newspapers in Bogra district, such as:

  • Daily Karatoa,
  • Daily Bogra Sangbad
  • Daily Provater Alo
  • Daily Uttarer Khobor
  • Daily Sat Matha
  • Daily Mukta Sokal
  • Weekly Din khon

Bogra Postal Code

  1. Bogra Sadar post code: 5800,
  2. Shibganj post code: 5810,
  3. Gabtoli post code: 5820,
  4. Sukhanpukur post code: 5821,
  5. Sonatola post code: 5826,
  6. Sariakandi post code: 5830,
  7. Chandan Baisha post code: 5831,
  8. Sherpur post code: 5840,
  9. Chandaikona post code: 5841,
  10. Palli Unnyan Academy post code: 5842,
  11. Dhunat post code: 5850,
  12. Gosaibari post code: 5851,
  13. Nandigram post code: 5860,
  14. Kahalu post code: 5870,
  15. Dupchachia post code: 5880,
  16. Talora post code: 5881,
  17. Adamdighi post code: 5890,
  18. Santahar post code: 5891,
  19. Nasharatpur post code: 5892

Tourist Place

There are many famous places to visit in Bogra district. These Nawabbari, Kherua Mosque, Mohastangor, Shila Debir Hat, Behula – Luxindor er Bashor Ghor, Vasu Bihar, Bhabani Temple, Graveyard of Shah Sultan Balkhi (R), Bhabanipur Shib Mondir Kherua Mosque in Sherpur, Mohammad Ali Palace, Groan Barrage in Sariakandi, Wonderland etc.

Famous person of Bogra

Some people have enlightened the Bogra district. These include Major Ziaur Ziaur Rahaman( Politician), Noresh Chandra Sen Gupta, Bulbul Chowdhury, Akhtaruzzaman Ilias (Writer), Sadot Ali Akhondo (Literate Personality), Azizul Hoque (Poet), Enamul Hoque (Writer), Lutfar Rahaman Sarker, Sayad Anower Hossain, Chowdhury Mohammad Ali (Politician), Aminul Karim Dulal (Fine Artist), Anjuma Ara Begum (Singer), Khandaker Faruque Ahmed, Gaziul Hoque (Language Fighter), M. R. Akhter Mukul etc.

 Bogra District Miscellaneous

  • Language: Bangla
  • Government Primary Schools: 961
  • Government High Schools: 5
  • Non Government High Schools: 350
  • Bogra Govt College: 7
  • Private College: 76
  • Government Medical College hospital: 1
  • Division: Rajshahi
  • Time Zone: +6
  • Official Website:
  • Mosque (Mosjid): 4102
  • Temple (Hindu): 372
  • Church: 01
  • Cyclone Center: 36
  • Ideal Villages: 54
  • Stadium: 1
  • Public Library: 1

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