Brahmaputra Express Train: Schedule & Ticket Price {2020}

One of the popular and cost-effective transportation systems in Bangladesh is the train service. This is why a larger part of the country’s population likes to travel through train.

Also, most areas of the country have covered by this service and people take its benefits in different ways. There are many intercity trains in Bangladesh and the Brahmaputra Express is one of them.

With luxurious and fastest train service, its service route is from Dhaka to Dewangonj. Currently, it director of this train is the authority of the Eastern Railway.

Its 212KM long journey starts from Dhaka, Kamalapur and ends at the Dewangonj Railway Station. Now, let’s know the details of the Brahmaputra Express Train like its schedule and ticket price.

A Brief About The Brahmaputra Express Train

The first thing to know about the Brahmaputra Express Train is that it’s available every day of the week. It’s a piece of good news for the travelers of this route.

After starting its journey at 18:00 from Dhaka, Kamalapur Railway Station, the train takes some stoppages in different spots and then finally reaches its destination at 23:50.

The number of the train is 743 and 744. In the return trip, it starts from Dewanganj at 06:30 and then reaches in the Kamalapur Railway Station, Dhaka at 12:30.

Brahmaputra Express Train’s Schedule

As you know the route of the Brahmaputra Express Train is Dhaka to the Dewanganj. But, it’s important to know about the detailed schedule including the departure, arrival, and day off of the train.

If you know this information, you’ll be able to journey by this specific train with ease. However, it’ll be a bit troublesome if you ignore knowing this info. Well, it’s better to know it from the below table:

Name Of The Station Departure Arrival Off Day
Dhaka to Dewanganj 18:15 23:50 No
Dewanganj to Dhaka 06:40 12:40 No

Brahmaputra Express Train’s Breakpoints/ Stoppages

This train takes rest in many stations while running on the route of Dhaka – Dewanganj. It helps the passengers of different destinations to reach easily their desired places.

Also, you might be one of them who looks for the breakpoints or stoppages of this train. This is why we’re including the complete list of the stations where the Brahmaputra Express Train stops.

Name Of The Station Uptime (743) Downtime (744)
Bimanbandar 18:42 11:55
Joydebpur 19:10
Gafargaon 20:20 10:10
Mymensingh 21:20 09:00
Piyarpur 22:04 08:14
Nandina 22:28 07:51
Jamalpur 22:45 07:33
Melandoh Bazaar 23:05 07:13
Islampur 23:24 06:45

Brahmaputra Express Train’s Ticket Price

Like all other intercity train services across the country, the prices of tickets are not so costly to buy. Instead, it’s much cheaper than some other intercity trains and you can buy it easily.

As the prices differ due to various factors, there are various types of ticket prices. The ticket prices of the Brahmaputra Express Train as per the class and category of the seating arrangement.

Category/Class Ticket Price (BDT)
Shuvon 185
Shuvon Chair 225
First Seat 300
First Birth 445
Snigdha 426
AC 512
AC Birth 771

Brahmaputra Express Train’s Ticket Online System

There are two different ways to buy the ticket of the Brahmaputra Express Train. These include direct from the railway ticket counter and another one is the online system. If you prefer to get it online, you have to visit this website:

Bottom Line

We have combined the most essential and latest information regarding the Brahmaputra Express Train. Hopefully, they’ll be helpful to you when you want to journey by train on this route.

However, if you have any questions to know about, knock us through the comment box, you’ll get a reply as early as possible.

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