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Feni District ফেনী জেলার সকল তথ্য

The location of Feni district is in the South-Eastern part of Bangladesh Administrative division of Chittagong, which is under the Administrative division of Chittagong. Making it the ninth-most populous district in Chittagong Division, the district’s estimated population stood at 1,437,371 as of 2015. Formerly it was a part of Greater Noakhali. It’s Feni Sadar, which ...

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Cox’s Bazar District কক্সবাজার জেলার সকল তথ্য

The location of Cox’s Bazar district is in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh, which is 150 kilometers (93 miles) south of Chittagong city. It’s also known as Panowa (“yellow flower”) and Palongkee as well. The current name of the district was dedicated to the Captain Hiram Cox (died 1798) who was an army officer who served in British India. ...

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Comilla District: A to Z information

Comilla district is a situated under Chittagong division of present day. In ancient times, it belonged to the Samatata civic and later it was a part of Tripura state. From ancient archives found in this region, it is known to the Gupta emperors of Tripura from the fifth century AD. ...

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