Chitra Express Train: Schedule & Ticket Price {2020}

Chitra Express is a popular train service in Bangladesh. It runs between Dhaka to Khulna and other western cities. This train service was named after the river chitra which is situated at narail district. This train has 12 bogies and 881 seats. It also has two air-conditioned cabin and AC chair seats.

Last time we an article was written on Dhaka to Khulna train service. This time this article is about Chitra Express. This train uses the routes of western cities of Bangladesh. You can travel there with the train easily. Reading this article you can learn all the information of this train service.

Dhaka to Khulna is a very long way that you cannot cover so by bus. Again traffic jam on the way can make you more frustrated. That is why you have better to travel in train. Chitra Express is the best for long journey from Dhaka to Khulna or Narail. You will enjoy its speed and other facilities during journey.

Chitra Express Train Schedule 2020

Chitra Express has 7 days run from Dhaka to Khulna routes. In the Dhaka-Khulna route, Chitra express runs 7 days a week. The train code is 763 when you travel to Khulna from Dhaka. There is a off day for this train and the day is Monday. Here is given below a chart for departure and arrival time of the train:

Chitra Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price is updated on Jan 2020

Train Route Time Table
Dhaka to Khulna Departs: 07:00 pm

Arrival: 05:10 am

Off Day: Monday

Khulna to Dhaka Departs: 08:30 am

Arrival: 06:30 pm

Off Day: Monday

Chitra Express Departure Station & Ticket Price

The ticket prices of this train service are at customer’s affordability. In the long journey you won’t find such comfortable seats in train. The prices of tickets and the stations are listed below for the passengers:

Stations Names Ticket Prices In BDT
Joydebpur Station 120/-90/-40/-
Mirzapur Station 235/-130/-80/-
Tangail Station 315/-175/-105/-
B.B Setu (East) 375/-210/-125/-
SM Monsur Ali Station 620/-345/-210/-
Ullapara Station 670/-375/-225/-
Boral Bridge Station 725/-405/-245/-
Chatmohar Station 750/-415/-250/-
Bheramara Station 955/-530/-320/-
Mirpur Station 975/-540/-325/-
Poradaha Station 995/-555/-335/-
Alamdanga Station 1035/-575/-345/-
Chuadanga Station 1075/-600/-360/-
Darshanahalat Station 1110/-615/-370/-
Kotchandpur Station 1205/-670/-405/-
Jessore Station 1260/-700/-420/-
Khulna / Noapara Station 1390/-775/-465/-

Stoppage Stations From Dhaka To Khulna

Station Names Departure Time
Kamalapur Station 07:00 PM
Biman Bandar Station 07:30 PM
Joydebpur Station 08:00 PM
Mirzapur Station 08:40 PM
Tangail Station 09:10 PM
Bangabandhu Setu (East) Station 09:30 PM

Stoppage Stations From Khulna To Dhaka

Station Names Departure Time
SM Monsur Ali Station 10:10 PM
Ullapara Station 10:30 PM
Boral Bridge Station 10:55 PM
Chatmohar Station 11:05 PM
Ishwardi Station 11:40 PM
Bheramara Station 12:05 AM
Poradaha Station 01:00 AM
Alamdanga Station 01:20 AM
Chuadanga Station 01:40 AM
Kotchandpur Station 02:40 AM
Jessore Station 03:40 AM
Noapara Station 04:15 AM
Khulna Station 05:10 AM

The train chitra express has all the facilities which you won’t find in other train. You will enjoy low pricing healthy foods. Toilet in each bogies and large space for walking are also available. You can pray salah in a prayer room there. Ac & and comfortable seats will make your journey memorable.

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