Chittagong District চট্টগ্রাম জেলার সকল তথ্য

Although it’s called Chittagong District, it’s officially known as Chattogram. This district is located in Bangladesh’s south-eastern region. One of the districts of the Chittagong Division is the second largest city in Bangladesh. It also calls as the port city and the commercial capital of the country. Chittagong had been an important location for trade, drawing Arab traders as early as the 9th century CE because of the natural harbor. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the region fell under the rule of kings from Arakan. However, the Mughal Army under Shaista Khan conquered Chittagong later. The region also faced a lot of attacks by Portuguese pirates during the 17th century.

Geography of Chittagong District

The district of Chittagong lays at 22°22′0″N 91°48′0″E. the Chittagong Hill Tracts in southeastern Bangladesh, which is the straddles the coastal foothills. Its central business district, the Karnaphuli River runs along the southern banks of the city. With an elevation of 351 meters (1,152 ft), the river enters the Bay of Bengal in an estuary located 12 kilometers (7.5 mi) west of downtown Chittagong.

With an elevation of 351 meters (1,152 ft), the mount Sitakunda is the highest peak in Chittagong District. The highest peak is Batali Hill at 85.3 meters (280 ft) within the city itself. An engineering team of the Assam Bengal Railway established the Foy’s Lake in 1924.

Upazilas List of Chittagong District

  1. Akbar Shah Thana
  2. Bakolia Thana
  3. Bandar Thana
  4. Bayazid Bostami Thana
  5. Chandgaon Thana
  6. Chawkbazar Thana
  7. Chittagong Kotwali Thana
  8. Double Mooring Thana
  9. EPZ Thana
  10. Halishahar Thana
  11. Khulshi Thana
  12. Pahartali Thana
  13. Panchlaish Thana
  14. Patenga Thana
  15. Sadarghat Thana

City Corporation: 1, Chittagong City Corporation.
Pourashavas: 13
Number of Union Parishad : 192 

Chittagong District Economy

In the economy of Chittagong generates for 40% of Bangladesh’s industrial output, 80% of its international trade where governmental revenue is 50%. With a market capitalization of US$32 billion in June 2015, the Chittagong Stock Exchange has more than 700 listed companies. Many of the country’s oldest and largest corporations have the home in this city. Ranking 3rd in South Asia after the Port of Mumbai and the Port of Colombo, the Port of Chittagong handled US$60 billion in annual trade in 2011.

Chittagong District Borders
  • North-  Feni district and Tripura (Indian State)
  • South- Cox’s Bazar district 
  • East- Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari districts
  • West- Noakhali district
Chittagong District Hospital

The largest state-owned hospital in Chittagong is the Chittagong Medical College Hospital. It’s also the oldest hospital in the city established in 1901. Moreover, there is The Bangladesh Institute of Tropical and Infectious Diseases (BITID) here. Some of the other government-run medical centres in the city include the Family Welfare Centre, TB Hospital, Infectious Disease Hospital, Diabetic Hospital, the Police Hospital, and Mother and Children Hospital. Besides, the Chittagong Metropolitan Hospital, Surgiscope Hospital, CSCR, Centre Point Hospital, National Hospital and Mount Hospital Ltd are among the city’s private hospitals.

Chittagong District 10th Parliament Member’s

  1. Chittagong-1: Mosharraf Hossain, Bangladesh Awami League
  2. Chittagong-2: Syed Nazibul Bashar Maizvandary, Bangladesh Tarikat Federation
  3. Chittagong-3: Mahfuzur Rahaman, Bangladesh Awami League
  4. Chittagong-4: Didarul Alam, Bangladesh Awami League
  5. Chittagong-5: Anisul Islam Mahmud, Bangladesh Jatiya Party
  6. Chittagong-6: A.B.M. Fazle Karim Chowdhury, Bangladesh Awami League
  7. Chittagong-7: Mohammad Hasan Mahmud,  Bangladesh Awami League
  8. Chittagong-8: Moin Uddin Khan Badal, Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal
  9. Chittagong-9: Ziauddin Ahmed (Bablu), Bangladesh Jatiya Party
  10. Chittagong-10: Afsarul Amin, Bangladesh Awami League
  11. Chittagong-11: M. Abdul Latif,   Bangladesh Awami League
  12. Chittagong-12: Shamsul Hoque Chowdhury, Bangladesh Awami League
  13. Chittagong-13: Saifuzzaman Chowdhury, Bangladesh Awami League
  14. Chittagong-14: Nazrul Islam Chowdhury, Bangladesh Awami League
  15. Chittagong-15: Abu Reza Muhammad Nezamuddin,   Bangladesh Awami League
  16. Chittagong-16: Mustafizur Rahaman Chowdhury, Bangladesh Awami League
Chittagong District Major Crops

Chittagong district’s minor crop in terms of area, comes second as an export crop is tea. The other three minor cash crops are tobacco, betel vine, and betel nut.

Chittagong District Major Fruits

Chittagong district grows mango, jackfruit, litchi, guava, banana, papaya, ber, pomelo, pineapple, watermelon, lime & lemon and many more. Major fruits grown in the region are rightly considered to be a fruit basket of Bangladesh as the total production and yield of major fruits.

Chittagong District Major Rivers

Karnaphuli River is a major river in southeast of Bangladesh. It started on the mountains of Attarimjoromarlusai hills and passed through the Chittagong Hill Tracts and Chittagong and joined the Bay of Bengal near Patenga in Chittagong. The main sea port of Bangladesh is situated in Bandhartagram Port. The length of this river is 320 kilometers. There are some other major rivers, such as Halda, Sangu etc.

Chittagong District Industrial information
  • heavy industry: 328
  • heavy industry: 328
  • Jute Mill: 24
  • Government Textile Mills: 5
  • Cement Factory: 02,
  • EPZ: 3,
  • Oil Refinary: 01
  • Rubber Garden
  • Leather Industry: 01
  • Ship Breaking Industry: 80
  • Ship Manufacturing Industry; 01
  • Multi National Company: 12
  • BSCIC industries- 01

Chittagong District Bank and Contact Numbers

  1. Sonali Bank Limited 712682
  2. Agrani Bank Limited 721663
  3. Rupali Bank Limited 710011
  4. Agricultural Bank 65225
  5. Pubali Bank Limited 6265678
  6. Uttara Bank Limited 715848
  7. Prime Bank Limited 2526396
  8. Al Arafa Islami Bank Limited 713372
  9. Commercial Bank of Ceylon 713324
  10. Mutual Trust Bank Limited 711844
  11. National Bank 252027
  12. Dhaka Bank Limited 2851423
  13. Fast Security Islami Bank 28862167
  14. Trust Bank 25244461
  15. IDLC 0821-228461-4
Chittagong District Major Non-government Organization (NGO)
  1. DuleepsimitionInternational Bangladesh 01713362640
  2. Power Foundation 01817031450
  3. BRAC 01730351055
  4. WorldVision 01730046596
  5. MuslimAdUK Bangladesh 01911776367
  6. SalonFosourceBusiness 01726800870
  7. APAB 031-613028
  8. SOS Shishapalli 031-716205
  9. AssociationObbastist 011997080

Post office with Postal code

Chittagong Sadar post code: 4000 
Tourist Place

Potenga Sea Beach, Fays Lake, Chittagong Zoo, Chittagong University, Graveyard of Bayajid Bostami, Graveyard of Shah Amanat, War Cemetery, Zia Memorial Museum, Asian Women University, Fauzdarhat Cadet College, Mahuri Project, Batali Hill, Chandranath Hill of Shitakunda, Hot Water Fall, Chittagong port, Bashkhali Eco Park, Parky Sea Beach in Anowara, Marine Academy, Bangladesh Military Academy, etc.

Notable Famous people

Shah Muhammad Sagir (Poet), Priti Lota Owadder, Abdul Karim Sahittobisharod, Principal Abul Quashem (Educationist), Koreshi Magon  Thagure, Mohakobi Alaol, Kalpana Datta, Sayad Owali Ullah (Novelist), Binodbihari Chowdhury, Jahur Ahmad Chowdhury, M A Hannan, M A Aziz, Subrder Rajab Ali (Hero of Shipahi Revoloution), Kajem Ali Master, Comorad Mozaffor Ahmad, Jatindra Mohon Sen, Martyred Nirmol Sen, Amibca Chattargy, Gonesh Ghosh, Abdul Hoque Dovas, Rafiq Uddin Shiddique, Brozen Sen, Sharat Kanungo, Kalipod Chattargy, Prof. Pulin Day, Masterda Surjasen etc.

Chittagong District Newspapers

Although there are many newspapers available in Chittagong, here are some of them. These include Daily Azadi, Daily Purbakon, Daily Life, Daily Karnafuli, Weekly Chattala, Monthly Suprobath Raozan, Monthly Banshkhali Barta, Chandanaish Darpan, Monthly Patiya, etc.

Chittagong District Miscellaneous

  • Language: Bangla
  • Primary Schools: 1634
  • Government High Schools: 58
  • Government College: 09
  • Population: 79,13,365 (according to the census report 11 till March 15, 11)
  • Density: 1497/Sq Km
  • Radio Stations: Bangladesh Betar
  • Administration: Mohammad Iliyas Hossain, District Commissioner of Chittagong District.
  • Divition: Chittagong
  • Time Zone: +6
  • Official Website:
  • Mosque (Mosjid): major 7 mosques
  • Temple (Mandir): 2 major temples
  • Cyclone Center: 14
  • Homoeopathic College: 1
  • River port: 1
  • Stadium: Chittagong Jela Chira Songstha
  • Public Library: 32
  • Hat / Bazar : 20 Major Hat

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