Chittagong to Dhaka Train Schedule And Ticket Price {2020}

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Chittagong to Dhaka Train Schedule

The train track distance between Chittagong to Dhaka is 245 km. It’s a jam-packed train track. Many people travel through this track every day. We always try to collect all the details from Bangladesh Railway authorized website.

But, still, if you think we have to add some latest information, then contact us. As soon as possible, we will fix it. Now, please check the below table to get the schedule of the Chittagong to Dhaka train route.

Name of the Train Departure from Chittagong Arrival to Dhaka
Subarna Express 07:00 AM 12:00 PM
Mahanagar Godhuli 03:00 PM 09:10 PM
Mahanagar Provati 07:40 AM 03:40 PM
Sonar Bangla Express 05:00 PM 10:10 PM
Turna Express 11:00 PM 05:25 AM
Chittagong Mail 10:30 PM 06:55 AM
Chattala Express 08:40 AM 04:40 PM

Chittagong to Dhaka Train List

There are seven trains available for Chittagong to Dhaka rail track. These are Subarna Express, Mahanagar Godhuli,  Mahanagar Provati, Sonar Bangla Express, Turna Express, Chittagong Mail, Chattala Express.

It is a trendy train track. Also, a large number of people travel every day—that’s why it is tough to manage with only seven trains. Bangladesh Railway needs to provide more trains for this track to tackle the traveler’s satisfaction. Let us represent the trains of Chittagong to Dhaka one by one.

Subarna Express

As we mentioned before that there are seven trains on this track. Among them, Subarna Express is the famous train of this track. It is the most comfortable and convenient choice for this route.

First, it launched on 14 April 1998. Mainly it joins Dhaka and Chittagong. Subarna Express code number is 701. It runs six days a week except for Monday.

Mahanagar Godhuli

Another famous train of this track is Mahanagar Godhuli. In Bengali, ‘Godhuli’ means ‘Dusk’. This train started to service the travelers of the Dhaka-Chittagong track since 2010.

Mahanagar Godhuli code number is 703. It also runs six days, and this service remains close on Monday. Mahanagar Godhuli code number is 703.

Mahanagar  Provati

The Mahanagar Provati is another train of this track focused on the morning time. In Bengali, ‘Provati’ means ‘early morning’. Mahanagar Provati launched around five years ago. The train number of Mahanagar Provati is 704. This train has no holiday. It runs every day in a week.

Sonar Bangla Express

The newly launched train of this route is Sonar Bangla Express. It began on 25 June of 2016. The code number of this train is 788. Tuesday is the holiday of this service.

Turna Express

Turna Express runs for Dhaka and Chittagong both ways. From 2015 this service is available. This service has two trains. The code number of these trains is 741, 742. These run every day in a week Chittagong to Dhaka and vice versa.

Please check the below table to get the schedule of Turna Express.

Train Route Departure Time Arrival Time
Dhaka to Chittagong (742) 11:30 PM 06:20 AM
Chittagong to Dhaka (741) 11:00 PM 05:25 AM

Chittagong Mail

The Chittagong Mail train launched its journey around three years. It runs Chittagong to Dhaka every day. The code number of this service is 721. This service has no holiday.

Chattala Express

Chattala Express is available on this track for five years. This train runs Chittagong to Dhaka six days a week. 767 is the code number of this train. Tuesday is the holiday of this express.

Chittagong to Dhaka Train Ticket Price

Now, we will let you know the details of the ticket price of Chittagong to Dhaka train ticket price. As you see the distance of this train track is 245 km.

Bangladesh Railway fixes the ticket price as stated by the distance and seat category. Look us in pardon eyes if you get something wrong. Please ensure us about the issue. We will work on it.

Have a look at the below table.

Seat category Ticket price (BDT)
AC Birth 1179 TK
AC Seat 788 TK
1st Birth 685 TK
Snigdha 656 TK
First Class Chair 460 TK
Shovon Chair 345 TK
Shovon 285 TK
Sulov 175 TK

How to Purchase Online Ticket for Chittagong to Dhaka Train?

Need to purchase an online ticket! No worries just follow the instruction of E-Ticketing

Step 1: Visit Bangladesh E-Ticketing website at

Step 2: Download ‘Railsheba’ App on your smartphone. Follow the guideline of the app. The ticket is on your finger-tips.

Contact Details of Bangladesh Railway

Bangladesh Railway gives you the privilege to communicate with the authorized personnel directly. You can contact them for further information.

Authorized personnel Contact Number
Chief Train Controller/Dhaka 01711691564
Station Manager/Dhaka 01711691612
Railway Police Control Room 01711692997

Note: Bangladesh Railway reserves the right to change the Train Schedule.


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