Chuadanga District চুয়াডাঙ্গা জেলার সকল তথ্য

Bangladesh’s south- western borderline district is Chuadanga. It was known as “Gangaridhi” previously, which was a part of the kingdom of Gangaridhi and there was a city called Gangey in the region that thought from the records of the Greek historians and geographical formations of the region. Chuadanga district along with Kushtia region was a under Rajshahi district in the British East India period. After that in 1828, the region was included with Pabana district. The whole territory of Chuadanga sub-division was included in Kushtia district excepting Krishnagar police station in the time of partition in 1947.

Chuadanga was turned into a district on 16 February 1984 after the liberation of Bangladesh. Keru and Company located in the region, which is the one and only Alcohol production factory of Bangladesh.

Geography of Chuadanga District

The area of Chuadanga district is 1,157.42 square kilometers. There are shared domestic borders with the Kushtia District on the northeast, Jhenaidah on the south and southeast, and Meherpur on the northwest. There is the Nadia District (in the state of West Bengal in India) on its southwest. The district had the lowest temperature in Bangladesh In January 2018.

Upazilas List of Chuadanga District

  1. Alamdanga
  2. Chuadanga Sadar
  3. Damurhuda
  4. Jibannagar

Pourashavas: 4

Number of Union Parishad: 35 

Chuadanga District Economy

Chuadanga district is dedicated to agriculture mostly. In the occupational distributions it shows that here is agriculture employing 68% of the labor force, and 12% are involved in commerce, which is the lowest percentage. There is which 57% is under some sort of irrigation. Besides agriculture the district is now experiencing industrial growth in the total 894.20 km² of land. The district is now experiencing industrial growth along with agriculture. Bangas bread and biscuit, Zaman Group of Industries, Carew & Company Bangladesh Limited, Tallu Spinning mills Ltd etc are the major group of industries in the district.

Chuadanga District Transportation

Through inter-district highways and connected to Jessore and Kushtia through Railway, Chuadanga district is connected to four of its neighboring districts (Kushtia; Jessore; Jhenidah and Meherpur). Besides, it’s connected to the rest of the country by railway and three highways. Among the roads, there are 203 km of finished road, 132 km mud road, and 211 km herring-bone. It connects the three railway stations inside the district with the country’s railway network with only 50 km railway tracks. Five out of the ten stations in the district were shut down due to a lack of manpower by 2013.

Chuadanga District

According to Banglapedia Notable educational institutions include the Victoria Jubilee Government High School (est. 1880), Damurhuda Pilot High School (est. 1913), Alamdanga Pilot High School (est. 1914), Natudaôho High School (est. 1906), Carew’s High School (1947), Gokulkhali High School (1947), Sarojgonj High School (1948), Jibonnôgor Pilot High School (1957), Hajar Duari School, and SSV High School (Dingadha, 1968).

Chuadanga District Sports

The history of playing in Chuadanga district is very glorious. There were many nomadic players from the British period. At that time, Abdus Samad, a football magician in India, once took part in a regional football tournament. Chuadanga district sports have emerged from the country’s many prominent sportspersons. Among them are Ajit Kumar Mandal, Rafahel Sarkar, Jeevan Krsna Saha, Kanai Lal, Bishwanath, Bilu Anis, and Baalai Babu.

Chuadanga District Borders

  • North- Kushtia district
  • South- Jhenaidah district
  • East- Indian Border and Rangamati district to the east
  • West- Nadia District of India.
Chuadanga District Hospital

Chuadanga district has 4 government hospitals. They’re located in Chuadanga Sadar, Damurhuda, Jibannagar, and Alamdanga. Moreover, there are 4 animal’s hospitals as well.

Chuadanga District 10th Parliament Member’s

Chuadanga-1: Solaiman Haque Joarder (Selun); Bangladesh Awami League

Chuadanga-2:       Md. Ali Azgar; Bangladesh Awami League

Chuadanga District Major Crops

Chuadanga district grows Paddy, Jute, Sugarcane, Betel Leaf etc. etc.

Chuadanga District Major Fruits

Chuadanga district’s major fruits are Mango, Jackfruit, Banana, guava, papaya, Coconut, Litchi, Lemon, Watermelon, wood apple, date, tamarind etc.

Chuadanga District Major Rivers

The rivers of Chuadanga district are Naboganga, Mathavanga, Vairab, Kumar, Chitra etc. etc.

Chuadanga District Industrial information

  • Heavy Industry- 00,
  • Middle industry- 04,
  • Small Industry-746,
  • Cottage industries- 4862,

Chuadanga District Bank

  1. Sonali Bank Ltd.
  2. Janata Bank Ltd.
  3. Agrani Bank Ltd.
  4. Bangladesh Agricultural Bank
  5. Mercantile Bank
  6. UCB Bank Ltd.
  7. Islami Bank Ltd.
  8. Dutch Bangla Mobile Bank Ltd.
Chuadanga District Newspapers

For Chuadanga news, there are some newspapers in Chuadanga district, such as Dainik Pratham Rajdhani, Weekly Chaudanga Darpan, Weekly Chaudanga Samachar and Weekly Din Badaler Kagaj.

Chuadanga District Major Non-government Organization (NGO)

There are some NGOs in Chuadanga district, such as Asha, Brac, Proshika, Care, grameen bank, NDP, Kendra, SDS, JKS

Post office with Postal code
  • Chuadanga Sadar: 7200
  • Alamdanga: 7210
  • Munshiganj: 7201
  • Damurhuda: 7220
  • Darshana: 7221
  • Doulatganj: 7230

Tourist Place

Dingedah Bazar, Alamdanga Rail-Way Station, Ershad Baag and Fisheries, Dorshana Rail-Way Station, Mazar of Khaza Malik-ul-Gaus (R), Dingedaha Meteri Fair, Goruy Tipy, Three domed Chuadanga Bôro Mosque, Gholdari Mosque, Chuadanga Circuit House, Natudah Atkabar, Hajar Duari School (Damuŗhuda), Karew and Company Karpashdaņa Neelkuţi, Gholdari Neelkuti, and many more.

Notable Famous people

Ananta Hari Mitra, Amia Kumar Roy, Advocate Younous Ali, Atul Kridna Saha (Leader of the Movement against British), Islam Uddin Malik, Moslem Ali Biswas (Journalist), Janki Nath Ghosal, Sarnakumari Debi, Sreehori Roy, Akram Ahmed (Bir-Uttam), Sree Hori Roy (Leader of Nil Rebellion) Kali Proshanna Chattergy (Editor), Dr Radha Binod Paul, Mr. Ali Ajgor (Togor), Solaiman Haq Jowarder (Selun), and many more.

Chuadanga District Miscellaneous
  • Language: Bangla
  • Primary Schools: 258
  • High Schools: 27
  • Chuadanga Govt College: 3
  • Private College: 19
  • High School:140
  • Government hospital: 4
  • Divition: Chittagong
  • Time Zone: +6
  • Postal Code: 7200 
  • Official Website:
  • Mosque (Mosjid): Major 17
  • Temple (Hindu): 20
  • Temple (Budhha): NA
  • Church: NA
  • Stadium: 3
  • Public Library: 1

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