Dhaka To Barishal Launch: Schedule & Contact Number[Updated]

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Dhaka to Barishal launch is very much popular in Bangladesh. Many passengers every year travel barishal from dhaka. They stay at dhaka for business or education purpose. During eid or vacation they travel to barishal. In this time, the launch and other vehicles remain filled with passengers.

Use Road : dhaka-barishal waterway
Time: 10h 00min(Via Barishal Waterways)
Distance: Distance between Dhaka and Barishal water distance is 245KM.

Dhaka to Barishal Launch Services

There are many launch services in Bangladesh. But dhaka to barishal launch service is really awesome. You will get a lot of launch services in this route. Most of the vehicles are private and have all the facilities which passengers are needed. Most of the launches are having ac, berth, 1st class types of services. You will get online ticket booking facilities for some launches in this route.

Dhaka to Barishal Launch Day Service

There are two launch service in day. One of Green Line Water ways And other is adventure day service. Both service details below :

Green Line Water ways
Mobile Number: 16557

adventure day service
Mobile Number: 01725-995345

Dhaka to Barishal Launch Night Service

MV Parabat-2:
Departs at Night 8:15.
Mobile Number: 01711276597

MV Parabat-7:
Departs at Night 8:30.
Mobile Number: 01711344745

MV Parabat-9:
Departs at Night 8:45.
Mobile Number: 01711344747

MV Parabat-11:
Departs at Night 9:00.
Mobile Number: 01711330642

MV Sundarban-7:
Departs at Night 9:00.
Mobile Number: 01718664700

MV Sundarban-8:
Departs at Night 8:30.
Mobile Number: 01711441028

MV Kamal Khan-1:
Departs at Night 8:45.
Mobile Number: 01711324629

MV Surabhi-7:
Departs at Night 9:00.
Mobile Number: 01711-332084 (Dhaka),
01712-772786 (Barishal)

MV Surabhi-8:
Departs at Night 8:45.
Mobile Number: 01711453989

Departs at Night 8:45.
Mobile Number: 01309-033583

Route of the Launches

  • Dhaka – Barisal
  • Barisal – Dhaka

Ticket Fares

Tickets are must to travel in any vehicle. You have to get tickets from online or off-line for travel safety. The ticket prices are fixed for all the launches in this route. Here is given below a list of ticket prices of dhaka to barishal launch:

Types of Services Ticket Fares
Deck bdT. 200
VIP-1 bdT 4000
VIP-2 bdT 4000
VIP-3 bdT 4000
VIP-4 bdT 3000
Semi VIP bdT 2600
Cabin Single bdT 850
Cabin Double bdT 1600
Family Cabin bdT 1700
Sofa bdT 500

Ticket Buying Guide Step By Step

While planning to travel in dhaka to barishal launch, you have to have tickets. The tickets you can book from sadarghat, arichaghat, dowlotdiya ghat in dhaka. If you are not having too much time, you can get tickets from online. Even you can book tickets using apps in your mobile phones.

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