Dhaka to Dewanganj Train Schedule and Ticket Price 2020

Are you making a plan to go to Dewanganj or Jamalpur district? So if you made a plan to go on a vacation, or travelling on the Dhaka to Dewanganj route, you must read this article with patience. Before you travel by train on this trackway, you will have to know that the train services of this route are very excellent.

The article will help you to know many facilities of Dhaka Dewanganj train route such as train schedules, ticket prices,location tracking system, ticket booking system etc which makes your journey more comfortable.

Dhaka to Dewanganj Train schedule

 The capital, Dhaka, and Dewanganj is well served by Bangladesh Railway. Intercity and Mail trains, these two types of trains are available on Dhaka to Dewanganj route. Two intercity trains are running on this route. These are

  • Tista Express and
  • Brahmaputra express.

Dhaka to Dewanganj Intercity train schedule

Train Name Departure Arrival
Tista Express 7:30 am 12:40 pm
Brahmaputra express 06:15 pm 11:50 pm

Tista Express

Tista Express is the first train of this route which was launched on 27 January 2011. The train code of Tista express is 707. Starting its journey from Kamalapur Railway Station at 07:30 am, Tista Express reaches Dewanganj at 12:40 pm. Returning from Dewanganj to Dhaka , it leaves at 3:00 pm and reaches Dhaka at 8:25 pm. On Monday, services of Tista express remain closed.

Bharamaputra Express

The train code of Bharamaputra Express is 743. Bharamaputra Express departs from Kamalapur railway station at 06:15 pm and arrives at Dewanganj at 11:50 pm. Returning from Dewanganj to Dhaka the train leaves at 06:40 am from Dewanganj station and reaches Dhaka at 12:40 pm. Brahmaputra express has no weekly off days..

Dhaka to Dewanganj Mail train  schedule

 Dhaka to Dewanganj route provides three different mail express trains, which are

  • Dewanganj commuter
  • Vawal express
  • Jamalpur commuter

Dhaka to Dewanganj mail train schedule below:

Train Name Departure Arrival
Dewanganj commuter 5:40 am 11:40 am
Vawal express 09:20 pm 5:40 am
Jamalpur commuter 03:40 pm 10:15 pm

Dewanganj commuter

Dewanganj commuter is a non stop mail express train that runs from Dhaka to Dewanganj. It starts its journey from Dhaka at 5:40 am and reaches Dewanganj at 11:40 am. The train code of Dewanganj commutter is 47. It has no off day.

Vawal express

Vawal express is another non stop mail express train that runs from Dhaka to Dewanganj. Vawal express starts its journey from Dhaka at 09:20 pm and reaches Dawangonj Bazar at 5:40 am. The train code of vawal express is 55. Vawal express has no weekly off day.

Jamalpur commuter

Another non stop mail express train running from Dhaka to dewanganj route is Jamalpur commuter. It starts its journey from Dhaka at 03:40 pm and reaches Dawangonj Bazar at 10:15 am. The train code of Jamalpur commuter is 51. Jamalpur commuter. has no weekly off day

Ticket Price of Dhaka to Dewanganj Train route

As the total distance from Dhaka to Panchagarh is 212 KM, the ticket price is not very high. Based on the train seat category, quality, facilities and distance, Bangladesh Railway fixed the train ticket prices.

Let’s have a look at the ticket price of Dhaka to Dewanganj Train route

General (2nd class): 60 tk.
Mail (2nd class): 75 tk.
Commuter train: 95 tk.
Sulov: 115 tk.
Shovon: 185 tk.
Shovon Chair: 225 tk.
First Chair/Seat: 300 tk.
First Birth: 445 tk.
Snigdha: 426 tk.
AC Seat: 512 tk.
Ac Birth: 771 tk.

Ticket Prices of Tista express train

There are four categories of seat in the Tista express.Ticket prices of these seat are given below:

Categories of seat Ticket Prices
Shulov 70 tk
Shuvon 90 tk
 Shuvon (Chair) 125 tk
 1st Class (Seat) 185 tk

Ticket Prices of Brahmaputra Express train

There are several categories of seats in the Brahmaputra Express train. Ticket prices of these seat are given below

Category of seat Ticket Price
Shuvon 185 BDT
Shuvon Chair 225 BDT
First Birth 445 BDT
First Seat 300 BDT
Snigdha 426 BDT
AC 512 BDT
Ac Birth 771 BDT

Substations of Dhaka to Dewanganj Train route

The distance between Dhaka Dewanganj route is about only 212 KM. It takes 5 hrs to 6 hrs to reach Dewanganj.There are several substations of this route. Substations of the intercity trains of Dhaka dewanganj route are given in below

 Tista Express Substations from Dhaka

Station Departure time Time (707)
Dhaka 07: 30 AM
Biman Bandar 07:57 AM
Joydevpur 8:30 AM
Gaforgaon 09:28 AM
Mymensingh 10:20 AM
Jamalpur 11:29 AM
Dewanganj 12:40 AM

Brahmaputra Express Substations from Dhaka

Station Name Departure time
Dhaka 06:15 pm
Bimanbandar 06:42 pm
Joydebpur 07:10 pm
Gafargaon 08:20 pm
Mymensingh 09:20 pm
Piyarpur 10:04 pm
Nandina 10:28 pm
Jamalpur 10:45 pm
Melanondo Bajar 11:05 pm
Islampur 11:24 pm
Dewanganj 11:50 pm

Dhaka to Dewanganj Train Location tracking

Suppose if you want to travel by Tista Express from Dhaka to Dewanganj and you are waiting in the station for the upcoming train. Then It is very easy to know the running train location only by sending a sms of your Grameenphone or Robi or Banglalink SIM.

For this you have to go to your mobile message option and write

TR<Space>Train ID or Train Code, and then send it to 16318.

The train number of tista express is 707.

For Example, TR 707 or TR tista express and send to 16318 to get the update status of Tista Express

How to Buying Train Ticket Online ?

 You must collect your ticket before going on the trip from Dhaka to Dewanganj.Select your seat category that is best suited for you to travel. There are three ways for buying ticket

  • You can buy tickets from the nearby railway stations or any of the substations of Dhaka to Dewanganj train route.
  • Online ticket booking is the easiest process of collecting train tickets. For this you have to go to the Bangladesh Railway E-Ticketing system website at esheba.cnsbd.com
  • Also you can download rail sheba apps for purchasing more tickets.

Hope that this article will help you to know the information about Dhaka to Dewanganj train route. All types of information which is taken from Bangladesh Railway’s official website http://railway.gov.bd/ is latest and updated.

For more information about train schedules or related things, visit our website.

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