Dhaka To Gazipur Train: Ticket Price & Shudule [2020]

Are you expecting a trip to Gazipur? There is no alternative to Dhaka to gazipur train in Dhaka. The passengers of dhaka need to get gazipur tain. Whatever you need a complete guide to travel to the train. The guide gives you details about ticket booking, ticket prices and train schedules.

Use Road : dhaka-gazipur railway
Time: 25 min(Via Railway/Gazipur railways)
Distance: Distance between Dhaka and Gazipur is 32KM.

Dhaka To Gazipur Train Services

You must have heard about intercity train services. Dhaka to Gazipur is a intercity train service. It only carries passengers from one district to another. Every step in the journey you can enjoy surely. The dhaka to Gazipur train service is really great. You will enjoy every moment in the train journey. Here is given below details of dhaka to Gazipur train:

Dumkato Express
Route: Dhaka-Joy
Departure Time: 6.00am
Arrival Time: 7.01pm
Off-day: Saturday

Sundarban Express
Route: Dhaka-Gazipur
Departure Time: 6.20am
Arrival Time: 7.25pm
Off-day: Wednesday

Padma Express Express
Route: Dhaka-Gazipur
Departure Time: 3.10am
Arrival Time: 12.08pm
Off-day: Tuesday

Nilshagar Express
Route: Dhaka-Gazipur
Departure Time: 8.00am
Arrival Time: 9.17pm
Off-day: Monday

Ekota Express
Route: Dhaka-Gazipur
Departure Time: 10.00am
Arrival Time: 11.01pm
Off-day: Tuesday

Silkcity Express
Route: Dhaka-Gazipur
Departure Time: 4.40am
Arrival Time: 5.50pm
Off-day: Sunday

Jumona Express
Route: Dhaka-Gazipur
Departure Time: 6.40am
Arrival Time: 7.55pm
Off-day: Saturday

Sirajgonj Express
Route: Dhaka-Gazipur
Departure Time: 7.00am
Arrival Time: 8.15pm
Off-day: Saturday

Chitra Express
Route: Dhaka-Gazipur
Departure Time: 9.00am
Arrival Time: 8.01pm
Off-day: Monday

Drutajan Express
Route: Dhaka-Gazipur
Departure Time: 8.00am
Arrival Time: 9.15pm
Off-day: Wednesday

Lalmoni Express
Route: Dhaka-Gazipur
Departure Time: 2.10am
Arrival Time: 3.15pm
Off-day: Friday

How to book ticket Step by Step?

While booking tickets for dhaka to gazipur train, you should get it from railway stations. From kamalapur, Tejgoanj, airport, you can book tickets of gazipur. Most of the intercity train takes you to gazipur. The prices for tickets will also be smaller than the needs. Such tickets are known outdoor tickets. You can ride on any intercity train to travel gazipur and tickets are also available every time.

Ticket Fares & Routes

Ticket fares are never high or low for travelling inside dhaka. Especially gazipur is in the centre of dhaka. So such distant places are never considered in long route journeys. As the route is short so the ticket fares are also very short and not more than 22TK BDT.

Why you choose this train service?

Most of the trains can take you to gazipur. But the listed dhaka to gazipur train is perfect. During eid and any season you can tickets for this route trains. The ticket prices never rise or fall although there is pressure of passengers.

Why you should visit Gazipur in train?

Gazipur is never a long distant place from dhaka. You must know about traffic condition of dhaka city. It takes more than 2 hours to visit gazipur in bus. If you make travel in dhaka to gazipur train, it will take only a few minutes. So you can enjoy the journey and reach at your destination in time.

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