Dhaka To Kishargonj Train Schedule And Ticket Price 2020

Hello dear travelers! Do you think that it’s urgent to visit ‘Dhaka’ or ‘Kishorganj’ and you are in a hurry? Then, No worries! You can easily travel by Kishorganj express.

Just keep your eyes on this content. Therefore you will get all the details of Dhaka to the Kishorganj train route in a moment.

Let’s Talk About Kishorganj

Kishorganj is one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh. It is in the southeast area of this country.
A large number of students study as well as many people work in different workplace in Dhaka from Kishorganj. Usually, they travel to Kishorganj to Dhaka by train.

Do you like natural beauty? Then you can visit Kishorganj. It’s a fantastic place to hang out. There is an underwater road, which is a popular spot for travelers.

Besides, there are more places to visit, such as: Austagram Haor, Pagla Mosque, Nikli Haor, Sholakia Eidgah, Dhillir Akhra, Jangalbari Fort, Austagram Kutub Shahi Central Mosque. You will enjoy these places a lot.

Schedule Of Kishorganj Express At Dhaka To Kishoreganj Route

As you know, Kishorganj express has three trains. Among them, Egarosindhur Goduli has no holiday.
It runs every day in a week on this track. On the other hand, Egarosindhur Provati and Kishorgonj Express have a close day on Wednesday and Friday accordingly.

Shortly, please check the below table to get the schedule of this track.

Train Name Code Departure Time Arrival Time
Egarosindhur Provati 737 07:15 am 11:05 am
Egarosindhur Goduli 749 06:30 pm 10:35 pm
Kishorgonj Express 781 10:35 am 02:20 pm

Schedule Of Kishoreganj To Dhaka

In this route, Egarosindhur Provati has no day off day. Egarosindhur Goduli’s holiday is
Wednesday and Kishorgonj Express’s holiday is Friday.

The following table will show you the schedule of this track.

Train Name Code Departure Time Arrival Time
Egarosindhur Provati 738 06:50 am 10:40 am
Egarosindhur Goduli 750 12:30 pm 04:35 pm
Kishorgonj Express 782 02:40 pm 06:50 pm

Our Recommended Trains For You

We recommend Egarosindhur Provati and Kishorgonj Express to travel on this route. These train services are high-speed. Moreover, seat quality is very comfortable for you. These services have some stoppages where they stop for a few minutes. Egarosindhur Provati takes break-in around seven stations.

Among them, the essential stations are Bajitpur, Kuliarchor, Bhairab. On the other hand, Kishoreganj Express has some essential stoppages, Such as Narsingdhi, Bajitpur, and Bhairab. However, it takes about 4 hours to complete the journey.

Dhaka to Kishoreganj Train Ticket Price

Dhaka to Kishorganj, train track distance, is about 89.5 KM. Bangladesh Railway fixes the ticket price, as stated by the mile. We include the ticket price accordingly, stoppages, and seat category on the following table.

Stoppages Shovon General Shovon Chair First Seat
Narsingdi BDT. 55/= BDT.65/= BDT. 85/=
Bhairab Bazar BDT. 80/= BDT. 95/= BDT. 125/=
Kuliarchar BDT. 95/= BDT. 110/= BDT. 150/=
Bajitpur BDT. 95/= BDT. 115/= BDT. 155/=
Sararchar BDT. 100/= BDT. 120/= BDT. 155/=
Manik Khali BDT. 105/= BDT. 125/= BDT. 170/=
Gachihata BDT. 110/= BDT. 130/= BDT. 175/=
Kishoreganj BDT. 120/= BDT. 140/= BDT. 185/=

Purchase Dhaka to Kishoreganj Train Ticket

Do you need to purchase Kishorganj express ticket? Then the following instruction can help you.
It’s effortless to purchase your ticket from Kamalapur Railway Station or Dhaka Biman Bandar Railway Station. Besides, there is another easy option for you to purchase your ticket as well as you can reserve an advance ticket online.

To do this, just visit Bangladesh Railway Official E-Ticketing website www.esheba.cnsbd.com or http://railway.gov.bd/ Or download ‘Railsheba’ app on your smartphone. Within a moment, you will get the details about this train service.


At the end of the content, we hope that you have all the information to make a plan to travel through Dhaka to Kishoreganj. We will be glad to have your feedback and suggestion.

Please comment on us in the comment sections. We are delighted to serve you. Therefore, thank you, and have a safe and fantastic journey.

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