Dhaka to Mymensingh Bus : Online Ticket Price & Contact[Updated]

Are you willing to travel Dhaka to Mymensingh? So, you can follow step by step guide that helps in travelling. From this guide you can learn the information of travelling. You can learn about booking tickets. Even the guide will provide you contact and other details of counters.

Dhaka to Mymensing Bus
Dhaka to Mymensing Bus Images

The route Dhaka to mymensing spread 151 kilometers which.

At present, about 4 major bus services are ongoing in Dhaka to Mymensing routes and the buses are Alam Asia, Ena Transport, Soukhin Paribahan, and Dreamland. There are many more city and inter-district buses in this route. But these are not much popular like these buses. These are having proper schedules and a large quantity of transportations.

Use Road: Dhaka-Mymensing
Road Distance: 112KM via Hwy & 151KM Via MRP
Time: 3.20Hrs(112KM) 4.34(151 MRP Road)

Dhaka Ticket Booking Offices For Dhaka to Mymensingh Bus

Alam Asia
First Trip: 6:00am
Last Trip: 12.30pm
Routes: Dhaka To Mymensing
Contact Number: 01711-806051

Ena Transport
First Trip: 8:30am
Last Trip: 8.30pm
Routes: Dhaka To Mymensing
Contact Number: 01869-802736

Soukhin Paribahan
First trip 5:30am
Last trip 9:30pm
Routes: Dhaka To Mymensing
Contact Number: 01715910870

First trip 5:30am
Last trip 9:30pm
Routes: Dhaka To Mymensing
Contact Number: 01715910870

Ticket Buying Guide for Dhaka to Mymensingh Bus

You have to get tickets before you confirm your journey. So you need to follow steps to book ticket. If you book ticket in online, you should try bus service sites. You can log in these sites to select a bus. Then book ticket for the bus and pay the ticket price through bkash or rocket.

Ticket Fares

The most difficult thing is to book tickets. Before you book tickets of Dhaka to mymensing bus, you should know about fares. While booking ac tickets, you will be charged huge. It is also charged low for non ac buses. The fares are fixed according to the kilometer ways. Here is a list of ticket fares:

Bus Company Names Ticket Fares In bdT
Alam Asia AC: 250bdT.

Non-AC: 200bdT

Ena Transport AC: 200bdT.

Non-AC: 150bdT

Soukhin Paribahan AC: 220bdT.

Non-AC: 160bdT

Dreamland AC: 250bdT.

Non-AC: 180bdT

Why choose bus for traveling mymensingh?

Mymensing is a great place for visiting. If you travel in Dhaka to mymensing bus, you can experience it. Only bus can make your journey safe and cool. You can enjoy sceneries sitting in the bus. It will stop in different bus stops. There you can visit for a while to enjoy places of mymensing. Some places where bus stops can be historical. If you want you can visit those. So, you have better option to travel in bus.

Services of Dhaka to mymensingh bus?

In Dhaka most of the buses are perfect in service. The departure time and arrival time has satisfied the passengers. Mostly, the passengers of mymensing travel in Dhaka to mymensing bus. They find bus companies in this route perfect for visiting. Again the buses drives drive buses very carefully here.

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