Dhaka To Tangail Train: Ticket Price & Shudule [2020]

Are you making a trip with dhaka to tangail train? Then you have to follow a guide of travelling in dhaka to tangail train. The guide will help you to know about booking tickets. You will also know about ticket fare and train schedules. This guide will complete all your deals before you make a tour.

Use Road : Dhaka-Tangail Railway
Time: 2h 28 min(Via Railway N4)
Distance: Distance between Dhaka to Tangail is 83.6 km.

Dhaka To Tangail Train Services

Tangail is a part of mymensingh district. So when you choose train service, you must choose Dhaka To Tangail trains. This route train will carry passengers to tangail. The train routes are more active than roads of tangail. So you can make your journey comfortable and fast in train journey.

Tista Express
Train Number: 707
Route: Dhaka-Tangail
Departure Time: 7.20am
Arrival Time: 10.35pm
Off-day: Monday
Ticket Price: 1st class 34BDT and 2nd class 45BDT

Brahmaputra Express
Train Number: 743
Route: Dhaka-Tangail
Departure Time: 6.00am
Arrival Time: 9.30pm
Off-day: NA
Ticket Price: 1st class 55BDT and 2nd class 65BDT

Jamuna Express
Train Number: 745
Route: Dhaka-Tangail
Departure Time: 4.40am
Arrival Time: 08.10pm
Off-day: Monday
Ticket Price: 1st class 60BDT and 2nd class 85BDT

Hawr Express
Train Number: 777
Route: Dhaka-Tangail
Departure Time: 11.50am
Arrival Time: 3.50pm
Off-day: Wednesday
Ticket Price: 1st class 75BDT and 2nd class 90BDT

Aghnibina Express
Train Number: 735
Route: Dhaka-Tangail
Departure Time: 9.40am
Arrival Time: 12.37pm
Off-day: Monday
Ticket Price: 1st class 48BDT and 2nd class 58BDT

Mohongonj Express
Train Number: 789
Route: Dhaka-Tangail
Departure Time: 4.20am
Arrival Time: 5.20pm
Off-day: Monday
Ticket Price: 1st class 45BDT and 2nd class 55BDT


Dhaka-Tangail train offers 45-65BDT fares for the passengers. Sometimes the price increases and it is during Eid or worship. This time the ticket remains inadequate for passengers. So the railway community raises the ticket price.

Type Of service This Transport!

Trains of all routes try to provide high quality services for their passengers. Comfortable seats, negotiation arrangements, chair coaches in Dhaka provided proper and perfect training in Tangail.

How to buy ticket step by step guide?

You have to get ticket of dhaka to tangail train from dhaka railways. There are also online sites from where you book tickets of train easily. Using app of trains, you can also get all information about booking train tickets.

Why Chose this Train Services?

Passengers find train little expensive than bus for dhaka to tangail tour.

Why you should visit tangail in train?

Visitors visit tangail for business or other purposes. You may also have planned to visit tangail. But you should know the benefits of train journey. The place tangail can be enjoyed in dhaka to tangail train. The train journey will make you energetic in all the way. You can see the nature and other beauties during journey. Tangail is also popular for “Chamcham” and “Misty”. So some people travel there to eat these sweetmeats.

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