Dhumkato Express Train: Schedule & Ticket Price {2020}

One of the most enjoyable journeys is the train journey. It’s because a lot of things are out there on the train that makes your trip more pleasant. Moreover, while going somewhere through a train, it has some other advantages as well.

This is why our today’s point of discussion is the intercity train service of the Dhumketo running for Dhaka to Rajshahi. You’ll find all the information about Dhumketu Express Train in this content. So, let’s get the details if you need to journey on this trackway.

A Brief Of The Dhumketu Express Train

Like all other intercity trains, Dhumketu Express (Train #769/770) is one of the train services of the Bangladesh Railway. The Dhumketu Express runs from the capital city, Dhaka to another famous metropolitan city Rajshahi. It’s one of the comfortable trains in Bangladesh.

Rupsha Express Train: Seating System

The seats are managed in a very professional way in the Rupsha Express train. The seats are planned that way because there are various classes of seats available on this train. It also has the most common seating plan like some other express train of the country. Such as:

  • Shuvon Chair
  • Snigdha
  • AC Seat
  • AC Berth

Dhumkato Express Train: Schedule

This train departs at 06:00 AM from Dhaka, Kamalapur railway station and arrives at 11:40 PM at Rajshahi railway station. When it runs from Dhaka, it holds #769. But, the Dhumketu Express train doesn’t run Dhaka to Rajshahi route on Saturday as it’s their off day.

On the other hand, the train departs from Rajshahi at 23:20 by ending its journeys at Dhaka, Kamalapur station at 04:45. While returning at Dhaka, it holds # 770 and its day off is on Friday in the route of Rajshahi to Dhaka.

Stations Off Day Departure Arrival
Dhaka to Rajshahi Saturday 06:00 11:40
Rajshahi to Dhaka Friday 23:20 04:45

Dhumketu Express Train: Breaking Stations

It’s important to know the breaking stations of the Dhumketu Express Train while traveling from one place to another. The train takes a break in many stations as per the below stations:

Station Name Up Time (769) Down Time (770)
Biman Bandar 06:27 04:07
Joydebpur 06:57 03:40
Tangail 07:55
B-B-East 08:17 02:21
M Mansur Ali Sta. 08:54 01:38
Jamtoil 09:05
Ullapar 09:19
Baralbrij 09:46 00:59
Chatmohar 10:03 00:43
Ishwardi 10:25
Abdulpur 10:41 00:01
Arani 10:55

Dhumketu Express Train: Ticket Price

Like some other intercity train services, the ticket price of the Dhumketu Express Train is not very costly. Because of being very cheap, everybody can purchase it. You’ll find different types of tickets and their price while the prices of tickets depend on the category of the seating plan or classes.

It means that you have to pay more when you like to buy a luxury seat. Well, let’s know the price of the tickets of the Dhumketu Express Train in the below table:

Category Price
Shuvon Chair 340
Snigdha 570
AC Seat 680
AC Berth 1020


Hopefully, the above-said information regarding the Dhumketu Express Train will be helpful for you. We have compiled the most recent and adequate information based on the data source of the Bangladesh Railway and some other trustworthy websites.

As a result, all given data and information are valid and you can depend on them without any issue. Moreover, if you need any further instructions or help, knock us through the below comment box. Have A Happy Train Journey!

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