Dhumketu Express Train: Schedule & Ticket Price {2020}

The Dhumketu Express is an intercity train service that runs from Dhaka to Rajshahi and Rajshahi to Dhaka. The Dhumketu Express is an intercity train that is popular in the Dhaka-Rajshahi-Dhaka route. It is a luxurious intercity train.

Now we will discuss all necessary information and update of Dhumketu Express. If you are planning or want to travel in the Dhaka-Rajshahi-Dhaka route, then you should read this article.

Dhumketu Express Train Seat Plan

In the Dhumketu Express train, the seats are managed in a very professional way.There are a few classes of seats on the train for the passengers who travel. And hence, the seats are planned in that way. The seat plan or class of the Upukol Express is given below-

• Ac berth
• Ac seat
• Shovon chair
• Snigdha

Dhumketu Express Train Schedule for 2020

The Dhumketu Express train runs six days per week according to the schedule of the Bangladesh railway. The train service remains close on every Saturday from Dhaka to Rajshahi and every Friday from Rajshahi to Dhaka. The train schedule of Dhumketu Express is given below according to the plan of Bangladesh Railway-

Dhumektu Express train schedule and ticket price as of January 2020-

Routes Will Leave Will Arrive Off Day
Dhaka to Rajshahi 6:00 AM 11:40 AM Saturday
Rajshahi to Dhaka 11:20 PM 4:45 AM Friday

Dhumketu Express Train Ticket Price

The ticket price of Dhumketu Express is not very high and somewhat very reasonable. The train has a few seat categories, and they areShovon Chair, AC Berth, AC Seat, Snigdha. You can choose any class of the seat and travel on this route.

Seat Category Ticket Price
Snigdha 570
Shovon Chair 340
AC Seat 680
AC Berth 1020

Dhumketu Express Stoppage Stations

TheDhumketu Express train stops at different stations at a different time in the Dhaka-Rajshahi-Dhaka route. The list of stoppage stations and schedule is given below-

Stoppage Stations: Dhaka to Rajshahi

Stoppage Stations Time
Dhaka 6:00 AM
Biman Bandar 6:32 AM
Jaydebpur 7:00 AM
Tangail 7:57 AM
BB setu 8:27 AM
SH M Monsur Ali 8:57 AM
Jamtail 9:07 AM
Ullapara 9:22 AM
Boral Bridge 9:49 AM
Chatmohar 10:06 AM
Ishurdi Bypass 10:28 AM
Abdulpur 10:43 AM
Arani 10:57 AM
Rajshahi 11:40 AM

Stoppage Stations: Rajshahi to Dhaka

Stoppage Stations Time
Rajshahi 11:20 PM
Abdulpur 12:04AM
Chatmohar 12:46AM
Boral Bridge 1:02AM
SH M Monsur Ali 1:41AM
BB Setu 2:23AM
Jaydebpur 3:43AM
Biman Bandar 4:10 AM
Dhaka 4:45 AM

Dhumketu Express Train Location

You can easily track the current location of Dhumketu Express train by sending an SMS from your mobile. The format of the SMS should be like this – TR<Space>Train ID or Train Code, then send it to 16318. In reply, you can see the current location of the train, and it will cost you a small fee.


• There is a prayer place on the train to say a prayer
• The security guard is always placed on every bogy for the security purposes
• There is a toilet for the passengers
• You can choose seats according to your budget as a few classes of seats available
• Food, drinks, newspaper, magazine is also available on the train

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