Dolonchapa Express Train: Schedule & Ticket Price {2020}

Dolonchapa Express serves as an intercity train which runs from Santahar to Dinajpur. If you want to travel on the Santahar – Dinajpur route by train then the Dolonchapa express is the best for you because it is one of the fastest and luxurious trains in Bangladesh.

So if you want to travel to Dinajpur, you must read this article to know all information about train number, online ticket purchase System, train tracking system, train schedule, ticket price and different types of facilities of Dolonchapa Express.

Dolonchapa Express Train Schedule

Dolonchapa Express runs six days a week. Starting its journey from Santahar Railway Station at the time of 1:30 PM, Dolonchapa Express reaches Dinajpur station at 8:30 PM. On the other hand returning from Dinajpur to Santahar, it left Dinajpur station at 6:10 AM  and reached Santahar station at 12:20 PM.

Here we will present you the Dolonchapa Express Train Schedule from Dinajpur to Santahar and Santahar to Dinajpur.

Train No Name Off Day From Departure To Arrival
767 Dolonchapa Express Sunday Santahar 1:30 PM Dinajpur 8:30 PM
768 Dolonchapa Express Sunday Dinajpur 6:10 AM Santahar 12:20 PM

Break Stations of Dolonchapa Express Train

Dolonchapa Express stands at three stations.These three substation names are Bogura Station, Gaibandha Station, Parbatipur Station.Departure time of these stations are given below:

Bogura Station departure time  at – 2:30 PM
Gaibandha Station departure time at – 3:55 PM
Parbatipur Station departure time at – 7:25 PM

Ticket Price of Dolonchapa Express Train

The ticket price of Dolonchapa Express is very cheap. Ticket prices are designed based on their seat category, facilities and distance.You can buy your ticket according to your ability.There are different categories of seats in Dolonchapa Express. Ticket prices of Dolonchapa Express from Santahar to Dinajpur route are given in the below

  • Shuvon- 120 Taka
  • Shovon Chair- 145 Taka
  • First Birth- 290 Taka
  • Snigdha- 240 Taka
  • AC Seat – 290 Taka
  • Ac Birth – 430Taka

It should be remembered that children under three are free of charge. Moreover, for any child aged 3 to 12 years, one half ticket must be bought.If you are at the age of above 12 years you have to buy a full ticket.

Facilities of  Dolonchapa Express

Dolonchapa express gives its passengers some very nice facilities. There are many facilities like prayer rooms, availability of food compartments, adequate primary medical service, public toilets, security guards, standing tickets, etc. in each compartment.

Dolonchapa Express Train Location

If you travel on the Dinajpur to Santahar route, a question may arise in your mind, how can I know the exact location of a running train? The answer is very simple. You can know your train’s exact location only by sending an SMS by using grameenphone or Robi or banglalink SIM.

Type TR<Space>Train ID or Train Code.Then send it to 16318.

While going from Santahar station to Dinajpur station the train number is 767.On the other hand returning from Dinajpur to Santahar, the train number is 768.

For Example, TR 767 or TR Dolonchapa express and send to 16318 to get the update status of Dolonchapa express

How to Booking Ticket ?

Ticket  Booking is very simple in this modern  age. You can buy tickets to any of the substations of Dolonchapa express. You also can buy online tickets from the Bangladesh Railway E-Ticketing system  at  Also you can download railsheba apps for purchasing more tickets.

We hope that this post will help you to find the information about Dolonchapa Express which is taken from Bangladesh Railway’s official website.

Whenever you make a journey on this Santahar-Dinajpur trackway, then this information will help you to make your journey more enjoyable.If you have any question, have a visit to our website.

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