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Eagle Paribahan Ticket Counter, Fare and Booking Sytem

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Eagle Paribahan is the most famous and established transport and bus service of Bangladesh. Over 1 million passengers every year prove the acceptability of the bus service. It covers all reachable areas of Bangladesh such as called Tecknaf to Tertulia. Eagle Paribahan has more than 300 buses along with about 1500 trained staffs.

Eagle Paribahan
Eagle Paribahan

Eagle Paribahan service information

Eagle Paribahan offers exclusive services through various luxurious buses. They have two amazing AC bus service. One is Hyundai Universe-Business Class-Super Luxury and another AC bus service is Hino RM2-Business Class-Super Luxury. This duo gives you exceptional feelings of the bus journey. The Non-AC bus service of the company is Hino AK1J-Chair Coach

Eagle Paribahan counter Contact number

You can get Eagle Paribahan service information from any of its counters. The main office of the company is in Gabtoli Bus Terminal, Dhaka. You can reach them at Tel: 02-9006700.
Eagle Paribahan counter Contact number and service information across Bangladesh:

Counter:     204-GABTOLI-4NO (NORMAL)

Address:      Mirpur Inter-District Bus Terminal, Gabtoli, Dhaka

Contact No: 044-78113-204

Counter:     202-GABTOLI-2NO (KHULNA)

Address:      Mirpur Inter-District Bus Terminal, Gabtoli, Dhaka

Contact No: 044-78113-202

Counter:     205-GABTILOI-5NO(BARISHAL)

Address:      Mirpur Inter-District Bus Terminal, Gabtoli, Dhaka

Contact No: 044-78113-205

Counter:     206-GABTOLI (CTG-COX)

Address:      Mirpur Inter-District Bus Terminal, Gabtoli, Dhaka

Contact No: 044-78113-206

Counter:     213-SAVAR

Address:      Bazar Bus Stand, Savar, Dhaka

Contact No: 044-78113-213

Counter:     215-MANIKGONJ

Address:      Bus Stand, Manikgonj, Dhaka

Contact No:01839-525050

Counter:     222-MOTIJHEEL

Address:    Arambag (Opposit the Notordame College), Motijheel, Dhaka

Contact No:044-78113-222

Counter:     223-FAKIRAPUL

Address:      Fakirapul, Dhaka

Contact No:044-78113-223

Counter:     226-MALIBAG

Address:      Rail Crossing, Malibag, Dhaka

Contact No:044-78113-226

Counter:     302-RAHMATPUR

Address:      Rahamatpur, Barishal

Contact No:01714-412054

Counter:     317-BHANDARIA

Address:      Bhandaria, Barishal

Contact No:01718-679116

Counter:     316-MOTHBARIA

Address:      Mothbaria, Bhandaria, Barishal

Contact No:01713-952284

Counter:     314-POTUAKHALI

Address:     Potuakhali, Barishal

Contact No:01723-399094

Counter:     312-KHEPUPARA-KUAKATA

Address:      Khepu Para, Kalapara, Kuakata

Contact No:01719-758002

Counter:     318-RAJAPUR

Address:      Rajapur, Jhalkathi, Barishal

Contact No: 01713-962666

Counter:     330-BARGUNA

Address:      Barguna, Barishal

Contact No:044863479, 01736-768008

Counter:     320-BAGRI BAZAR

Address:      Bagri Bazar, Bhandaria, Barishal

Contact No: Not available

Counter:     332-CHANDUKHALI

Address:      Chandukhali, Barguna, Barishal

Contact No:01858-584841

Counter:     334-SUBIDKHALI

Address:      Subidkhali, Barguna, Barishal

Contact No:01718-731171

Counter:     336-AMUA

Address:      Amua, Barishal

Contact No:01811-113753, 01711-462252

Counter:     338-KATHALIA

Address:      Katakhali, Amua, Barishal

Contact No: 01715-167604

Counter:     339-SAFA

Address:      Safa, Mothbaria, Bhandaria, Barishal

Contact No:01713-962664

Counter:     341-KAWKHALI

Address:      Kawkhali, Barishal

Contact No:01685-280746

Counter:     401-BRTC

Address:      BRTC Market, Chittagong

Contact No: 01974-236238

Counter:     402-DAMPARA

Address:      Dampara, Chittagong

Contact No: 01974-236239, 031-2868524

Counter:     403-AK KHAN GATE

Address:      AK Khan Gate, Chittagong

Contact No: 01974-236240, 031-2773371

Counter:     413-NAVY GATE

Address:      Chittagong Naval Academy Gate, Chittagong

Contact No: 01190-927564

Counter:     424-SITAKUND

Address:      —

Contact No: 01198-145806, 01199-245739

Counter:     429-FENI

Address:       Feni

Contact No:  01931-770899

Counter:     430-FENI-2NO

Address:       Feni

Contact No:  01761-748483

Counter:     435-BANDARBAN

Address:      Bandarban

Contact No: 01828-950605

Counter:     441-KHAGRACHORI

Address:      Khagrachori

Contact No:01846-504185, 01557-272747

Counter:     451-JHAO TOLA-COXS BAZAR

Address:       Jhaotola, Coxs Bazar

Contact No:  044-78007-451


Address:      Hotel Albatross, Kolatoli Point, Coxs Bazar

Contact No: 044-78007-451, 044-78007-450

Counter:     101-ROYAL

Address:       Hotel Royal Mour, Khulna

Contact No:  041-725770, 724583

Counter:     102-SHIB BARI

Address:      Shib Bari Mour, Khulna

Contact No: 041-724760

Counter:     103-SONADANGA

Address:      Bus Terminal, Sonadanga, Khulna

Contact No:041-731160, 723316

Counter:     103-SONADANGA

Address:      Bus Terminal, Sonadanga, Khulna

Contact No: 041-731160, 723316

Counter:     111-PAIKGACHA

Address:       Dhaka Bus Terminal, Paikgacha, Khulna

Contact No:  01711-450520

Counter:     112-KAPILMUNI

Address:      Janata Bank Building, Kapilmuni, Khulna

Contact No:01712-335903

Counter:     121-MONIHAR

Address:      Monihar Mour, Jessore

Contact No: 0421-64443, 63831

Counter:     122-MONIHAR (NORMAL)

Address:      Monihar Mour, Jessore

Contact No:0421-63416

Counter:     124-GARIKHANA

Address:       Garikhana Road, Jessore

Contact No:  0421-67346, 66932

Counter:     129-NEW MARKET

Address:       Jessore New Market, Khajura Stand, Jessore

Contact No:  0421-67069

Counter:     131-NAWAPARA

Address:      Nawapara, Jessore

Contact No: 0422-271508, 01712-592227

Counter:     135-BENAPOLE

Address:      Benapole

Contact No: 01711-265054(Rashu), 01712-472164(Tito)

Counter:     141-NARAIL

Address:      Narail

Contact No:0481-62689

Counter:     161-SATKHIRA

Address:      Sangita Mour, Satkhira

Contact No:01710-849933 (Tapash)

Counter:     171-MAGURA-1

Address:      Bus Terminal, Magura

Contact No:0488-62870, 01712-073766(Bibek)

Counter:     172-MAGURA-2

Address:      Bus Terminal, Magura

Contact No: 01733-184369

Eagle Paribahan Fare per person

AC = Tk. 850
Non-AC = Tk. 500
Tk. 470
Tk. 450
Tk. 450
Tk. 430
Tk. 700
Cox’s Bazar
Tk. 450

Eagle Paribahan Booking System and International Route

You can buy your necessary ticket from any counters of Eagle Paribahan. You can also book your seat over a phone call. The manager of the counter will provide your booked seat after your payment. You can also buy Eagle Paribahan online ticket by visiting shohoz.com. Buying a ticket from online is very easy. It saves your valuable time and money.
You can buy Eagle Paribahan online bus ticket from shohoz.com. Sohoz.com offers TK 150 off for the online booking. You can visit the website and get TK 150 off. But the biggest offer is to use the app. You’ll get up to TK 300 by using the app. Just download the app and log in to book your ticket.  Like Shohag Paribahan, Eagle Paribahan provides international route service. The bus goes to Dhaka to Kolkata. You can find more information by visiting any of the counters across the country.
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Eagle Paribahan provides improved service which is not available most of the transport services. You can have a safe journey if you follow all the regulations provided by the authority. You can also complain about any disgrace or can suggest them by commenting or calling over the phone. Any of your opinions will be evaluated by Eagle Paribahan.

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