Ekota Express Train: Schedule & Ticket Price {2020}

Another popular train service of the Bangladesh Railway service list is the Ekota Express Train. As said by the Bangladesh Railway train Service list, the train takes second place among the train services in Bangladesh.

This train runs between the routes of Dhaka to Dinajpur and vice versa. You’ll know about the Ekota Express train schedule Dhaka to Dinajpur route’s train while knowing the schedule of the Ekota Express Train.

Since the information about the schedule and price of the ticket are very crucial for the passengers, we’re going to share all of them as per the data source of the Bangladesh Railway Department.

A Brief About The Ekota Express Train

In routes of Dhaka-Dinajpur, Ekota Express is one of the best trains. With all modern facilities, this is a great intercity express train. It holds the number of 705 while departing from Dhaka to Dinajpur.

After starting the journey from Dhaka, Kamalapur Railway Station, it arrives at the Dinajpur Railway Station after 9 hours. When it departs from Dinajpur, it holds the number of 706.

Ekota Express Train: The Schedule

Knowing the schedule of the Ekota Express Train is vital for the passengers of this route in any case. So, we’re providing the latest and exact information based on the data source of the Bangladesh Railway. Well, take a look at the schedule of the Ekota Express Train below:

Train route Train Number Departure Time Arrival Time
Dhaka to Dinajpur 705 09.50 am 7.00 pm
Dinajpur to Dhaka 706 09.10 pm 06.30 am

Ekota Express Train: Substations & Stoppages

You already know that Ekota Express runs on the routes of Dhaka and Dinajpur. It breaks the runs on various stoppages on its way for the best convenience of its passengers.

It’s because passengers can ins and out, from those stoppages. So, let’s know the possible stoppages of the Ekota Express Train.

Station Name Arrival Time Journey Time
Dhaka Biman Bandor 10.32 am 0 Hours 28 Minutes
Joydebpur 10.55 am 1 Hours 5 Minutes
Tangail 12.09 am 2 Hours 19 Minutes
Ibrahimabad 12.32 am 2 Hours 42 Minutes
Sadanandapur 1.09 pm 3 Hours 19 Minutes
Ishardhi Bypass 2.24 pm 4 Hours 34 Minutes
Natore 2.58 pm 5 Hours 8 Minutes
Santahar 3.50 pm 6 Hours 0 Minutes
Akkelpur 4.16 pm 6 Hours 26 Minutes
Joypurhat 4.34 pm 6 Hours 44 Minutes
Panchbibi 4.49 pm 6 Hours 59 Minutes
Birampur 5.15 pm 7 Hours 26 Minutes
Fulbari 5.32 pm 7 Hours 42 Minutes
Parbatipur 6.00 pm 8 Hours 10 Minutes
Dinajpur 7.00 pm 9 Hours 10 Minutes

Ekota Express Train: Ticket Price

Prices of tickets differ from one class to another and destinations like some other railway train services. Also, it depends on some different comfortable classes for various types of passengers.

There are different categories of seats including Shovan General, Shovan Chair, AC Berth and First Class Birth seat. Ticket prices of Dhaka to Dinajpur routes are given below:

Name Of The Destination Shovon Shovon With Chair First Berth AC Berth
Dinajpur Station 360/- 460/- 855/- 1285/-
Phulbari Station 330/- 395/- 785/- 1175/-
Birampur Station 320 /- 385/- 765/- 1150/-
Panchbibi Station 305/- 365/- 730/- 1095/-
Joypurhat Station 300/- 360/- 715/- 1070/-
Akkelpur Station 290/- 345/- 690/- 1035/-
Santahar Station 275/- 330/- 660/- 990/-
Bangabandhu Setu (East) 105/- 125/- 250/- 375/-
Tangail Station 90/- 105/- 210/- 315/-


We tried our best to provide you as much information as possible with this short description. And hopefully, this content regarding the Ekota Express Train will be very helpful for you when you like to travel to this route.

Knock us with a comment on the comment box if you like to add something or if there are any mistakes. We’ll try to resolve your issues within short time.

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