Gaibandha To Dhaka Train schedule and ticket Price 2020

Are you making a plan to go on a trip to Gaibandha ? So whenever you make a plan to go on a vacation, or travelling on the Gaibandha To Dhaka route, you can select a train route for the journey. Bangladesh Railway has developed significantly in recent years. So people are more interested  in traveling by train than before.

In this article you may know many information about Gaibandha To Dhaka train routes such as train schedules, ticket prices,location tracking system, ticket booking system etc.

Gaibandha To Dhaka Train schedule

The capital, Dhaka, and Gaibandha district is well served by the Bangladesh Railway. Two intercity trains are running on the Gaibandha To Dhaka train route. There is no mail express train on this route. These two intercity trains are

  • Lalmoni Express and
  • Rangpur Express

Here is the schedule of Gaibandha To Dhaka Train route

Train Name Departure time Arrival time
Lalmoni Express 11:48 am 07:55 pm
Rangpur Express 09:56 pm 06:10 am

Lalmoni Express  

The train code of Lalmoni Express is 752. It departs from Gaibandha Railway Station at 11:48 am and arrives at Dhaka at 07:55 pm. Friday is a weekly off day of Lalmoni Express

Rangpur Express

The original route of the Rangpur Express is the Dhaka to Rangpur route. The train code of Rangpur Express is 772. It departs from Gaibandha Railway Station at 09:56 pm and arrives at Dhaka at 06:10 am. Sunday is a weekly off day of the Rangpur Express.

Substations of Gaibandha To Dhaka Train route

The distance between Dhaka to Gaibandha route is about 300 km only. It takes 8 hrs to 12 hrs to reach Dhaka from Gaibandha.

Lalmoni Express Substation

 While travelling from Gaibandha to Dhaka, Lalmoni Express stands at many stations. .There are several substations of this route.

The substations and time schedule of Up time and down time is given below

Station Name Up time Down time
Gaibandha station 11:48 am 05:37 am
Bonarpara station 12:12 pm 05:13 am
Sonatala station 12:34 pm 04:50 am
Bogra station 01:08 pm 04:21 am
Santahar station 01:55 pm 03:15 am
Natore station 02:46 pm 02:42 am
Azimnagar station 03:16 pm 02:15 am
Boralbridge station 03:55 pm 01:30 am
Ullapara station 04:18 pm 01:02 am
Shaheed M Monsur Ali station 04:46 pm 12:39 am
Bangabandhu Bridge east station 05:28 pm 12:02 am
Tangail station 05:50 pm 11:40 pm
Joydebpur station 06:47 pm 10:42 pm
Bimanbandar station 07:21 pm 10:12 pm
Kamlapur Railway station 07:55 pm 09:45 pm

Rangpur Express Substation

Rangpur Express takes a break in many stations. The sub station name and time schedule of Uptime and Downtime is given below.

Station Name Up Time Down Time
Gaibandha station 09:56 pm 05:14 pm
Bonapara station 10:19 pm 04:43 pm
Sonatola station 10:44 pm 04:26 pm
Bogra station 11:14 pm 03:54 pm
Santahar station 12:05 am 03:10 pm
Natore station 01:06 am 01:59 pm
Chatmoha station 02:13 am 12:52 pm
B-B-East station 03:35 am 11:30 am
Biman Bandar station 05:35 am 09:37 am
Kamlapur Railway station 06:10 am 09:10 am

Gaibandha to Dhaka Train Ticket Price 

As the total distance from Gaibandha to Dhaka is 300 km, the ticket price is not cheap. Bangladesh Railway fixed the train ticket prices, on the basis of the train seat category and distance between the destinations. Rate of good quality seats is very high whereas normal seats rate is cheap.

Ticket Price of Gaibandha to Dhaka Train route is here.

Category of Seat Ticket Price
Shuvon 370 tk
Shuvon Chair 445 tk
First Seat 595 tk
First Birth 890 tk
Snigdha 740 tk
AC 890 tk
AC Birth 1335 tk

Lalmoni Express Ticket price

Have a look at the ticket price of Lalmoni Express.

Seat Category Ticket Price
Shuvon 420 tk
Shuvon Chair 505 tk
First Seat 675 tk
First Birth 1010 tk
Snigdha 840 tk
AC 1010 tk
Ac Birth 1510  tk

Rangpur Express Ticket price

There are several categories of seats in the Rangpur Express train. Have a look at the ticket price of Rangpur Express.

Seat Category Ticket Price
Shuvon 390 tk
Shuvon 465 tk
Snigdha 620 tk
AC Seat 930 tk

Gaibandha to Dhaka Train Location tracking system

The location tracking of Gaibandha to Dhaka Train is very easy which is only by sending a sms of your Grameenphone or Robi or Banglalink SIM.

For this you have to go to your mobile message option and write

TR < Space > Train ID or Train Code, and then send it to 16318.

The train code number of  Lalmoni Express is 752

For Example, TR 752 or TR Lalmoni Express and send to 16318 to get the update status of Lalmoni Express.

How to Booking Ticket Online ?

You must collect your ticket 10 days before from the nearest railway station before going on the trip from Gaibandha to Dhaka.Bangladesh Railway sell tickets 10 day before the journey date for all routes There are three ways for ticket booking

  • You can buy tickets from nearby railway stations.
  • You can book online tickets through mobile. In this process you can buy tickets from home. For Online ticket booking you have to go to the Bangladesh Railway E-Ticketing system website at
  • Finally you also can download rail sheba apps and purchase more tickets as much as needed.

If this article will help you, we will be very happy.  All types of information about the intercity and mail express trains are taken from Bangladesh Railway’s official website

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