Himachol Express: Online Ticket & Counter Number [Updated]

Himachol Express (হিমাচল এক্সপ্রেস) is a popular transportation service provider in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is a well-known transport operation well known for the typical and upper class service.

This Express is widely popular and first choice for the visitors. It offers a safe and joyful journey for the passengers, maintaining the accurate time and schedule.

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Himachol Express
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Himachol Express All Counter Number

details are given below:

All Counters Of Dhaka Divission

Tongi Counter (টঙ্গি)
Mobile Number: 01765-398373

Uttara Counter (উত্তরা)
Mobile Number: 01838-500423

Airport Counter (এয়ারপোর্ট)
Mobile Number: 01722-202434

kuril Counter (কুড়িল)
Mobile Number: 01960-186160

Malibag Counter (মালিবাগ)
Mobile Number: 01706-418070

Mirpur-10 Counter (মিরপুর-১০)
Mobile Number: 01911-444012

Mirpur-1 Counter (মিরপুর-১)
Mobile Number: 01756-994130

Kalyanpur Counter (কল্যানপুর)
Mobile Number: 01971-130077

Maniknagar Counter (মানিকনগর)
Mobile Number: 01912-488211

Kacukhat Counter (কচুখেত)
Mobile Number: 01681-048799

Kawran Bazar Counter (কাওরান বাজার)
Mobile Number: 01676-159951

Mohakhali Counter (মহাখালী)
Mobile Number: 01798-616524

Farm Gate Counter (ফার্মগেইট)
Mobile Number: 01721-119424

Nilkhet Counter (নীলখেত)
Mobile Number: 01677-188110

Adabar, Mohammadpur Counter (আদাবর)
Mobile Number: 01685-593888

Syedabad Counter (সায়দাবাদ)
Mobile Number: 01778-411351

Jhigatla Counter (জিগাতলা)
Mobile Number: 01821-811464

NORDA Counter (নরদা)
Mobile Number: 01772-900216

Sanir akhra Counter (শনির আখরা)
Mobile Number: 01998-827167

Chittagong Road Counter (চট্টগ্রাম রোড)
Mobile Number: 01854-260613

Booking (Dhaka)
Contact Number: 01848-308992, 01848-308993

Suggestion (Dhaka)
Contact Number: 01848-308999

Hotel Check
Contact Number: 01848-308996

All Counters Of Noakhali District

Ramganj Counter (রামগঞ্জ)
Mobile Number: 01717-224350, 01872-605183.

Balua Choumuhani Counter (বালুয়া চৌমহনী)
Mobile Number: 01872-605184

Kachua Counter (কচুয়া)
Mobile Number: 01733-250544, 01872-605185.

Dos Ghariya Counter (দশ ঘরিয়া)
Mobile Number: 01872-605186

Chatkhil Counter (চাটখাইল)
Mobile Number: 01713-623592, 01721-177846.

Halima Dighirpar Counter (হালিমা দিঘিপার)
Mobile Number: 01872-605188

Jayag Counter (জয়াগ)
Mobile Number: 01725-073187, 01872-605189.

Bengali bazar Counter (বাঙ্গালী বাজার)
Mobile Number: 01716-384038, 01872-605190.

Sonaimuri Counter (সোনাইমুড়ি)
Mobile Number: 01712-138114, 01872-605191

Routes & Fares 

Routes Ticket Price
Mirpur-12 to Narayanganj bdT. 50
Mirpur-1 to Khilgoan bdT. 45
Mirpur-1 to Sony Hall bdT. 10
Mirpur-1 to Mirpur-10 bdT. 10
Mirpur-1 to Kazipara bdT. 15
Mirpur-1 to Shewrapara bdT. 15
Mirpur-1 to Agargaon bdT. 15
Mirpur-1 to Jahangir Gate bdT. 20
Mirpur-1 to Mohakhali bdT. 20
Mirpur-1 to Gulshan-1 bdT. 25
Mirpur-1 to Badda bdT. 25
Mirpur-1 to East – Rampura bdT. 30
Mirpur-1 to Chowdhury Para bdT. 30
Mirpur-1 to Malibag Rail Gate bdT. 35

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