How to Teletalk Number Check

Teletalk Own Number Checking USSD Code is *551#. How to Check Teletalk Number – Teletalk Number Checking USSD codes are right here! If you are looking for the USSD code to check Teletalk number, you are at the right place. This content is regarding to how to check Teletalk number. You will learn the way of Teletalk number check along with many more essential USSD codes that are important for daily life to use a Robi SIM. Before getting the USSD codes, let’s learn a brief about Teletalk mobile operator. 
Teletalk is a public limited company and registered under the Registration of The Bangladesh Joint Stock Companies. The total share of the company is owned by the Bangladesh government. The company is continuously growing and engaged with the customers through their crystal commitment of high quality services and products. As a result, it has made a clear position among the telecom sector of Bangladesh connecting with million of people in home and across the world.

Teletalk Number Check One Minute about the Company

The company is established in December, 26, 2004 to keeping a specific role in its mind. Teletalk is strengthened and forged the path over the years to achieve few feats to be proud of as a single Bangladeshi owned mobile operator. Moreover, it’s operating with 100% native engineering and technical human resources that became “Amader Phone” – people’s phone.

How to Check Teletalk Number and other USSD Codes

It’s regarded to Teletalk number check with USSD code: *551#. You will learn the way of Teletalk number check along with many more essential USSD codes that are important for daily life to use a Teletalk SIM. Teletalk is an important mobile phone operator for the Bangladeshi citizens, including students, govt. job seeking persons etc. Most of the government jobs require online application and payment with Teletalk SIM. Besides, government colleges, universities admission need Teletalk SIM for admission procedures.

Important Teletalk USSD Codes

REB Bill Payment: Dial *727# and follow the instructions
TeleTune: Type TTCode & Send to 5000 and follow the messages 
1GB @Tk99: Write the short code and send to 111, for example D60 to 111
2GB_@t_350: write short code D20 and send to 111
5GB_@t_600: write short code D21 and send to 111
90 GB @ 4000: Write D61 and send to 111
Melodious Greetings: Dial 4380 & follow the instructions
Radio 2008: Dial 2008
Banwat 2580: Dial 2580
64-District News: Dial 2000
Upgrade from 2G to 3G: write 3G & send to 666


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All Data Packages short codes


5 MB 2TK 1 day: D56
20 MB 6 TK 1 day: D18 
1 GB 80 TK 3 days: D58 
1 GB 140 TK 10 days: D19 
1 GB 240 TK 30 days: D31 
2 GB 350 TK 30 days: D20 
3 GB 400 TK 30 days: D38 

5 GB 550 TK 30 days: D21


10 GB 825 TK 30 days: D22 
30 GB 1500 TK 30 days: D32 
1GB 99 TK * 30 days: D60 
5 GB 300 TK * 30 days: D63 
Lowcost 3G 40 MB 15 TK 3 days: D35 
500 MB 120 TK 30 days: D13 
1 GB 150 TK 10 days: D14 

1 GB 200 TK 30 days: D59

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