Islam Nagar High School, Thakurgaonইসলামনগর উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়,ঠাকুরগাও সদর

Welcome to Islam Nagar High School, located in Thakurgaon, Rangpur, Bangladesh. With a dedicated staff and a commitment to academic excellence, we provide quality education to our students. Contact us at 01820-537905 or and visit our website for more information.

ইসলামনগর উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়,ঠাকুরগাও সদর

Islam Nagar High School, Thakurgaon Contact Information

Islam Nagar High School, Thakurgaon 5101. Rangpur, Bangladesh , Thakurgaon, Bangladesh

Thank you for considering Islam Nagar High School as a potential educational institution. We strive to create a nurturing environment that fosters academic growth and personal development. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries or visit our website to learn more about our school community and offerings.