Jahangirnagar University Admission Circular {2020}

Jahangirnagar University has recently published the notification for the Graduate Honors Admission 2019-20 on their official website as well as in national daily newspapers. As per the Jubilee notification, we have added all the key points required for interested candidates.

Important Dates of JU Admission

Keeping your own updates is essential. Here we have added the main dates of Jahangir Nagar University Admission Test.

Application Starts:  August 08, 2019
Application Ends: September 07, 2019
Admission Test Date: September 22, 2019
SSC Passing year: 2016 or 2017
HSC Passing Year: 2018 or 2019
Units Application Fee
A, B, C, D, E 600 BDT
C1, F, G, H 400 BDT

Jahangirnagar University Admission Application Fee:

Unit Application Fee
A Unit (Mathematical & Physical Science) = 550/-
B Unit    (Social Science) = 550/-
C Unit    (Arts & Humanities) = 550/-
D Unit    (Biological Science) = 550/-
C1 Unit = 350/-
F Unit    (Law) = 350/-
G Unit    (Institute of Business Administration) = 350/-
H Unit    (Institute of Information Technology) = 350/-
I Unit = 350/-

 Jahangirnagar University Admission All Unit:



Unit A: Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences
Unit B: Social Science faculty
Unit C: Arts & Humanities
Unit D: Biology faculty
Unit E: Business Studies faculty
Unit F: Law faculty
Unit G: Institute of Business Administration
Unit H: Institute of Information Technology
Unit I: Cultural Institute

Who can apply for ju admission 2019:

  • Students who have passed the SSC / equivalent examination and HSC / equivalent exam in the year 25 or earlier, can apply for admission to Jahangirnagar University 2018.
  • Please refer to the eligibility / condition of application of the specific unit in the July Admission Notice 2018.

A Unit (Math and Physics Faculty)

Candidates should have a minimum of 1.0 in both SSC and HSC exam. Also, complete information is shown in the following table.

Subject & Requirements Minimum Total GPA
Math(A- in Math) GPA- 7.50
Statistics(B Grade Statistics or Math) GPA- 7.50
Chemistry(A in Chemistry & B in Math) GPA-8.00
Physics(A in Both Physics & Math) GPA-8.00
Anthropology(A- in Math, Physics & Math) GPA-8.00
Computer Science & Engineering(A in Both Physics & Math) GPA-8.50
Environment Science(A- in Physic, Chemistry, Math and Biology) GPA-8.50

B Unit Requirements

Jahangir Nagar University has 6 subjects in B unit. This unit is also known as the Faculty of Social Sciences. Students must earn a 3.50 GPA in both SSC and HSC. Special requirements are given below according to the factors.


Science students can apply to these subjects. Interested candidates should earn 8.00 in total SSC and HSC. A. Mathematics and English are required. Business students and humanities students can apply for a minimum GPA of 7.50 total.

Geography and Environments:

Science students need 7.50 and humanities and B studies require 7.00 with B grade in Bengali and English.

Governments and Politics:

The requirement of science students is 1.0 and other students need to achieve A. – in Bengali and B in English


Science and other students require 8.00 and 7.50 GPA, respectively. They need to achieve this in both Bengali and English language properly.

Rural and Urban Planning:

The applicants must have minimal requirement to apply for anthropology subject.

Public Administration:

Science students need a total GPA of 8.00 in English with A- (minus). Students studying Arts and Business require a total of 7.50 in HSC English with the same requirements.

C Unit Subject with their Admission Requirements

This is basically a fine arts faculty. Students will have to earn a minimum of 4.1 in SSC and HSC individually. This unit consists of seven subjects. These are the requirements given below:

Subject Name Total GPA required
Bangla GPA: A- in Bengali

(7.00 for Humanities, 7.50 for other students)

English GPA: A- in English (Humanities 7.25, Science and others – 7.75)
History GPA: A – in English(Humanities students 7.00, Science and B. studies students – 7.50)
Philosophy & Archaeology English Bangla should have B Grade ( Total GPA: Humanities students 6.00, Science and B. studies students – 7.00)
International Relation English A- Grade point is a must ( GPA: Science students 8.00, Humanities and B. studies students – 7.50)
Journalism and Media Studies In English should have A- Grade & In Bangla (Total GPA : Humanities and B. studies students 7.50, Science students – 8.50)

C1 Unit Admission of Jahangirnagar University

The drama and arts department was jointly formed by this unit. Candidates will have to earn $ 5 for humanity and 6.00  for admission to drama for science and other groups. Minimum B grade is required in Bengal.

D Unit Subject Requirements

Jahangirung University D unit has eight divisions. The divisions are Plant Science, Zoology, Pharmacy, Microbiology, Genetics and Public Health. All subjects with a minimum of Chemistry and Biology minimum of 8.00 to 8.50 are required.

E Unit Admission Requirements

This faculty is known as the Faculty of Business Studies. There are four issues in this unit. These are the subjects for E Unit Admission:

  • Finance and Banking
  • Marketing
  • Accounting and Information System
  • Management Studies

All units are required to apply for admission test. Science students require a minimum minimum of 7.50 where other students, e.g. Humanities and Business Studies students need 7.00. They need to get a minimum B grade in English and math / economics / accounting / management. It is essential to get 3.50 for both SSC and HSC.

Law Faculty Admission Requirements:

The Faculty of Law belongs to the F unit. Students with minimum B grade in Bengali and English need a total of 8.00 percent to apply.

G, H, I Unit Admission Requirement

The G Unit manages the BBA program. In fact, this unit belongs to the Institute of Business Administration. To apply to the G unit, science students need a total of 8.50 GPA in English and higher maths with an A- (minus) grade. Students in other groups need 8.00 to apply.

The subject of information technology belongs to the H unit. Only science students can apply for this unit. The minimum score with a grade in Physics and Mathematics is 8.00

Bangabandhu and Comparative Studies is the new subject of admission to Jahangirnagar University. Students studying in science and business can apply for SSC and HSC with a minimum of 5.3 with a total GPA of 50. They also need a B grade in Bengali and English.

How to Apply For Jahangirnagar University Admission?

There are three steps to apply for Jahangirnagar University. According to the admission notification of Jahangirnagar University, steps are given below:

  • Login to the Website ju-admission.org.
  • Fill the form with appropriate information.
  • Collect Bill Number.
  • Make Payment (Bkash or DBBL Mobile Banking).
  • Collect Transaction Id>Provide Bill Number.
  • Download the Admit card.
  • Application Process Done.

JU Admission Application process

Here is given below application process of Ju Admission:

Login to the Website ju-admission.org>Click on Apply>Fill the form>Choose the Subject>Confirm it>Provide Mobile number>Provide Bill number

Ju Admission

DBBL Payment System

  • Dial *322# for Mobile Banking
  • Select Bill Pay
  • For personal Select Self or others
  • Select 0 for others
  • Type Biller Id 343
  • Type Bill Number
  • Enter Amount
  • Type PIN Number
  • Collect Trx Id

Bkash Payment Options:

One can pay through bkash following the same way of DBBL.

Here is the process to download JU Admission Admit card ?

  • Enter the ju-admission.org
  • Click On Admit card Download.
  • Enter Bill number with Transaction Id.
  • Login.
  • Upload Images.
  • Download the Admit card.

Seat Plan

Admission test date, time, seat name along with the building name will be given on the national newspaper and official website

Jahangirnagar University Admission Test System

Admission Exam Type MCQ & be Justified by OMR
Each Negative Deduct 0.20 marks
Total Exam mark(Except G Unit) 80 Marks
C1 Unit Examinee Practical exam mark 20 Marks
Total G Unit Marks 75 Marks
Result Publication Date 3 Days
Pass Mark For All Units 33%

 Jahangirnagar University Admission Marks System

Units Subject & Marks
A Unit:  Math -22,

Physic -22,

Chemistry -22,

Bangla 3

English 3 and

IQ -8 Marks

B Unit: Bangla -10,

English 15,

Math 15,

General Knowledge 25,


C Unit: Bangla -15,

English 15,

Others 15

C1 Unit: Bangla -10,

English 10,

Subjective Knowledge 60

D Unit: Bangla + English- 8,

Chemistry 24,

Botany – 22,

Zoology 22 ,

IQ 4 Marks

E Unit Bangla 15,

English 30

Math -15,

Accounting and Management -20

F Unit Bangla 25,

English 25,

GK and

IQ 30

G Unit Bangla -5,

English 30m

Math and IQ 30,

Viva -5,

Analytical 10

H Unit Bangla 5,

English 15,

Math 40,

Physics 20

I Unit: Bangla 15,

English 15,

Literature 10,

GK 10,

Culture 5,

Geology 5,

Bangabandhu and Bangladesh 10,

History 5

 Apply Instruction:

Interested applicants can apply online at Jahangirnagar University. The instructions for applying online are given below:

  1. Scan Photograph of 300×300 Pixel
  2. Scan Signature of 300×80 Pixel(100 KB)
  3. Visit the web https://www.ju-admission.org
  4. Fill up the form
  5. Print out the form
  6. Write down the Biller Id
  7. Pay with DBBL Mobile Banking.

Payment Instruction:

  • Open rocket account.
  • Dial *322# .
  • Select 1 for Payment.
  • Select 1 for Bill Pay.
  • Type the Biller ID 343 for Jahangirnagar University.
  • Type the Bill Number.
  • Enter the Amount of Bill.
  • Input PIN Number.
  • Complete the Payment.

Jahangirnagar University Admission Test Marks Distribution:

Units & Departments Subjects & Marks

Department of Mathematics and Physics

Mathematics- 22,

Physics- 22,

Chemistry- 22,

Bengali- 3,

English – 3,

IQ (Science Related)- 8


Social Science Department




General Knowledge-25,



Arts and Humanities Department

Bangla- 15,

English-15 and

Subject wise 70 Marks


Department of Biology

Bengali and English-8,


Biology-44 ( Botany-22, Zoology-22),



Business Studies Department




Business Related General Knowledge-10


Department of Law



Current Issue and


G- Unit:




Mathematical Aptitude and IQ-30,

Current Issue and Analysis-10,








Jahangirnagar University Admit Card Download:

If you want to download, you have to follow the instructions below:

  1. Scan a photograph of 300×300 Pixel and
  2. Scan a Signature of 300×80 Pixel within 100 KB.
  3. Visit https://www.ju-admission.org
  4. Select the Admit Card Manu from the site
  5. Login with Biller ID and DBBL Transaction ID.
  6. Upload Scanned Photo and Signature.
  7. Download your Admit
  8. Print it out when submission done.

Ju Admission Application Fee Per Unit

Unit Name Form Price (Application Fee)
A, B,C, D and E UNIT 600 Taka
C1, F, G, H and I Unit 400 Taka

JU Admission Test Marks Distribution 2019-20

Before admission test exam every students should know about admission exam unit wise marks distribution. Follow the below chart to get all unit marks distribution.

A Unit Marks Distribution

Subject Marks
Mathematics 22
Physic 22
Chemistry 22
Bangla 3 3
English 3
IQ or Mental Ability 8
Total 80

B Unit Marks Distribution

Subject Marks
Bangla 10
English 15
Math 15
General Knowledge 25
IQ or Mental Ability 15
Total 80

 C Unit Marks Distribution

Subject Marks
Bangla 15
English 15
Related Subject 50

 C1 Unit Marks Distribution 

Subject Marks
Bangla 10
English 10
Subjective Knowledge 60

 D Unit Marks Distribution

Subject Marks
Bangla + English 8
Chemistry 24
Botany 22
Zoology 22
IQ or Mental Ability 4
Total 80

 E Unit Marks Distribution

Subject Marks
Bangla 15
English 30
Math 15
Accounting and Management 20
Total 80

F Unit Marks Distribution

Subject Marks
Bangla 25
English 25
General Knowledge & Mental Ability 30
Total 80

G Unit Marks Distribution

Subject Marks
Bangla 5
English 30
Mathematical Aptitude & IQ 30
Current Affairs & Analysis 10
Viva Exam

( Applicant must be obtain 40% marks in viva)

Total 80

H Unit Marks Distribution

Subject Marks
Bangla 5
English 15
Mathematics 40
Physics 20
Total 80

I Unit Marks Distribution

Subject Marks
Bangla 15
English 15
Literature 10
General Knowledge 10
Culture 5
Anthropology 5
Archaeology 5
Bangabandhu and Bangladesh 10
History 5
Total 80

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