Kazi Nazrul Islam University Admission Circular

National poet Kazi Nazrul Islam University Admission Circular 2019-20 has recently been published on the official website of this university which is Jkkniu.edu.bd. Here you will find all information about Nazrul Islam University Admission Test. You can check more public university admission information.

National poet Kazi Nazrul Islam University is a public university in Bangladesh located at Trishal in Mymensingh district. It offers their students BSc (Eng), BBA, BSS, BA, LLB, BFA graduate degree. Here you will find admission test information, important dates, admission test notification, admission card download system, seat number and other information at Nazrul Islam University.

Important Dates and Informations JKKNIU Admission:

Application will be started November 2, 2019
Application will be ended November 10, 2019
Admission date was fixed 11 November to 15 November 2019
AL Unit Exam will take place November 11, 2019
AP Unit Exam Date was fixed November 12, 2019
B Unit Exam Date was fixed November 13, 2019
C Unit Exam Date was fixed November 14, 2019
D Unit Exam Date was fixed November 15, 2019
Admission Test Fee for all units 650 BDT

Applicants eligibility according to units:

  • Applicants must pass SSC in the year 2016 or 2017
  • Applicants must pass HSC between the year 2017 to 2018
  • At least GPA for HSC and SSC should be 3.50 with 7.50 in total.

Admission Test Marks Distribution are given below:

National poet Kazi Nazrul Islam University has split the number distribution in the admission test. Here are the details of distribution of admission test marks. It is important to note that the tests will be conducted in MCQ method:

Topics Subjects & Mark Distributions
AL Bangla -45,

English -45,

General Knowledge -10

AP Bangla -20,

English -20,

Subject wise (song,fine arts, theater and performance studies, film and media) 15×4=60,

Practical exam -50;

Written exam pass number 35 and

Practical exam pass number 25.

B- Compulsory English -20,

Physics -30,

ICT -20 Optional :

Math -30,

Biology -30 (answer the only 1)

C- Compulsory Bangla-10,


Optional : for commerce and vocational,

Accounting –25,

Commerce law and apply -25:

General Knowledge -50

D Bangla -20,

English -30,

General Knowledge -35,

IQ test -15
For every wrong answer 0.25 Marks will be deducted

Total Scores are accumulated HSC X 3.6 + SSC x 2.4 + Admission Test Marks

A merit list will be created based on the total score

Student’s eligibility according to units:

There are five units of National Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University. Unit Name Al, AP, B, C, D Each of the units has different needs for science, business studies and humanities students. We’ve added the details below:

AL Unit of JKKNIU Required Qualifications:

Subjects & Groups Required Qualifications
Humanities At least required GPA 3.50 (Both SSC & HSC) , Total GPA 7.50
Business Studies At least required GPA 3.50 (SSC & HSC),Total GPA 8.00
Vocational/ Madrash Board At least required GPA 3.50 (SSC & HSC),Total GPA 8.50
English department At least required GPA  4.00 out of 5.00 in HSC
Admission Test Required Mark 18 out of 45
Candidates must sit for 30 marks written exam

English language mark: 12

Literature mark: 12

AP unit of JKKNIU required Qualifications:

Group & Subjects Required GPA
Humanities At least GPA 3.50 (Both SSC & HSC) , total GPA 7.50
Business Studies At least GPA 3.50 (SSC & HSC),Total GPA 8.00
Vocational/ Madrash Board At least GPA 3.50 (SSC & HSC),Total GPA 8.50
Students are allowed in practical exam Who passed MCQ first
Science Students At least GPA 3.50 , Total 7.50
Diploma Students At least GPA 2.50 out of 4.00 and total of 6.50

C Unit At least required qualifications:

Subject Required GPA
For all subjects At least GPA 3.50
Business studies and Humanities Students at least required 7.00
Science, Technical and other groups Students at least required 7.50 total
English MCQ test Mark At least 8 Mark

D Unit At Least Required Qualifications:

Group & Subject Required GPA
Science Group SSC & HSC GPA: 3.50  & Total 8.00 out of 10
Business Studies SSC & HSC  3.50 & Total 8.00 out of 10
Humanities Group SSC & HSC 3.50 & Total 7.50 out of 10
Technical and Vocation SSC & HSC: 3.50 & Total 8.00 out of 10
English Required Mark . Minimum 12 Mark (out of 30)

Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University has number of Subjects & Seats:

We mentioned above that there are five units in the JKKNIU. At this university, there are a total of 910 seats for all students. There are a total of 19 issues. Here is the list of objects by unit:

Unit & Subjects Number of Seats
Unit: AL:

Bangla Language and Literature (55)

English Language and Literature (50)

Unit: AP:

Music (55)

Fine Arts (40)

Theatre and Performance Studies (30)

Film and Media (25)

Unit: B:

Computer Science and Engineering (40)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering (40)

Environmental Science and Engineering (40)

Unit: C:

Accounting and Information Systems(50)

Finance and Banking (50)

Human Resource Management (50)

Unit: D:

Economics (55)

Public Administration and Governance Studies (55)

Folklore (55)

Law and Justice (55)

Anthropology (55)

Population Science (55)

Local Government and

Urban Development (55)


Application fees for Different Unit of Students:

Unit Application Fees
AL 550 BDT
AP 550 BDT
B 500 BDT
C 400 BDT
D 500 BDT

How to pay for Admission Test for the students of JKKNIU:

Anyone can pay the admission fee of National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam (JKNIU) through a rocket or rocket agent. Follow the instructions for this purpose:

  • Dial *322# to get USSD menu
  • Select 1 to pay
  • Select 1 for paying bill.
  • type 1 for self or 2 for others
  • type biller ID 254
  • type application ID as biller number
  • Enter amount that you want to pay.
  • type your PIN of rocket account
  • you get confirmation SMS on your phone.
  • Unit wise Application Fees are given here: AL -650 BDT ,AP -650 BDT ,B – 600 BDT ,C -600 BDT ,D -600 BDT

How to apply for JKKNIU Admission 2019-20

All units of National Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University can apply for admission. They must apply for honors in both online and SMS system from the first year of the season 2019-2020 from November 9, 2019 to October 31, 2019.

How to Apply Online

First of all, the candidate must visit the National Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University’s own website www.jkkniu.edu.bd/admission and complete the form with personal information. After completing all the information, the candidate will see a bill number. Candidates have to save or remember the bill number for salary entry fee.

SMS Application System:

1st SMS: MMS<space>JKKNIU<space>SSC Roll<space>SSC Year<space>1st three letters of SSC Exam Board Name<space>HSC Roll<space>HSC Year<space>1st Three latter of HSC Exam Board Name<space>Unit Name and send to 6969.

Example: MMS JKKNIU  654321 2016 DHA 123456 2018 DHA G send to 6969.

Applicants receive a return message with a PIN number. Then the applicants will also have to send an SMS with PIN number.

2nd SMS: MMS<space>JKKNIU<space>PAY<space>Bill Number and send to 6969.

Example: MMS>JKKNIU>PAY>Q45YC then send it to 6969.

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