Maitree Express Train: Schedule & Ticket Price {2020}

The first latest international express train from Dhaka to Kolkata is ‘Maitree Express’. In Bengali ‘Maitree’ represent ‘Friendship’. It is a sign of friendship in-between Bangladesh and India. Bangladesh and India are neighboring countries.

That’s why people visit from one to another country for various reasons. Previously, Only Air and Bus services were available to travel between two countries.

Maitree Express Train brings happiness among the people of the two countries. Maitree express train time-table, train services, and train ticket fee details are below.

Train Track (Dhaka to Kolkata)

Maitree Express train track connects the Bangladesh’s capital as well as West Bengal of India. The track has set up in 1947 before the separation of Bangladesh and India.

After a long time, in 2008 the train track upgraded and Train started the journey on 14th April 2008 on the event of Bengali New Year. The train track from Dhaka to Kolkata is 375 kilometers long.

Train Number

Maitree Express Train follows different train numbers based on a rake. There is an identification number for each train from Dhaka to Kolkata and vice-versa is below.

Bangladesh Railway  Rake From Dhaka to Kolkata Train Number 3107
From Kolkata to Dhaka Train Number 3108
India Railway  Rake From Kolkata to Dhaka Train Number 3109
From Dhaka to Kolkata Train Number 3110

Working days and weekend of Maitree Express Train

Maitree Express is available six days a week. Thursday is off-day of the service. The table below shows the working day for each train.

Rake Station Day
BR Rake 3107 From Dhaka to Kolkata Friday and Sunday
BR Rake 3108 From Kolkata to Dhaka Saturday and Monday
IR Rake 3109 From Kolkata to Dhaka Friday and Tuesday
IR Rake 3110 From Dhaka to Kolkata Saturday and Wednesday

Maitree Express Train service allows traveling from Bangladesh to India on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday. Similarly, this service is available on Friday, Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday from India to Bangladesh.

A Schedule of Maitree Express

Maitree Express Train launch from Dhaka Railway Station to Kolkata Railway station, which is the last destination. There are two stoppages where trains take a break.

Maitree Express Train takes a break at Darshana of Bangladesh and Gede of India due to immigration and customs formalities. It launches from Dhaka at 8:15AM to reach Kolkata at 6:10PM. On 1st March 2017 Bangladesh Railway modernized a Schedule of Maitree expresses like below.

Departure Station Arrival Time
08:15 (BST) Dhaka Cantonment 18:05 (BST)
13:50 (BST)


14:20 ( IST)

Darsana 12:35 (BST)

11:35 (BST)

11:05 (IST)

15:00 (BST)

14:30 (IST)

16:00 (IST)

Gede 10:55 (IST)

09:25 (IST)

18:10 (IST) Kolkata 07:10 (IST)

Ticket fee of Maitree Express Train

All coaches have been upgraded to air-conditioned. The ticket fee is as follows:

Class Ticket Fee Travel Tax
AC First/Cabin USD 20 + 15% Vat 500 tk
AC Chair Car USD 12 + 15% Vat 500 tk

In the case of children, less than 5 years old get a 50% ticket fee concession.


This is in short about the Maitree Express Train’s schedule and ticket price. We tried hard to compile all of the necessary and latest information to add to the content. So, you can travel conveniently from Dhaka to Kolkata and vice versa.

As a result, the information will be useful to make your journey by train simpler and comfortable. In any case, knock us through the comment box if you need to know any more information regarding this issue.

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