Noakhali District: A to Z information

Noakhali is a district in southeast Bangladesh. It is located in the Chittagong Division. Noakhali district, whose former name was Bhulua, was established in 1821. It was renamed as Noakhali in 1868. Noakhali’s ancient name was Bhulua. In the 1660s, farming in the northeastern region of Vil ।u was severely damaged by the flood waters of the Dakatia River flowing from the Tripura hills. To protect the situation, a canal was dug in 1660 which flowed from Dakatia to Ramganj.

Noakhali District Focus Point:

Name Of  District Noakhali District
Established in 1821
Division Chittagong Division
Area 4,203 km²
Language 3800
Population Total 2640227; male 1313470, female 1326757
Population density 720 per sq km
Annual growth rate +2.35%/year)
Sex ratio 100:5
Number of voters: 1890385
Literacy rate 52.32
School attendance 35%
Religion Muslim 549702, Hindu 148339, Buddhist 186,’ Christian 21 and others 199
Ethnic communities Chakma, Marma, Tanchangya, Tripura, Pankua, Lushai
Boundary by Comilla district to the north, the Meghna estuary and the Bay of Bengal to the south, Feni and Chittagong districts to the east and Lakshmipur and Bhola districts to the west
Weather: Annual average temperature 45.6 °C (114.1 °F)
Major rivers Meghna, Sandwip, and Hatiya channel
Major Crops pineapple, sugarcane, banana, papaya, betel leaf, ginger and turmeric.
Major Fruits mango, banana, jack fruit, papaya, litchi, palm coconut and betel nut
Tourist Places Nijhum Dwip, Bazra Shahi Mosque, Queen Lurther’s Catholic Church, Gandhi Ashram, Rajganj Mia Bari, Musapur Closure
Postal code 3800
Area Code: 321
Dialling Code: +880-321

 List of upazilas: 

Name of Upazila Total Area
Kabirhat 189.94
Companiganj 305.33
Chatkhil 133.89
Noakhali Sadar 552.46
Begumganj 426.05
Senbagh 155.83
Subarnachar 329.26
Sonaimuri 170.42
Hatiya 1508.23


Universities 6
Private Medical College:  1
Masters level colleges: 34
Degree colleges: 3
Government Primary Schools 1166
Government High Schools 277
Polytechnic Institute 1

 Famous people:

Ne of People Why Famous?
Literature Abdus Shakur
Freedom Fighter Mohammad Ruhul Amin
Politician Muzaffar Ahmed
Journalist and Writer Motaher Hussain Chowdhury
Poet Ashalata Sen
Footballer Zulfiker Mahmud Mintu
Actor Ruhul Amin
Actress Jaya Ahsan
Scientist Dr Md Belal Hossain
Researcher Redoan Akond Sumon
Historian Partha Sarathi Gupta


Daily Daily: Jatiyo Nishan (1980), Noakhali Barta (1991), Chatkhil Barta, Jatiyo Bangladesh, Jatiyo Nur; defunct
Weekly Jatiyo Bangladesh (1969-70), Abayab (1980), Ajker Upama (1991), Alif, Dishari, Naya Barta, Purbashikha, Noakhali Zilar Khobar;
Monthly Purba Bangabasi (1884), monthly Asha (1901), Noakhali Hitoishi (1922), Chholtan (1924), Tanjin (1926), Desher Bani (1927), Tripura Noakhali Lakshmi (1342), Noakhali Sammilani, Jatiyo Bangladesh, Upakul Barta

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