NU Hons 1st Year Special Exam Routine 2020: {Updated}

National University Hons. 1st Year Special Exam Routine 2020. National University Hons. 1stYear Special Exam Routine2020, which will be held for the year 2019 is available here.

The special exam routine of 2020 has been published on the National University’s official website ( also on this website. The exam schedule, dates and exam centers will be included too. The exam will be for students seeking improvement and for irregular students.

Quick Information on Exam

Here’s some information on the NU Hons. 1st Year Special Exam Routine 2020for a quick look:

Exam Name Honors  1st  year examination – 2020
Exam Starts: 1-08-2020.
Exam Ends: 29-09-2020.
Exam Code: 2201.
Exam Duration: Will be mentioned in the question paper.
Application Form fill up starts: 15 January 2020.
Application Form fill up ends: 1 February 2020
Last date of Ensuring Data Entry: 3 February 2020 (up to 11:59 pm).
Fee Submission Starts: 4 February 2020 (10:00 am).
Fee Submission Ends: 5 February 2020 (4:00 pm).
Form fill up. 1710Tk.
Last date: 6 February 2020 (Data Entry Form and Other Important Papers Submission)
Session. 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019

The NU authority possesses all rights to change the timings of any of the exams.

Eligibility of Students

Students who are eligible to sit for the Hons. 1st Year Special Exam are:

  • Students of session 2018-19 who have completed registration. The registration card must be valid.
  • Irregular students and also those who want to improve their results.
  • Students who have completed registration and filled up the application form on time with correct information.
  • Students who have cleared all fees related to the exams.

Important Download Links

The National University has published the exam routine for the NU Hons. 1st Year Special Exam2020 and the related exam center lists.

If you want to download the PDF of NU Hons. 1st Year Special Exam Application Form Fill up Notice, click this link: (link)


P.S.:The revised notice of NU Hons. 1st Year Special Exam Application Form Fill up has some deadline extensions for application form fill up and fees and forms submission. Other than that, other rules and conditions mentioned in the original form fill up notice that was published on 11 November 2019 by the National University will hold.

Amount of Fees

The amount of fees to be paid by each examinee for each item is given below in the table:

Exam Item Amount of Fee (in tk.)
In Course Exam 100
Practical Exam Center 120
Theoretical Exam (Each half or single paper) 140
Theoretical Exam (Each full paper) 200
Practical (Each single course or paper) 200
Special Affiliation 300
Theoretical Exam Center 350

Important Points:

  • The fees have to be paid through SonaliSeba.
  • The fees have to be paid within 5 February 2020.
  • Each student has to individually pay the amount given above.
  • The students who wish to sit for more than one exam, have to pay the fees accordingly.

Instructions for Examinees

  1. Only irregular students or those who want to give improvement exams can sit for these exams.
  2. Examinees whose registration card is still valid can sit for the exams.
  3. Examinees have to pay a fixed amount of fee to register and sit for the exams.
  4. Examinees have to collect the exam application form from the National University’s official website ( and fill it up with correct information.
  5. Examinees have to pay the amount of fee necessary to sit for the exams and submit the bank draft, application form and all other necessary documents on time.
  6. Examinees who fail to fill up the application form within the extended deadline will not be able to sit for the exams.

Admit Card Download: All examinees have to collect the admit card from their respective colleges before (date). No examinee will be allowed to sit in the exam center without his/her admit card. Examinees have to provide their signature digitally in the admit card.


Exam Controller, National University Gazipur.

Cell: 9291017

Fax: 9291044


Additional Information on the NU Hons. 1st Year Special Exam

The National University holds an exam for the 1st year students every year. But the special exam

is an exceptional chance for students that areirregular or seekimprovement. They can attend this exam to avoid lagging behind. The National UniversityHons. 1st Year Special Exam for the educational year 2019 will be held in 2020. The exam period has a duration of a total of 42 days. Out of the 42 days, only on 14 days, the exams will take place. The exams can be taken during weekends too, if necessary.

We will include any changes made to the routine by the National University here. If you want to know if there have been any changes to the routine, then visit this website regularly. We will keep you updated on all notices.

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