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Pabna Express Contact Number with Essential Information

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Pabna Express Contact Number with its counters locations and essential information are compiled for passengers’ advantages. Sometimes it happens that you hardly need some information regarding some bus services, but you don’t have so.

It makes you irritated. Moreover, there is very less information about bus tickets and counters in the websites. As a result, all these lacks made us determined to compile all necessary information about bus services in Bangladesh.

Pabna express
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We have gathered important information about the Pabna Express including its contact numbers, bus counters, timetable, tickets price, routes etc.

Hope it helps you and make your journey simple.

Pabna Express All Counter Contacts

Here we are provide all Ticket counter of this transport. you can contact thir cuonter and confirm ticket online very first.

All Counter in Dhaka Divission

Gabtoli Counter Offices:
Gabtoli Bus Terminal, Line- Kha,
Counter #9. Contact: 02-9008581, 01711-024088

Technical Counter Dhaka
Contact Number: 01711024088

Chondra Counter Offices
Contact Number: 01920-096763

Baipail Counter Offices:
Contact Number: 01718-827719

Kollyanpur Counter Offices:
Contact Number: 01750-143095, 01193-086077

Malibag National Bank Counter Offices:
Contact Number: 01199-187815

Norda Counter Offices:
Contact Number: 01715-085038

Uttara Ajompur Counter Offices:
Contact Number: 01191-375873

Abdullahpur Counter Offices:
Contact Number: 01726-717226

Contact Number: 01714-989161

Necha Pump:
Contact Number: 01720-478219

Narayanganj Khanpur Bus Stand:
Contact Number: 01715-838498

Departure From Dhaka to Pabna

Morning Trip:
at 7:00AM and 10:30AM
Ticket Price: BDT. 500/=

For Ac Bus :
at 3:30 PM
Ticket Price: BDT. 550/=

All Counters of Rajshahi Divission

Kushtia Counter office
Contact Number: 01750-143096, 02-8035780

Ishwardi Counter office
Contact Number: 01711-024088, 01195-258988

Nesha Pump Counter office
Contact Number: 01720-478219, 01195-451505

All Counters of Sylhet Divission

Sylhet Counter
Contact Number: 01711-235444

Central Bus Terminal Counter Office:
Contact Number: 01750-143093
Contact Number: 01729-534055

Dorgah Gate/Majar Gate Counter Office:
Contact Number: 01717-848665

Shaestaganj Counter Office
Contact Number: 01728-922405
Contact Number: 01724-051784

Goala Bazar Counter Office:
Contact Number: 01818-845092

All Counter of Chittagong Divission

BRTC Counter:
Contact Number: 01750-143087

Navy Gate Counter:
Contact Number: 01190-927564

Boropole Counter:
Contact Number: 01814-122636

Feni Counter:
Contact Number: 01822-008811

Alongkar-1 Counter:
Contact Number: 01750-143097

Alongkar-2 Counter:
Contact Number: 01718-446690

Alongkar-3 Counter:
Contact Number: 01675-629767

All Counters of Pabna District

Pabna Sadar Counter office
Contact Number: 01911804960

Baipas Counter office
Contact Number: 01750-143091

Town Counter office
Contact Number: 01750-143092

Ullapara Counter office
Contact Number: 01740-937388

Kashinathpur Counter office
Contact Number: 01714-904389

Bera Counter office
Contact Number: 01724-544605

Lalpur Counter office
Contact Number: 01746-698415

Chinakhora Counter office
Contact Number: 01714-690527

Bagha Counter office
Contact Number: 01753-121582

Rajapur Counter office
Contact Number: 01746-165933

Baghabari Counter office
Contact Number: 01712-217761

Iswardi Counter office
Contact Number: 01753-121581

Dhanaidoho Counter office
Contact Number: 01722-161845

Bonpara Counter office
Contact Number: 01716-307280

Dashuria Counter office
Contact Number: 01753-121580

Boraigram Counter office
Contact Number: 01743-872439

Kachikata Counter office
Contact Number: 01713-777282

Veramara Counter office
Contact Number: 01750-143094

Kushtia Counter office
Contact Number: 01750-143090

All Counter of Comilla District

Comilla sadar counter office
Contact Number: 01750-143083

Routes of This Transport

Pabna Express offers regular bus services from Dhaka to different districts with AC and Non AC buses, including Pabna, Bonpara, Ishwardi, Kushtia, Veramara, Meherpur etc.

How to Buy Pabna Express Online Ticket ?

Simply contact thir counter office use official numbers for book a online ticket.

Or !

The simplest way to buy its bus tickets through shohoz.com and some other online ticket suppliers. It offers tickets for the services of AC and Non AC chair coach buses run all over the country, especially to the long distanced districts.

Timetable :

  • First trip 7:00 – Last trip 10:30 (for Non Ac).
  • AC Bus Service everyday – 3.30 PM.
Fare Per Head from Dhaka Depot
Route Fare
Dhaka to Pabna Tk. 500
Dhaka to Bonpara Tk. 500
Dhaka to Ishwardi Tk. 500
Dhaka to Kushtia Tk. 500
Dhaka to Veramara Tk. 500
Dhaka to Meherpur Tk. 500

For more information, please contact with above mentioned contact numbers or visit your nearest Pabna Express Bus Counter. Moreover, you can drop a comment in our comment box or send us your inquiry to the ‘Contact Us’ form. We will glad to reply your inquiries as soon as possible.

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