Panchagarh Express Train: Schedule & Ticket Price {2020}

Panchagarh Express connects capital Dhaka to the northern parts of Bangladesh, more specifically Panchagarh district. On 25 May 2019, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina launched the service via video conference from Dhaka at 11:30am. If you want to visit the very beautiful city Panchagarh or any other northern city of Bengal, you can choose Panchagarh Express without any hesitation.

Through the train journey, you can enjoy the natural beauty and obviously all the modern facilities of the train. The article will help you to know many extra features such as train schedules, ticket prices,location tracking system, ticket booking system and various types of facilities of Panchagarh Express which makes your journey very comfortable.

Panchagarh Express Train Schedule 2020

Panchagarh Express is a non-stop intercity train that means it has no closing day.It runs seven days a week. Starting its journey from Kamalapur Railway Station at the time of 10:45pm, Panchagarh Express reaches Panchagarh at 08:50 Am. On the other hand returning from Panchagarh to Dhaka, it starts its journey at 12:30pm from Panchagarh and ends up 21:55pm at dhaka. Panchagarh Express takes a break at different stations.

Schedule  of Panchagarh express train at different stations is given below

Departure Time from Dhaka to Panchagarh

Name of Station Time
Kamalapur: 10:45pm
Biman Bandar 11:17pm
Santahar 04:15am
Parbatipur 06:00am
Dinajpur 06:37am
Pirganj 07:23am
Thakurgaon 07:50am
Panchagarh 08:50am

Departure Time from Panchagarh to Dhaka

Name of Station Time
Panchagarh 12.30 pm
Thakurgaon 01:10pm
Pirganj 01:35pm
Dinajpur 03.02pm
Parbatipur 03.55pm
Santahar 05:05pm
Biman Bandar 10.30pm
Kamalapur 09.55 pm

Ticket Price of Panchagarh Express Train

As the total distance from Dhaka to Panchagarh is 593 km, the ticket price is not very low. Based on the train seat category, facilities and distance, train ticket prices are determined by the Bangladesh Railway. There are three classes of seats in Panchagarh express which are shovan chair, AC cabin, AC chair .Let’s have a look at ticket price of panchagarh express:

Dhaka to Panchagarh
Shovon Chair:550tk.
First Seat 730tk
AC chair: 1053tk.
First Berth 1145tk
AC Seat 1260tk
AC cabin: 1942tk.

Dhaka to Thakurgaon
Shovon Chair:520tk.
AC chair: 989tk.
AC cabin: 1833tk.

Dhaka to Parbatipur
Shovon Chair: 440tk.
AC chair: 840tk.
AC cabin: 1563tk.

Dhaka to Dinajpur
Shovon Chair: 465tk.
AC chair: 892tk.
AC cabin: 1649tk.

Other information

 Panchagarh Express has a total number of 12 coaches. there is  one AC Cabin and One AC chair, Total 7 Shovan Chair, Power Car and PRayer rooms, Guard Break, and 2 Food Coach in Panchagarh express

Panchagarh Express Train location Tracking system

Using a mobile tracking service, you can easily detect the Panchagarh express train location. For tracking of trains through the GPS system, you have to follow the following system.

Type Tr (Give Space),then Train number/Train Code and send the SMS to 16318.

For this you can use grameenphone or Robi or Banglalink SIM.

While going from Dhaka to Panchagarh, the train number is 793.On the other hand returning from Panchagarh to dhaka, the train number is 794

For Example, TR 793 or TR Panchagarh express and send to 16318 to get the update status of Panchagarh express

Ticket Booking system of Panchagarh Express

You can buy tickets to any of the substations of Panchagarh express.Online ticket booking is the most hassle free process of collecting train tickets. For this you have to go to the Bangladesh Railway E-Ticketing system website at Also you can download railsheba apps for purchasing more tickets.


Panchagarh express gives its passengers some very nice facilities. There are many facilities like

  • imported modern quality coaches,
  • prayer rooms,
  • bio-toilets,which you can use when the train will stop also,
  • a digital display by which location of the train will be seen in the display
  • Availability of food compartments,
  • Adequate primary medical service,
  • security guards,
  • standing ticket, etc. in each compartment.

It is our hope that this post will help you to know the information about panchagarh. If you make a journey on this trackway, then this information will help you to make your journey safe and secure. All the information is latest and updated.. If you have any queries, have a visit to our website.

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