Pirojpur District: A to Z information

The Pirojpur is the district of Barisal division since ancient time. The name “Firozpur” came from the muslim ruler Feroz Shah. He was the emperor of the state during his rule. This district is in the southern-western part of Bangladesh. There are many historical places where tourists visit every year. This district has small population. It is also developed in economy and communication system.

Pirojpur District Focus Point:

Name Of  District Pirojpur District
Established in 1st March in 1984
Division Barisal Division.
Area 1,277.80 km2 (493.36 sq mi), 22’09’ and 22’52’ north latitudes and in between 89’52’ and 90’13’ east
Language Bengali and regional
Population 1,131,758; Male: 6,05,000 and Female: 5,95,000
Population density 890/km2 (2,300/sq mi)
Annual growth rate +1.65%/ year
Sex ratio 100: 103
Number of voters: 829,503; male- ; Female-
Literacy rate Total: 64.31%, Male: 65.32%, Female: 63.30%
School attendance 59.30% for 5 to 24 years age
Religion Male 561972, Female 549096; Muslim 903952, Hindu 206468, Buddhist 195, Christian 160 And Others 293.
Ethnic communities Not available
Boundary by Barisal and Gopalganj districts to the north, Barguna district to the south, Jhalokati and Barguna districts to the east, Bagerhat district and The Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest to the west.
Weather: Annual average temperature of this district is 24 °C; Maximum 35.5°C, Minimum 12.5°C
Major rivers Gabkhan, Baleshwar, Damodar, Kocha, Pona, Kocha Khali, Kaliganga, Sandha, Doratana
Major Crops Paddy, Jute, Sugar Cane, Wheat, Guava, Banana, Coconut, Hog-plum, Betel Leaf, Betel Nuts
Major Fruits mango, litchi, malta, guava
Postal code 8500
Area Code: 461
Dialling Code: +880 461

List of upazilas:

Upazilas Total Area
Kawkhali 79.65 (sq km)
Zianagar 91.78 (sq km)
Nazirpur 233.63 (sq km)
Nesarabad 199.15 (sq km)
Pirojpur Sadar 164.64 (sq km)
Bhandaria 163.56 (sq km)
Mathbaria 353.25 (sq km)

 Famous people:

Name of People Why Famous?
Literature Ahsan Habib
Parliament Member SM REZAUL KARIM – Pirojpur-1

ANWAR HOSSEIN –  Pirojpur-2


Freedom Fighter Maj Ziauddin
Politician Anwar Hossain Manju

Tofazzal Hossain Manik Miah

Delwar Hossain Sayeedi

SM Rezaul Karim

Md. Rustum Ali Faraji

A. K. M. A. Awal Saydur Rahman

Journalist and Writer Tofazzal Hossain Manik Miah

Muhammad Anwarul Hoque Khan

Poet Ahsan Habib
Footballer Jahid Hasan Ameli

Shakil Ahmed

Actor Nazrul Islam Shamim (popularly known as Kabila)

Hmhi Rana

Zayed Khan

Shankar Shawjal

Actress Pori Moni

Jannatul Ferdous Oishee

Scientist Mr. Md. Tarikul Islam
Researcher Rashedul Hassan

Aranyak Biswas

Rauf Ahmed Bhuiyan

Professor Dr. Kazi Saifuddin

Historian Rayerkathi Zamnidar


Daily Janagan (1992),
Weekly Bhandaria Barta, Pirojpur Muktabarta (1998), Pirojpur Darpan (1985), Baleshwari (1998), Pirojpur Bani (1993), fortnightly Mathbaria Samachar (1997)
Monthly Upokul Samachar, Pirojpur Hitoishi, Parichiti, Mukul, Jhumketuz, Janamat, Dakishin Desh, Bangladesh, Lalbarta, Onnotomo, Pradwip, Dhaleshwari.

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