Rangpur to Dhaka Train Schedule And Ticket Price 2020

Hello, dear travelers! We are here to serve you. Today we are going to discuss the train schedule and ticket price of Rangpur to Dhaka and vice versa train service.

You have two options, such as Lamonirhat Express and Rangpur Express, to travel Rangpur or Dhaka. We are going to give you details of the train service step by step. Please read full content to get the schedule, and the ticket price of these services easily.

Rangpur to Dhaka Train Distance

The distance between Rangpur to Dhaka is 255 km, as stated by Google Maps. But Rangpur to Dhaka train track is 453 km. From this content, you will able to know the train schedule, ticket price, and other information.

We always try to collect updated information from Bangladesh Railway authorize website. Have a look at the below content!

Rangpur to Dhaka Trains Quick Overview

You may know that Rangpur district became a division. Previously it was a district of Rajshahi division. However, train services remain the same. Rangpur Express is the only option for this track. It is a direct train service that connects Dhaka and Rangpur.

If you are ready to travel Rangpur to Dhaka and vice versa, then you can choose Rangpur Express. It’s around 10 hours long journey. Also, most of the travelers want to travel by train on this route.

To know the details of Rangpur Express keep continue reading. Expectantly, it will help you a lot to make your plan through Rangpur Express.

know about Rangpur Express

To travel Dhaka to the Rangpur route, you have just one option that is Rangpur Express. You can move through this express six days except for Sunday. Because the holiday of this express is Sunday.

So that on Sunday, you will not be able to decide to visit Dhaka or Rangpur. Rangpur Express has two train codes. Train 771 launches from Dhaka at 9:00 AM and reaches in Rangpur at 7:00 PM. On the other hand, Train 772 launches from Rangpur at 08:00 PM and arrives at 06:00 AM in Dhaka.

Rangpur Express Train Schedule for Rangpur to Dhaka Journey

As we discussed before that Rangpur Express is available six days except for Sunday. Usually, it runs Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station to Rangpur Railway Station. The Department of Bangladesh Railway fixes the schedule of the journey.

In the below table, you will get the authorize schedule of Rangpur Express.

Train Route Departure Time Arrival Time
Dhaka to Rangpur 9:00 AM 7:00 PM
Rangpur to Dhaka 08:00 PM 06:00 AM

Rangpur to Dhaka Train Ticket Price

The most important thing, you have to know the ticket price before planning your journey. You can travel on a comfortable budget by train. For that, you need to know about train codes as we told that Rangpur Express has two train codes.

Ticket price varies on the distance and seat category. Also, Bangladesh Railway fixes the ticket price. Besides, they have the right to change at any time.

The below table shows you the ticket price of Rangpur Express.

Train Type Price in BDT Price in USD
Snigdha AC 966.00 $10.5 – $11.7
Shovon Chair Non-AC 505.00 $6 – $6.5
Snigdha AC 1162.00 $12.50 – $13

Rangpur Express Train Stoppages

We hope, from the above information, you already know the schedule and ticket price of Rangpur express. Now we are going to mention the stoppages and time where it takes to break on this route.

Travelers can start and end their journeys from any stoppage. We collect details on Rangpur express stoppages and time from the Bangladesh Railway official website.

Check the following table to know the stoppages with departure time.

Rangpur to Dhaka Departure Time
Kaunia 20.40
Pirgacha 20.58
Bamandanga 21.18
Gaibandha 25.50
Bonar Para 22.21
Bonar Para 23.08
Santahar 23.55
Nator 00.25
Chatmohor 3.42
BB Setu 5.27
Biman Bondor Station 6.15

Please note as we told it before, we collect the details from the Bangladesh Railway website, but still, if you think that something is going wrong, and then please contact us. As soon as possible we will try to fix the issue.

This content may help you to make a plan of Dhaka to the Rangpur train route so that you can share this content on the social side to get it quickly whenever you need it, as well as it may help your family members and friends.

Bangladesh Railway Contact Details

You can directly contact the below responsible person. It’s better to note down these numbers on your diary.

  • Chief Train Controller/Dhaka: 01711691564
  • Station Manager/Dhaka: 01711691612
  • Railway Police Control Room: 01711692997

How to Buy Rangpur to Dhaka Train Ticket Online?

Are you thinking of purchasing a ticket? It’s effortless to buy. First of all, you can buy your ticket from the nearest railway station. But you have more options. For that, you have to know E-Ticketing. Just follow the below steps.

Firstly: Online ticket is in your fingertips. Visit the Bangladesh Railway E-Ticketing website at www.esheba.cnsbd.com or http://railway.gov.bd/ and follow some steps. You will get your ticket in a moment.

Secondly: Download the‘ RailSheba’ app on your smartphone. You can purchase your ticket anytime in a few times.


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