Sagardari Express Train schedule and ticket Price 2020

Sagardari Express is a luxurious intercity train which runs from Khulna to Rajshahi. The train travels in the Khulna to Rajshahi or Rajshahi to Khulna route. It is one of the fastest, and this train is very popular among the people of this region.

In this article, we will provide all the pieces of information you are looking for the SagardariExpress. If you want to travel or planning to travel in the Khulna-Rajshahi-Khulna route, then this article for you.

Sagardari Express Train Seat Allocation

The train has several seat categories and the seats are arranged professionally according to that way. Passengers who want to travel can choose any kind of seat categories they want. The seat plan or class of the Sagardari Express is given below-

  • Ac seat
  • Ac berth
  • Shovon chair
  • Snigdha

Sagardari Express Train Schedule for 2020

The train operates six days per week on the Khulna-Rajshahi-Khulna route. The service of the train remains closed on every Monday on the week. The train schedule of Sagardari Express is given below according to the plan of Bangladesh Railway-

Sagardari Express train schedule and ticket price as of January 2020-

Routes Will Leave Will Arrive Off Day
Khulna to Rajshahi 4:00 PM 10:00 PM Monday
Rajshahi to Khulna 6:40 AM 12:10 PM Monday

Sagardari Express Train Ticket Price According to Class

You have got some options available for you if you are going to buy tickets of the Sagardari Express train. The price of the ticket is a little bit on the higher side, but most people can afford it. The train has some seat categories, and they are Snigdha, AC Seat, AC Berth, Shovon Chair.

Seat Category Ticket Price
Snigdha 966
AC Seat 1156
AC Berth 1781
Shovon Chair 505

Sagardari Express Stoppage Stations

The train has a lot of stoppage or substations. It stops at different stations at a  different time in the Khulna-Rajshahi-Khulna route. The list of stoppage stations and schedule is given below-

Stoppage Stations: Khulna to Rajshahi

Stoppage Stations Time
Khulna 4:00 PM
Noapara 4:31 PM
Jessore 5:12 PM
Mobarakganj 5:48 PM
Kotchandpur 6:00 PM
Safdarpur 6:10 PM
Darsana Hat 6:29 PM
Chuyadanga 6:54 PM
Alomdanga 7:15 PM
Poradoho 7:33 PM
Bheramara 7:55 PM
Pakshi 8:10 PM
Ishwardi 8:30 PM
Azim Nagar 9:02 PM
Abdulpur 9:12 PM
Rajshahi 10:00 PM

Stoppage Stations: Khulna to Rajshahi

Stoppage Stations Time
Rajshahi 6:40AM
Abdulpur 7:20AM
Azim Nagar 7:30AM
Ishwardi 7:45AM
Pakshi 8:06AM
Bheramara 8:19AM
Poradoho 8:39 AM
Alomdanga 8:56AM
Chuyadanga 9:16AM
Darsana Hat 9:38AM
Safdarpur 9:57AM
Kotchandpur 10:07AM
Mobarakganj 10:20 AM
Jessore 10:48AM
Noapara 11:26AM
Khulna 12:10 PM

Find Out The Location of Your Train

If you are waiting in the station or have some work on your hands, then you can find out the location of your train and start work according to it. You can do that by just sending an SMS from your mobile. The format is – TR<Space>Train ID or Train Code, then send it to 16318.  In reply, you will find out the current location of your desired train.

Benefits of Sagardari Express Train

  • You will have a beautiful prayer place on the train to say your prayer
  • The train has a good amount of security
  • To make your long journey easy and comfortable, the train has a good quality bathroom
  • You can buy healthy food and drinks from the food car of the train
  • As entertainment, you can purchase daily newspaper and magazine

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