Satkhira District: A to Z information

Satkhira is a well-known district of Khulna division. This awesome district is situated in the southwestern part of Bangladesh. Names of Satkhira districts are common in some contexts.

The main point of view is that during the permanent settlement, an employee of King Krishnachandra of the river, Vishnuram Chakraborty, bought the pargana auction at auction and built a house in Satgharia village under it.

Since then it is called satkhira and it become a complete district by age. This district well communication system that helps business people.

Satkhira District Focus Point:

Name Of  District Satkhira District
Established in 1889
Division Khulna Division
Area 3,817.29 km2 (1,473.86 sq mi)
Language Bengali and regional
Population Total 2,079,884; male 9,55,198, female 9,09,506
Population density 540/km2 (1,400/sq mi)
Annual growth rate 0.62. About 90%
Sex ratio Males constituted 49.49% of the population and females 50.51%.
Number of voters: Total- 1560423; Male- 781597; Female- 778826
Literacy rate 52.10% (Male- 56.10% and Female- 48.20%
School attendance 56.10%
Religion Muslims formed 81.86% of the population, Hindus 17.70%, Christians 0.31% and others 0.12%.
Ethnic communities Bhagben, Bhumijaj, Dhangor, Garo, Kol, Kortabhuja, Mahato, Munda, Rakhain, and Santal.
Boundary by Jessore District, on the south by the Bay of Bengal, to the east by Khulna District, and to the west by 24 Pargana District of West Bengal, India.
Weather: Annual average temperature 23 °c
Major rivers Kopotakkho river, Morichap River, Kholpetua River, Betna River, Raimangal River, Haribhanga river, Ichamati River, Netravati River and Kalindi-Jamuna River.
Major Crops shrimp, paddy, jute, wheat, betel leaf, leather and jute
Major Fruits aam (mango), jaam (blackberry), kathal (jackfruit), kola (banana), pepe (papaya), lichoo (litchi), naarikel (coconut) and peyara (guava).
Postal code 9400
Area Code: 471
Dialling Code: +880 471

List of upazilas:

Name of Upazila Total Area
Assasuni 402.36 (sq km)
Kalaroa 232.64 (sq km)
Kaliganj 333.79 (sq km)
Tala 344.15 (sq km)
Debhata 176.33 (sq km)
Shyamnagar 1968.24 (sq km)
Satkhira Sadar 400.82 (sq km)

Famous people:

Name of People Why Famous?
Literature Mohammad Wazed Ali
Parliament Member Advocate mustofa lutfullah – satkhira – 1

Mir mostak ahmed robi – satkhira – 2

Afm ruhul haque – satkhira – 3

Sm jaglul haydar – satkhira – 4

Freedom Fighter
Politician Advocate mustofa lutfullah ,

Mir mostak ahmed robi ,

Afm ruhul haque ,

Sm jaglul haydar ,

Biswajit Shadhu,

Journalist and Writer Sikandar Abu Zafar
Poet Kazi Samsur Rahaman,

Shikander Abu Jafor

Footballer Sabina Khatun
Actor Jayanta Chattopadhyay
Actress Rani Sarker
Scientist Samsur Rahaman,
Researcher Rofik Rana
Historian Mohammad Rakib

Tourist Places:

Maney turist place in satkhira disrict. here are 25 turist place for you. check now.


Daily: Kafela, Satkhira Chitra, Patradut, Dristipat;

Weekly: Dakhinayan, Satkhira Digest, The Juger Barta, Sahajatri, Ajker Satkhira

Monthly: Ikkhan, Dakhiner Janala, Saumma, Pratya (Assasuni), Kaliganj Barta, Gram Bangla, Saikat, Samatat, Suryashikha, Pathikrit, Surya Tarun, Ayan (Nurnagar, Shyamnagar), Pratya (Shyamnagar); Masjed (1917), Annandamaye (1926), Korak (1962), Ananna Swadesh (1965), Progati (1966), Jonaki (hand written magazine, 1967), Annesan (1974), Kalatan (1978).

Non Govt Ngos

Satkhira, Phone: 01720-505778

Assasuni, Satkhira

ASA District Office, Satkhira
Jessore – Satkhira Hwy, Satkhira, Phone: 0471-65187

LEDARS Head Office
Satkhira – Kalaroa Rd, Phone: 01713-462821

Bithari Disha NGO
Nakipur Bazar Road, Shyamnagar, Phone: 01718-405066

Mathpara Rd, Satkhira, Phone: 0471-63702

Satkhira Unnayan Sangstha-SUS
Paikgacha Rd, Phone: 01766-749902

Satkhira, Phone: 0471-64678

Branch of Bank

There are all commercial and government bank in Gazipur district. Some of them are below:

BRAC Bank Limited
Satkhira Branch, Tufan Complex, Holding # 01, Polashpole, Satkhira – Kaliganj Hwy

National Bank Limited
32-33 old college road, sultanpur, satkhira. phone: 880-0471-63427, 62107, 01713-330619.

Bangladesh Krishi Bank
Satkhira Town, Phone: 0471-62393

Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited
Meherun Plaza (1st Floor, Branch Thana Rd, Boro Bazar Rd, Satkhira, 9400, Phone: 0471-65799 ext. 65801

Sonali Bank Limited
Satkhira-Debhata Hwy, Debhata, Phone: 01722-271895

Sonali Bank
Satkhira, Phone: 0471-63305 ext. 63553

NCC Bank Limited
Plot # 3651, Parulia, Debhata, Satkhira, Khulna., Z7602

IFIC Bank Limited
Mojahar Ali Complex, Shaheed Kazal Sarani, Kaligonj, Palashpole Satkhira, Satkhira – Kaliganj Hwy, Satkhira 9400, Phone: 0471-62602 ext. 63319

Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited
466, S. Mawla Plaza, Borobazar Sorok, Satkhira, Phone: 0471-63606

First Security Islami Bank Limited Satkhira Branch
Kashem Plaza (1st Floor) Abul Kashem Road, 9400, Phone: 01708-160146

Uttara Bank Limited
Satkhira – Kaliganj Hwy, Satkhira 9400

Agrani Bank Limited
Moutala Kaliganj, Satkhira, Satkhira – Kalaroa Rd

Pubali Bank Satkhira Branch
Bara, Bazar Road, Satkhira Sadar, Satkhira. Telephone, 0471 3493

United Commercial Bank Ltd. Satkhira Branch

ATM islami Bank
Satkhira District

City Bank Limited ATM
400/450 City Market(1st fl), Boro Bazar Road, Satkhira, Thana Rd, Satkhira 4386, Phone: 02-8331040

Rupali Bank Limited
Boro Bazar Rd, Satkhira 9400, Phone: 0471-63379


Satkhira Sadar Hospital
R760, Satkhira Town, Phone: 01716-803081

Satkhira Medical College & Hospital
Bakal Bridge, Satkhira – Kaliganj Hwy, Phone: 01943-439777

Islami Bank Community Hospital Satkhira Ltd.
Khulna – Satkhira Rd, Satkhira, Phone: 01711-010500

Sador Hospital, Satkhira
Khulna Road More Palashpole, 9400, Phone: 01734-638327

Care Diagnostic Centre & Clinic
Satkhira – Kaliganj Highway Shahid Kajol Sharoni, Palashpole, Satkhira 9400, Phone: 01710-369931

Sangram Medical Hospital
Satkhira – Kaliganj Hwy, Satkhira 9400, Phone: 01745-755622

China Bangla (CB) Hospital
Satkhira, Phone: 01712-905187

Adarsa homiopyathika paribesana.
Krishi Bank Road, Doctor Para, Baliadanga, Satkhira District, Khulna 9410, Phone: 01767-020462

Shamnagor Hospital
Shaheed Muktijoddha Road, Shyamnagar 9450

Doctor’s Lab & Hospital Satkhira
Khulna – Satkhira Rd, Satkhira, Phone: 01759-289888


Tala Upazilla Health Complex
Tala, Phone: 0472-756105

Friendship Hospital Shyamnagar
Sualia, Nokipur, shyamnagar, 9450 Satkhira

Kalaroa Upazila Health Complex
Kalaroa-Chandhuria Road, Kalaroa

Assasuni Upazila Health Complex
Assasuni, Phone: 01722-219924

Modern Hospital
Khordo – Kazirhat Rd, 9413

Upazila Health Complex
Phone: 01730-324616

Debhata Goverment Health Complex
Satkhira – Kaliganj Hwy, Debhata, Phone: 01730-324615

Shyamnagar Upazila Health Complex
Upazila Health Complex, Shyamnagar, Satkhira.


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