Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan: Online Ticket & Counter Number [Updated]

Shah fateh ali paribahan has much popularity in bangladesh. It uses the routes dhaka-Bogra districts. It has a few counters. But the locations of counters are found in commercial areas.

So you can easily get tickets from dhaka. This bus has non-ac chair-coach service. At any shift you can visit in this bus. Here are given below the list of ticket booking offices of this company.

Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan
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Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan All Counters Location & Phone

Shah Fateh Ali Paribahan has many ticket booking offices inside and outside dhaka. In dhaka you will find more ticket counters than other districts of bangladesh.

All Counters Of Dhaka Divission

Gabtali Bus Terminal (গাবতলী)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896493

Rajab Ali Market Counter (রাজীব আলী মার্কেট)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896492

Shyamoli (শ্যামলী)
Mobile Phone: 01938-89649

Kalyanpur Counter, (Khwaja Market) (কল্যানপুর)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896490

Technical (টেকনিক্যাল কাউন্টার)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896491

Savar (সাভার কাউন্টার)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896495

Hemayetpur (হেমায়েতপুর, সাভার)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896494

Nabinagar (নবীনগর, ঢাকা)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896496

Mohakhali Bus Terminal (মহাখালী)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896451, 01731-315582

Asad Gate (আসাদ গেইট)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896488

Uttara Counter (উত্তরা)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896452, 01742-005812

Abdullahpur (আব্দুল্লাপুর, উত্তরা)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896453, 01742-005980

Bipil Counter, Gazipur (বাইপেইল, গাজীপুর)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896458

Chandra Counter, Gazipur (চাঁন্দুরা, গাজীপুর)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896455

All Counters Of Rajshahi Divission

Naogaon (নওগাঁ)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896450, 01711-284729, 01938-896462, 0741-81210.

Bhandarpur (ভান্ডারপুর)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896470, 01787-957280

Charmatha, Bogra (চারমাথা, বগুড়া)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896458

Thanthania, Bogra (ঠনঠনিয়া, বগুড়া)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896457, 01711-020626, 051-67111

Satmata, Bogra (সাতমাথা, বগুড়া)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896456, 051-61222

Santhara, Bogra (শান্তাহার, বগুড়া)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896463

Adamdighi, Santhar, Bogra (আদমদিঘি, বগুড়া)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896459

Sherpur, Bogra (শেরপুর, বগুড়া)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896474

Murail, Bogra (মুড়াইল, বগুড়া)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896464

Sonatala, Bogra (সোনাতলা, বগুড়া)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896473

Saharpukur, Rajshahi
Mobile Phone: 01938-896484

Badlagachhi, Naoga (বাদলাগাছা, নওগাঁ)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896469, 01786-573026

Dhamairha, Naoga (ধামাইরহাট, নওগাঁ)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896478

Joypurhat (জয়পুরহাট)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896480

All Counters Of Rangpur Divission

Rangpur Counter (রংপুর কাউন্টার)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896449

Dinajpur Counter (দিনাজপুর)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896497

Shitalbari, Miftkur, Rangpur (শিতলবাড়ী, রংপুর)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896447

Metapukur, Rangpur (মিটাপুকুর, রংপুর)
Mobile Phone: 01938-848548

Pirganj Counter, Rangpur (পীরগঞ্জ, রংপুর)
Mobile Phone: 01938-818551

Baradargaon Counter, Rangpur (বদরগঞ্জ রংপুর)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896446

All Counters Of Chittagong Divission

Dampara Counter Chittagong (ডামপাড়া, চট্টগ্রাম)
Mobile Phone: 01919-949453, 01938-818550

Colonel Hat Counter, Chittagong (কর্নেলহাট চট্টগ্রাম)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896475

Jewelry Counter, Chittagong (চট্টগ্রাম)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896476, 01745-662074

Madam Bibi Hat Counter, Chittagong (বিবিহাট, চট্টগ্রাম)
Mobile Phone: 01938-896477

Biojid Bottom Counter, Chittagong (বায়জিত বোস্তামী)
Mobile Phone: 01919-969904

Hathazari Counter, Hathazari, Chittagong (হাটহাজারি, চট্টগ্রাম)
Mobile Phone: 01722-939023

You can contact online sites for booking tickets. It will be helpful for you to book ticket fast. Again you can use app of this bus service to get tickets easily. The app will provide you the schedule of buses. From it you can get the prices of tickets also.

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