Silk City Express Train: Schedule & Ticket Price {2020}

Today’s discussing point is about the Silk City Express Train that runs between the routes of Dhaka to Rajshahi. This content will be very helpful for you if you’re one of them who are in search of the information before travel Dhaka to the Rajshahi route and the Silk City Express Train.

Some trips of life are memorable out there when they happen exactly the way you want. It can be the journeys by train that may you keep in the memory for a long time. The most preferable reason is that the flavor of the train journey is never tiresome.

This is why we’re here with the latest information about the Silk City Express Train. Keep following us and get all the information you’re in search of.

A Brief Of The Silk City Express Train

As you previously know the Silk City Express with the number of 754/755 is an inter-city train that’s operated by the Bangladesh Railway. It runs from Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh to Rajshahi routes, which is well-known as the life force of the country.

As one of the most lavish intercity trains, the Silk City Express is very comfortable and easy to travel on. But, you can’t ignore the importance of knowing the correct schedule and ticket price of the train while traveling through it.

Silk City Express Train: Seat Plan

With an expert way, the seats of the Padma Express Train have been managed. They have planned the right way in it with diverse classes of seats available on the train. Some different categories of seating arrangements are out there to choose from. These include as below:

  • Shuvon Chair
  • Snigdha
  • AC Seat
  • AC Birth

Silk City Express Train: Schedule

As you’re looking for the right schedule of your desired Silk City Express Train, we’re here to help you. The departure time of the train from Dhaka, Kamalapur Railway Station is at 14:45 and it arrives at Chapainababganj, Rajshahi Station at 08:35.

Also, it departs from Chapainababganj station at 07:40 in the return trip, which is a total of 6/7 hours journey. With the Sunday holiday, the train runs every day of the week.

Name Of The Station Off Day Departure Arrival
Dhaka to Rajshahi Sun 14:45 20:35
Rajshahi to Dhaka Sun 07:40 13:30

Silk City Express Train: Stoppages & Sub Stations

The Silk City Express takes breaks in many stations when it runs in the route of Dhaka to the Rajshahi. From Bimanbandar station to Ishurdi, it finally stops at Chapainababganj station. Below is the complete list of all stoppages and substations.

Name Of The Station Up Time(754) Down Time(755)
Bimanbandar 15:12 12:53
Joydebpur 15:48 12:55
Mirzapur 16:26 11:36
Tangail 16:55 11:09
B-B-E 17:19 10:47
S-M-S -ALI 17:55 10:03
Jamtel 18:06 09:52
Ullapara 18:29 09:38
Boralbrij 18:57 09:12
Chatmohor 19:13 08:57
Ishurdi 19:35 08:36
Abdullapur 19:50 08:20

Silk City Express Train: Ticket Price

Like most other express trains, the ticket prices of the Silk City Express are not so costly. Different categories of the ticket are out there as per the classes of seating arrangement.

Well, let’s know the details of the ticket prices of this train with the below table:

Category Of The Seat Price
Shuvon Chair 340
Snigdha 570
AC Seat 680
AC Birth 1020

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