Sirajgonj Express Train: Schedule & Ticket Price {2020}

If you’re a lover of the train journey, you’re welcome in this blog regarding the Sirajgonj Express Train for the schedule and prices of its ticket. Today, we’re going to share with you some essential information about the train journey from Dhaka to Sirajgonj.

While going through the entire content, you’ll get all of the latest information about the Sirajgong Express Train. The information includes schedule, ticket price, a day off, and many more.

The blog will be very helpful for you when you need to travel from Dhaka to Sirajganj by train. So, this is the right article to go after to know the information about Sirajganj express.

A Brief Of The Sirajganj Express Train

Running from Dhaka to Ishwardi route, the Sirajganj Express is one of the intercity train services. While operating in the Western regions of the country, this is a great intercity train service on this route.

Like other intercity trains of the railway services, it has 12 bogies along with some other facilities for its passengers when they use their services in the journey. You’ll find the train six days a week on this route.

This is why it can be your best choice if you’re are traveling to Sirajganj by train. With the number of the train is 775/776, it arrives at 9:30 PM at Sirajganj Railway Station after starting its journey from Dhaka at 5” 00 PM.

Sirajganj Express Train: Seat Plan

Four different types of seating arrangements are out there of the Sirajganj Express Train. These include:

  • Snigdha Chair
  • Shovon Chair
  • AC Berth
  • AC Seats

Sirajganj Express Train: Schedule

When it departs from the Sirajgonj Railway station to Dhaka, it holds the code number of 775. And it holds the number 776 when it comes from Dhaka Railway station.

The departure time from Sirajgong is 6:00 AM and arrival time at Dhaka is at 10:15 AM. Both sides have the same day off is on Saturday. Well, let’s know details about the schedule of the train with the below table:

Train Route Departure Time Arrival Time Off Day
Dhaka to Sirajganj 5:00 PM 9:30 PM Saturday
Sirajganj to Dhaka 6:00 AM 10:15 AM Saturday

Sirajganj Express Train: Ticket Price

Depending on the seating arrangement and categories, the Sirajganj express train’s ticket price varies. Some different price choices of tickets for Sirajganj express train are out there. So, let’s know about them with the below table:

Seat Category Ticket Price
Snigdha Chair 480 Taka
Shovon Chair 260 Taka

Sirajganj Express Train: Stoppages

The Sirajganj Express has many stoppages and breaking stations when it operates in Dhaka to the Sirajgonj route.  From the first stoppage at the Bimanbandar station, its final stoppage is at Sirajgonj Bazaar station. The complete list of the possible stoppages and substations are below.

Name Of The Station Uptime (775) Downtime (776)
Sirajganj Raipur 06:08 21:08
Jamtoil 06:21 20:35
Shahid M Mansur Ali station 06:48 20:30
Bangabandhu bridge West 06:57
Bangabandhu Bridge East 07:30 19:47
Tangail 07:52 19:05
Hightech City 08:42
Joydebpur 09:15 17:57
Bimanbandar 09:42 17:27


That’s all about the Sirajganj Express Train’s schedule and ticket price. We have compiled all of the essential and latest information that you need to travel conveniently from Dhaka to Sirajgonj and vice versa.

And hopefully, it’ll help you to make your journey by train as simpler as comfortable. Also, let us know if you need to know any more information regarding this concern.

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