Sonar Bangla Express Train: Schedule & Ticket Price {2020}

The Sonar Bangla Express is an intercity train that runs between the Dhaka-Chittagong-Dhaka route. The Sonar Bangla Express is one of the fastest and luxurious train services in Bangladesh. This train has some fantastic features that give customers satisfaction.

If you want to travel from Chittagong to Dhaka in a short time, then this is the best train because it is the best intercity train in Dhaka to Chittagong route. The Sonar Bangla Express is an international standard passenger train.

Now we will discuss all kinds of necessary information and update of the Sonar Bangla Express. You should read this article if you are planning to travel from Dhaka to Chittagong or Chittagong to Dhaka.

Sonar Bangla Express Train Seat Plan

In Sonar Bangla Express, the seats are well arranged and professionally managed. There are several classes available for the seats. If you don’t have a money problem, then you can travel in AC chair, and If you don’t have enough money, then you can travel in the Single chair. The seat plan or class of the Sonar Bangla Express is given below-

• Single Chair
• First Seat
• AC Chair
• Snigdha

Sonar Bangla Express Train Schedule for 2020

The Sonar Bangla Express train runs six days per week according to schedule. The service of this train remains close on every Wednesday. The train schedule of Sonar Bangla Express is given below according to the plan of Bangladesh Railway-

Sonar Bangla Express train schedule and ticket price as of January 2020-

Routes Will Leave Will Arrive Off Day
Dhaka to Chittagong 7:00 AM 12:15 PM Wednesday
Chittagong to Dhaka 5:00 PM 10:10PM Wednesday

Sonar Bangla Express Train Ticket Price

We will give you an update on the latest ticket prices for this train. This train has an air-conditioned, well-maintained cabin and clean AC chairs. Apart from this, it has fan towels, toilets, option to charge your laptop or mobile.

Due to modern facilities, the price of the ticket is a bit on the higher side. The train has many kinds of seat categories, and those are the AC Chair, Snigdha, Single Chair, First Seat. According to your budget, you can choose any of these categories.

Seat Category Ticket Price
Single Chair 600
First Seat 800
Snigdha 1000
AC Chair 1100

Sonar Bangla Express Stoppage Stations

The Sonar Bangla Express train doesn’t stop at any station. It goes directly from Dhaka to Chittagong and Chittagong to Dhaka within 5 hours.

Stoppage Stations: Dhaka to Chittagong

Stoppage Stations Time
Bimanbandar 7:32 AM
Chittagong 12:15PM

Stoppage Stations:Chittagong to Dhaka

Stoppage Stations Time
Bimanbandar 9:40 PM
Kamalapur 10:10 PM

Sonar Bangla Express Train Location

If you want to find out the location of your train, then you do that by sending an SMS with your mobile. Just like this – TR<Space>Train ID or Train Code and then send it to 16318. In reply, you can see the location of your train.

Sonar Bangla Express Train Review

The Sonar Bangla Express train has 3 AC Chairs, 2 AC Sleeping Chairs, 3 Power Cars, 3 Food Cars, and 3 Decorative Chairs. There are three seats each in AC Sleeping, 3 in AC Chair, and 3 in Decorative Chairs.

You will also have a pray zone, a canteen, a washroom, and very well toilets as well as a good security system. Above all, you can travel from Dhaka to Chittagong very peacefully and without much hassle.

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Facilities of Sonar Bangla Express Train

• A prayer room is available for all the passengers.
• The security guard has a first aid box.
• There is a food car available, and so you can have your meal there.
• Daily magazines and newspapers are also available for entertainment.
• Aluminum shutters are used for the safety of the passengers.

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