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Soudia Paribahan: Online Ticket & Counter Number [Updated]

Soudia Paribahan is one of the largest bus services in Bangladesh.

If you looking for details of this Paribahan Counter Number, email addresses, branch addresses and other details?

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Saudia Paribahan images
Saudia Paribahan images

Soudia Paribahan All Counter Number

Counter number used all users to different purposes. users use Counter numbers for their any kind of issue.

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All Counters Of Dhaka Divission

Kalyanpur Counter (কল্যানপুর কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01919-654928

Panthapath Counter (পান্থপথ)
Mobile Number: 01919-654926, 01919-654927

Kalabagan Counter (কলাবাগান)
Mobile Number: 01919-654926

Arambagh Counter (আরামবাগ)
Mobile Number: 01919-654932, 01919-654933

Rajarbagh Counter (রাজারবাগ)
Mobile Number: 01919-654930, 01919-654931

Syedabad Counter (সায়দাবাদ)
Mobile Number: 01919-654856, 01919-654852.

Eden Counter Counter (ইডেন কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01919-654935

Kamalapur Counter (কমলাপুর কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01919-654859.

Fakirapul Counter (ফকিরাপুল)
Mobile Number: 01919-654858

Kalabagan Counter (কলাবাগান)
Mobile Number: 01919-654861.

Abdullahpur Counter (আব্দুল্লাপুর)
Mobile Number: 01919-654854

Gabtali Counter (গাবতলী)
Mobile Number: 01919-654863, 01919-654853.

Narayanganj Counter (নারায়নগঞ্জ)
Mobile Number: 01672-365072

All Counters Of Chattogram Divission

Cornel Hat Counter (কনেল হাট)
Mobile Number: 01919-654906, 01919-654986

Damapara Counter (ডেমপাড়া কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01919-654902, 01919-654903.

Station Road Counter (ষ্টেশন রোড)
Mobile Number: 01919-654725, 01919-654941

BRTC Counter (বিআরটিসি কাউন্টার)
MOBILE NUMBER: 01919-654824

Cinema Palace Counter (সিনেমা প্লেস কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01919-654823

Alongkar Counter (অলংকার)
Mobile Number: 01919-654825, 01919-654822

Nasirabad Counter (নাসিরাবাদ)
Mobile Number: 01919-654897

Bahaddarhat moor Counter (বদ্দারহাট)
Mobile Number: 01919-654742

Notun bridge Counter (নতুনব্রীজ)
Mobile Number: 01919-654743, 01919-654827

Bhatiyari Counter (ভাটিয়ারি)
Mobile Number: 01919-654828

Nevi gate counter (নেভি গেইট)
Mobile Number: 01919-654832

Bayejit Counter (বায়েজিত)
Mobile Number: 01919-654834

Jhautola Counter (ঝাউতলা)
Mobile Number: 01919-654917

Lal dighi Counter (লাল দিঘি)
Mobile Number: 01919-654812, 01919-654812

Kolatoli Counter (কলাতলী)
Mobile Number: 01919-654918

Diamond, Kolatoli Counter (ডায়মন্ড, কলাতলী)
Mobile Number: 01919-654813

Link Road Counter (লিংক রোড কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01919-654815

Eid Gah Counter (ঈদগাহ কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01919-654816

Long Beach Counter (লালবাগ কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01919-654913, 01919-654920

Ramu Counter (রামু কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01919-654831

kolatoli Counter (কলাতলী)
Mobile Number: 01919-654890,01919-654813

Terminal Counter (টার্মিনাল)
Mobile Number: 01919-654814

Chakaria Counter (চাকারিয়া)
Mobile Number: 01919-654893, 01919-654853

Chakaria, old S. Alam Counter (চাকারিয়া এস আলম কাউন্টার)
Harunur Rashid Counter
Mobile Number: 01985-650479, 01689-840531

Khagrachari Counter (খাগড়াছড়ি কাউন্টার
Mobile Number: 01919-654882

Chakaria 1 Counter (চাকারিয়া-১)
Mobile Number: 01919-654892

Chakaria 2 Counter (চাকারিয়া-২)
Mobile Number: 01919-654853

Chandpur terminal (চাঁদপুর টার্মিনাল)
Mobile Number: 01919-654872

Launchghat Counter (লঞ্চঘাট কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01718-779832

Comilla Padua Bazar Counter (পাদুয়া বাজার, কুমিল্লা)
Mobile Number: 01919-654851

Comilla Jungle Terminal (কুমিল্লা কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01919-654852

Feni Counter (ফেনী কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01919-654731

Patiya Counter (পাটিয়া কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01919-654896

Kernihat Counter (কেরানীহাট কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01919-654839

Lohagara Counter (লোহাগাড়া)
Mobile Number: 01919-654875, 01919-654871

Teknaf Counter (টেকনাফ কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01919-654818, 01919-654719

Bandarban counter (বান্দরবান)
Mobile Number: 01919-654833.

All Counters Of Sylhet Divission

Sobohani Gate Counter (সুবহানী গেইট)
Mobile Number: 01919-654942, 01919-654891

Mazar Gate (মাজার গেইট)
Mobile Number: 01922-595982

Terminal Counter (বাস টার্মিনাল)
Mobile Number: 01919-654891

Jamuna Market Counter (যমুনা মার্কেট)
Mobile Number: 01919-654990

All Counters Of Khulna Divission

Sonadanga Counter (সোনা ডাংগা)
Mobile Number: 01919-654881

Royal Counter Counter (রয়েল কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01919-654883

Benapole, BGB camp (বেনাপোল)
Mobile Number: 01919-654946, 01919-654945

Satkhira Counter (সাতক্ষিরা)
Mobile Number: 01919-654887

Jessore New Market Counter (নিউ মার্কেট, যশোর)
Mobile Number: 01919-654893

Manihar Jessore Counter (মনিহার, যশোর)
Mobile Number: 01919-654879

Magura Counter (মাগুড়া কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01919-516483

Gari khana Jessore Counter (গাড়ী খানা)
Mobile Number: 01919-654992

Jhenaidah Counter (ঝিনাইদহ কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01937-468291, 01747-000070.

All Counters Of Barisal Divission

Pirojpur Counter (পিরোজপুর)
Mobile Number: 01919-654755

Barisal Counter (বরিশাল)
Mobile Number: 01919-654873

Bundaria Counter (ভান্ডারিয়া)
Mobile Number: 01919-654778

Khepupara Counter (খেপুপাড়া কাউন্টার)
Mobile Number: 01919-654876.

Amtali Counter (আমতলী)
Mobile Number: 01919-654776

Barguna Counter (বরগুনা)
Mobile Number: 01919-654775

Patuakhali Counter (পটুয়াখালী)
Mobile Number: 01919-654874

All Counters Of Mymensingh District

Mymensingh Counter (ময়মনসিংহ)
Mobile Number: 01919-654898

mukta ghaca Counter (মুক্তাগাছা)
Mobile Number: 01737-148821

Transport Fare:

Destination Fare (BDT)
Calcutta Tk. 430
Cox’s Bazar Tk. 700
Teknaf Tk. 440
Chittagong Tk. 450
Barisal Tk. 730
Sylhet Tk. 450
Khagrachori Tk. 350
Forikchori Tk. 500
Borguna Tk. 800
Khepupara Tk. 450
Vandaria Tk. 400
Pirojpur Tk. 450
Benapole Tk. 500
Jessore Tk. 400
Khulna Tk. 450
Satkhira Tk. 500
Mongla Tk. 450
Mymensingh Tk. 450
Sherpur Tk. 450
Jamalpur Tk. 450

Types of Service

This well-known that Soudia Paribahan is a top class bus service provider in Bangladesh. The company was founded for the long distance transportation services. They offer both normal and luxury bus services.

Route of this paribahan

It has counters in most of the city and popular locations, including Arambagh, Fakirapool, Asad Gate, Gabtoli and Fulbari. Furthermore, find it in Kallanpur, Kalabagan, Mahakhali, Mirpur, Motijheel, New Market, Shyamoli, Rajarbagh, Sayedabad, Savar, Shakari Bazar, and Uttara.

Arival place form Dhaka

Calcutta , Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Sylhet, Barisal, Khagrachori, Fotikchori, Teknaf, Borguna, Khepupara, Vandaria, Pirojpur, Satkhira, Khulna, Mongla, Jessore, Benapole, Mymensingh, Jamalpur

If you have to know something more about the resort, contact us with following comment box or with the ‘Contact Us’ form in the contact us page. We’ll reply with the best answer of your inquiries And stay with us for further update of This Paribahan.

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