Subarna Express Train: Schedule & Ticket Price {2020}

Subarna Express is a popular intercity train service in Bangladesh. It passes over Dhaka to Chittagong routes. The train stops in many stoppages during the journey. This train service is popular for its fast and safe journey. Again It has all the facilities that you won’t find in most of the train in this route.

Here i want to share with you the information about Subarna Express. That is why i have written an article where you will find everything about the train. The ticket price and train time schedule you can get from this article. If you ever decided to travel Dhaka to Chittagong, you must choose this train.

Subarna Express Train Schedule 2020

In January 2020 subarna express has been more updated with its time schedule. The departure and arrival time of this train has been set properly. Bangladesh railway maintains everything about train time schedule. Here is given below a list of this train schedule in 2020:

Departure Arrival
07:00 12:20
Off Day Monday

Subarna Express Train Seat Plan & Ticket Prices

The seat plan of this train is like other trains of Dhaka to Chittagong routes. It has different types of seats and all seats are having different facilities. If you buy ticket for high quality seat, you will get pleasure in journey. Here is given below a list of seat plan for Subarna Express train in 2020:

Seat Types Ticket Price In BDT
AC class berth 1093
AC class seat 731
Snigdha 610
1st class berth 635
1st class seat 425
Shuvon Chair 320
Shuvon 285
Shulov 160

Subarna Express Train Location

Now you can easily locate any train using an app. Just install the app in your phone and find exact location of the train. By sms you can also get location of Subarna Expres train. The sms should be typed like this TR<Space>Train ID or Train Code. Then send it to the number 16318 and you will be charged 4TK for the sms.

Dhaka to Chittagong train schedule today

Train Names Time Schedule Today
Subarna Express Dhaka: 7:00 CTG: 12:40
Mohanagar Provati Dhaka: 12:30 CTG: 19:30
Karnaphuli Express Dhaka: 10:00 CTG: 20:10
Mohanagar Goduli Dhaka: 15:00 CTG: 22:15
Sonar Bangla Express Dhaka: 17:00 CTG: 22:40
Dhaka Mail Dhaka: 22:30 CTG: 7:20
Turna Express Dhaka: 23:00 CTG: 6:30

Why Chose Subarna Express Train

Dhaka to Chittagong distance is about 248 that is hard to cover by bus. So you have to choose train in stead of bus. This train can cover a lot of passengers at a time. The time schedule of train is more accurate than the bus. Again train stops in few stations where bus can have more stoppages.

Important Notes For Passengers:

• A well space for prayer
• Healthy food and drinks are at cheap prices.
• Public toilet available in all the compartments.
• Booklets and magazines for passengers
• Enough space for walking inside the compartments.
• Railway guards are always active in train.
• Careful driving reduces the change of accident.
• Different seats help some passengers to save their money.
• Scenic beauty can be enjoyed through the window.
• Perfect than more other train services.

Besides Subarna Express, you will find many train services in this route. Among these Mahanagar Godhuli, Mohanagar Provati, Mohanagar Express is the most renowned. Subarna Express is popular for its running on holidays like Friday and Saturday. Only Monday is the holiday of this train service.

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