Sundarban Express Train: Schedule & Ticket Price {2020}

If you’re looking for the information regarding the Sundarban Express Train, you’re at the right place to get them all. And we like to welcome you to the Sundarban Express Train’s schedule and ticket price content.

Among the two(Chitra Express and Sundarban Express) intercity trains in the route of Dhaka-Khulna, the Sundarban Express is one of them. You’ll get all essential, details information to make your train journey enjoyable in this article.

It’s because we have arranged all the latest information about Sundarban express train service. These include Sundarban Express Train’s time table, its ticket price, facilities, and some other updated information.

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A Brief Of The Sundarban Express Train

When your journey starts from Dhaka, Kamalapur Railway Station to Khulna Railway Station, the train’s code is 726. On the route of Dhaka-Khulna, the Sundarban Express operates everyday basis.

The train departs at 6.20 AM from the Dhaka, Kamalapur station. And it arrives at 5.00 PM at the Khulna station. It has a day off every Wednesday, so avoid this day to make a plan of train journey via the Sundarban Express Train.

Sundarban Express Train: Schedule

After departing, the Sundarban Express Train arrives at Dhaka on the same day. It holds code #725 when it starts the journey from Khulna to Dhaka. Its day off is on Tuesday. Below is the schedule of the Sundarban Express Train for your convenience.

Train Destination Departure Time Arrival Time Off Day
Dhaka to Khulna 06:20 AM 05:00 PM Wednesday
Khulna to Dhaka 08:00 PM 06:30 AM Tuesday

Sundarban Express Train: All Stoppage Stations

On the journey to the Dhaka-Khulna route, the Sundarban express train halts at many stoppages. Below is all the stoppages station name with departure time:

Dhaka to Khulna Time Table:

Dhaka to Khulna Departure Time
Kamalapur Station 6:20 AM
Biman Bandar Station 6:50 AM
Joydebpur Station 7:25 AM
Mirzapur Station 8:10 AM
Tangail Station 8:40 AM
Bangabandhu Setu (East) Station 9:15 AM
SM Monsur Ali Station Station 9:40 AM
Ullapara Station 10:05 AM
Boral Bridge Station 10:30 AM
Chatmohar Station 10:45 AM
Ishwardi Station 11:30 AM
Bheramara Station 12:00 PM
Poradaha Station 12:25 PM
Alamdanga Station 12:40 PM
Chuadanga Station 1:10 PM
Kotchandpur Station 2:40 PM
Jessore Station 3:35 PM
Noapara Station 4:10 PM
Khulna Station 5:00 PM

Khulna to Dhaka Time Table:

Khulna to Dhaka Departure Time
Khulna Station 8:00 PM
Noapara Station 8:50 PM
Jessore Station 9:25 PM
Kotchandpur Station 10:20 PM
Chuadanga Station 11:50 PM
Alamdanga Station 12:20 AM
Poradaha Station 12:40 AM
Bheramara Station 1:05 AM
Ishwardi Station 1:35 AM
Chatmohar Station 2:20 AM
Boral Bridge Station 2:40 AM
Ullapara Station 3:05 AM
SM Monsur Ali Station Station 3:30 AM
Bangabandhu Setu (East) Station 3;55 AM
Tangail Station 4:20 AM
Mirzapur Station 4:50 AM
Joydebpur Station 5:30 AM
Biman Bandar Station 6:00 AM
Kamalapur Station 6:30 AM

Sundarban Express Train: Ticket Price With Substations Name

Here is the list of the ticket price and the substations of the Sundarban Express Train:

Station Name Shovon Chair Snigdha Chair AC Berth
Joydevpur Station 40/- 80/- 90/-
Mirzapur Station 80/- 105/- 130/-
Tangail Station 105/- 140/- 175/-
Bangabandhu Bridge (East) Station 125/- 165/- 210/-
SM Monsur Ali Station Station 210/- 280/- 355/-
Ullapara Station 225/- 300/- 375/-
Boral Bridge Station 245/- 325/- 405/-
Chatmohar Station 250/- 315/- 415/-
Ishwardi Station 270/- 365/- 450/-
Bheramara Station 320/- 425/- 530/-
Mirpur Station 325/- 435/- 540/-
Poradaha Station 335/- 445/- 555/-
Alamdanga Station 345/- 460/- 575/-
Chuadanga Station 360/- 480/- 600/-
Darshanahalat Station 370/- 495/- 615/-
Kotchandpur Station 405/- 535/- 670/-
Jessore Station 420/- 560/- 700/-
Khulna / Noapara Station 465/- 620/- 775/-


We have arranged all about the schedule and ticket price of the Sundarban Express Train. Hopefully, it’ll be very helpful for you. Please, send us your valuable comment if you have questions or suggestions about this article.

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