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Surovi Paribahan is a well-known bus service in Bangladesh. This bus service runs in the roots of Dhaka to Barisal. You can travel all the districts easily with this bus service. It has AC and NON AC service. Besides you can get tickets easily from the counters or online.

Surovi Paribahan
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1. Surovi paribahan Ticket Booking Offices & Contacts

Here are some ticket booking office & counter for easyly customer buying her ticket and save money with time.

2. Dhaka Ticket Booking Offices

Kolabagan Counter (কলাবাগান)
Mobile Phone: 01980-033191

Rainkhola Counter (রেইনখোলা)
Mobile Phone: 01791-259304

Gabtoli Counter (গাবতলী)
Mobile Phone: 01791-259305

Nobinagar Counter (নবীনগর)
Mobile Phone: 01732-252613

3. Barisal Ticket Booking Office

Barisal Sohor Counter (বরিশাল শহর)
Mobile Phone: 01791-259306
ফোনঃ 01791-259306

Bakergonj Counter, Barisal (বাকেরগঞ্জ, বরিশাল)
Mobile Phone: 01757-504108

Gournodi Counter (গৌরনদী কাউন্টার)
Mobile Phone

Vhuwaghata Counter (ভূয়াঘাটা কাউন্টার)
Mobile Phone

Vhandariya Counter, Pirojpur (ভান্ডারিয়া)
Mobile Phone: 01791-259309, 01739-959013

Mothbariya Counter, Pirojpur (মঠবাড়িয়া)
Mobile Phone : 01713-209403

Amua Counter, Kathalia (আমুয়া)
Mobile Phone: 01718-080056, 01791-259311

Jhalokathi Counter (ঝালকাঠি)
Mobile Phone: 01724-916760

Dowatola Counter (দোয়াতোলা)
Mobile Phone: 01791-259312

Kakchira Counter (বরগুনা)
Mobile Phone: 01791-259313, 01791-259308

Patharghata Counter (পাথরঘাটা, বড়গুনা)
Mobile Phone: 01791-259310, 01733-555899

Chandukhali Counter (চান্দুখালী, বড়গুনা)
Mobile Phone: 01791-259307

Aamtoli Counter (আমতলী, বড়গুনা)
Mobile Phone : 01728-475191

Kamarhat Counter (কামারহাট কাউন্টার)
Mobile Phone: 01713-869420

Kathalia Counter, Jhalokathi (কাঠালিয়া কাউন্টার)
Mobile Phone: 01714-511573

Potuakhali Counter (পটুয়াখালী)
Mobile Phone: 01753-209403

Subitkhali Counter, Potuakhali (সুবিতখালী, পটুয়াখালী)
Mobile Phone: 01721-328103

Kuakata Counter (কুয়াকাটা)
Mobile Phone: 01758-337099

Kolapara Counter (কলাপাড়া, পটুয়াখালী)
Mobile Phone: 01728-414914

Lebukhali Counter (লেবুখালী, পটুয়াখালী)
Mobile Phone: 01756-635198

Mohipur Counter, Patuakhali (মহিপুর, পটুয়াখালী)
Mobile Phone: 01748-538466

Shakharia Counter (শাখারিয়া কাউন্টার)
Mobile Phone: 01718-343882

4. Ticket Booking Facilities 

Tickets can be collected from counters. Its ticket booking offices are available all the zones of Dhaka city. Besides you can collect the tickets from some zones of Barisal. For comfortable journey you can book chair-coach AC service. Tickets are very easy to book in online.

These counters will allow you to fix your journeys. Whenever you think of a tour from Dhaka to Barisal, you must remind this bus service. The facilities of this service can meet your all needs.

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