Tista Express Train: Schedule & Ticket Price {2020}

Tista Express is a very popular intercity train service in Dhaka to the Dewanganj route. It is famous among the people because it maintains quality service from the start.

The Time-table, ticket price and the substation of Tista Express Train service are next. This information will help to make a plan of a journey through Tista Express Train.

Tista Express Train Number

Tista Express is one of the fastest intercity trains in Bangladesh. Besides, it is a luxurious train service. Most importantly, it goes with number 707 from Dhaka towards Dewangonj.

On the other hand, it returns with number 708 from Dewangonj to Dhaka. Usually, Tista Express with 707 number denote as ‘Up’ similarly, it holds number 708 denote as ‘Down’.

Time table of Tista Express Train

Tista Express service is available from Tuesday to Sunday. Monday is the off-day for this Service. Tista Express starts the journey at 7.20 am. More or less nine hours later it reaches Dewanganj Bazar in the early afternoon at 4 pm. Then it returns from Dewanganj to Dhaka kamlapur railway station.

After a nine hours long trip it arrives at Kamlapur railway station at 1.00 am.  This table shows the schedule of Tista express with working days and holidays as well.

Name of the Train Train Track Departs Arrival
Tista Express 707 Dhaka to Dewanganj 7.20 am 4.00 pm
Tista Express 708 Dewanganj to Dhaka 4.00 pm 1.00 am

*Note : Working Day- Tuesday to Sunday and Holiday- Monday.

Tracks and Stoppage of Tista Express

There are five substations from where Tista Express Services are available. In another word, Travelers can start or end a journey through these substations. Gaforgaon, Joydevpur, Mymensingh, Jamalpur and Bimanbandor Stations are five stoppages of Tista express.

Stoppage 707 Towards Dewanginj

‘Up Time’

708 Towards Dhaka

‘Down Time’

Gaforgaon 9:28 AM 5:50 PM
Joydevpur 8:25 AM 7:08 PM
Mymensingh 10:20 AM 5:05 PM
Jamalpur 11:40 AM 3:45 PM
Bimanbandor 8:02 AM 7:34 PM

Ticket Fee of Tista Express Train

There are four classes of Tista Express Train service. Such as Shulov, Shovon, Shovon Chair, and first Class chair. The ticket fee differs based on class and distance of the journey. Ticket fees are as follows.

Distance Shulov Shovon Shovon Chair 1st Class Chair
Dhaka -Joydevpur 35 45 50 90
Dhaka- Gaforgaon 55 85 105 135
Dhaka- Mymensingh 70 120 140 185
Dhaka-Jamalpur 95 160 190 255
Dhaka-Dewanganj 115 185 225 300

Online Ticket Procedure of Tista Express

There are many options to purchase a ticket. Travelers can purchase tickets from any stoppage or railway station in Bangladesh. Also, Travelers can purchase a ticket online.

For that, visit Bangladesh Railway authorized E-ticketing website https://www.esheba.cnsbd.com where details information is available. Besides, this online process is very easy as well as can operate from anywhere and anytime.

Bottom Line

Tista Express offers quality services for travelers such as a holy room to pray, a canteen, a clean and hygiene toilet, and other latest facilities.

Most importantly, each traveler can take 10 kg to 56 kg of goods free of charge based on class. Travelers need to pay more to carry more than the limit of goods according to class.

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