Top 10 college in Bangladesh

Most of the top colleges are situated at dhaka. When we talk about top 10 college in Bangladesh, we mean colleges of all districts. As dhaka is the heart of Bangladesh. So, most of the renowned institutions are situated here. In dhaka the communication system is highly developed. That is why education system is developed here. At this age education system has been developed all over in Bangladesh.

Notre dam College:

Since long years notre dam has become the best college in dhaka and Bangladesh. Every year lot students make highest GPA in HSC. This college has got reputation since british age. This college is listed in the top 10 college in Bangladesh.


Rajuk Uttara Model College:

After the establishment in April 1994, RAJUK Uttara Model College started its functioning as per the Ministry of Bangladesh. The college started with a large number of buildings and fourteen teachers for the first time in the establishment. Now, as the best college in Bangladesh, it praises the main character of this college and provides sound knowledge.


Rangpur Cantonment Public College:

Generally Cantonment Public Colleges are run by Bangladesh Army, Rangpur Cantonment Public College is not different. After the establishment of this college in 1978, with the encouragement of educational facilities.


Abul Quader Molla City College, Narsingdi:

Abul Quader Molla City College established in 2005, Narsingdi district college, which was established in the college. Although the college was established in 2005, the college is currently one of the leading colleges in the country. HSC students have made tremendous results last year.


Rajshahi College:

One of the oldest institutions of Bangladesh is Rajshahi College, which was established in 1873. This college was established after the establishment of Dhaka College and Chittagong College. In addition to the Rajshahi division, the college is also named after the best colleges in Bangladesh.


Adamjee Cantonment College, Dhaka:

Adamjee Cantonment Public College was set up to serve the brothers of Bangladesh Army personnel. As Shaheen School (English Medium), this college was established on 1st March 1960. However, Bengali medium was introduced in parallel with English medium since 1967.


National Adult College, Khilgaon, Dhaka:

National Ideal College Ideal Foundation’s initiative and it was established in 2001. The college is always top priority after high school students’ attendance. In 2007 and 2008, the college lost its reputation, but it was recovered after the following year.


Vikununnisa Noon College:

Just for girls, this is one of the best colleges in Bangladesh and the latest results of this college are outstanding. In addition to two changes in the morning and day, the school has three editions, including science, commerce and humanity, along with English and Bengali versions. School secured top position in SSC examination every year. All of these are the best among the top 10 colleges in Bangladesh.


Jalalabad Cantonment Public School and College, Sylhet:

Bangladesh Army represents another famous educational institution in Bangladesh. The college is the educational institution of Sylhet district like other cantonment public college. With the establishment of the college in July 1999, the college received his award in a short time. That is why the college has become one of the top 10 colleges in Bangladesh.


Milestone College, Uttara:

Milestone College is a strong governing body dedicated to education, making this college famous. And it is one of the best colleges in Dhaka, Milestone College has a primary school, a secondary school and a secondary school section.

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