Top 10 School In Sylhet

Sylhet is a developed division in Bangladesh. It has numerous numbers of educational institutes. Every year students make good results in the SSC and HSC from top 10 school in sylhet. The communication system of the districts has made it popular in education. Here is given below list of schools in sylhet:


Madan Mohon College:

Madan Mohan College, a public college in Sylhet. It was founded in the year 1940. Many significant people have completed intermediate education from this college. This college always remains among the top school in sylhet.


Malik Naher Memodiel Academy:

Malik Nahor Memodil Academy is a popular Intermediate College was listed in the Intermediate College division in sylhet. The college academy’s EIN number is 132030. This college is situated at Kanyaghat of sylhet. In Bangladesh it is in the top school in sylhet.

Manik Kona High School & College:

A well-known secondary school is called Manik Kona High School and College Secondary School. Manik Kona High School and College’s EIN number 130258 and located at Manik Kona High School and College at Fenchuganj. It is a also popular and listed in top 10 school in sylhet.

Mohammad Mokon High School &College:

Mohammad Mohan High School and College Kamal Jang Sylhet Sylhet An academic institute. Its Institute Code (EIN) 130460 It was founded on 01 January, 1966. Its co-education type is attached. The institute has three disciplines: Business Studies, Science, and Humanity.

Salutikor Colllege:

Salutikar College is a well-known Intermediate College listed in Intermediate College. The EIN number number ‘130336’ of Salutikor College and Salikkor’s welfare is located in Goinghat of Bangladesh. This college is also having Secondary school certificate facility. It is also in the list of top 10 school in sylhet.

Shahjalal Jimia Islamia School &College:

This institution has been able to achieve evaluation in inter-school and college debates, cultural competition, essay competition and education co-curriculum activities.With the effective management of the Governing Body students, teachers, guidelines and the most important combination.

Sylhet Cadet College:

Sylhet cadet college, a military high school for boys. It is situated at 7 km east of Sylhet Divisional City, to Osmani Air Port Road beside Parjatan Hotel in Sylhet. This cadet college has also ssc facility. So it has kept in the top 10 school in sylhet.


Scholars Home School & College:

Scholarship ‘Scholarshome is an English medium school / college in Sylhet. Northeast district of Bangladesh. In Class X in the Higher Secondary category, Class VI in Class XII and Class XII to Class X, although it offers courses from Playgroup to Class VI in Pre-Primary. It is in the top 10 school in sylhet.

Sylhet Commerce College:

Sylhet Commerce College, Sylhet Sadar, Sylhet is a prominent, district’s best educational institution. Sylhet Sadar This institute provides good education facilities with professional and qualified teachers and trainers. Labs are rich with the best tools and sports facilities for BD students.


Dayamir College:

Dinamir College is a well-known college in Sylhet. We’ve distinguished some useful information from this institute for you. If you have more information such as the year established, the founder, the name of history and the more relevant information of this institute.

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