Bhola District: A to Z information

Bhola district is located in the south- western part of Bangladesh and the largest and only one island district of Bangladesh located in the lower basin of Ganga River. There are three major rivers come down from Himalayan named Padma, Meghna and Brahmaputra that formed the island in the estuary with the sediment. From the sea level, the region is average 12 feet above. The region was started to formed at the approximately 1325 AD. The island was occupied by a Portuguese pirate named John D. Silabera in 1517 AD. But, it was unknown who named Bhola and has not enough authentic documents about the naming.

According to some of the historians, Bhola was named after Bhola Gazi Patni, a boatman who ferried people in the formerly Betua River. Bhola sub-division was established in 1854 under Barisal district During the East India Company period. On 1 February 1984, it was upgraded to a district.

Geography of Bhola District

Despite the many natural disasters, Bhola still want to see the light of hope. The precious natural and mineral resources in the district of Bhola, not only for the Jailabisis, are expected to bring the expected returns for the whole country. In order to fulfill the demand of the Rupali Hilsha Bhola variety produced in this district, it is seventh in the country to earn foreign currency by exporting abroad. Many fish farmers have already benefited from the development of fisheries resources by cultivating beta shrimp produced in Charfashion, Tazumuddin and other upazilas. By extracting the gas resources found in Borhanuddin Upazila on commercial basis, the entire southern part is brought under gas and can be set up here by a fertilizer factory.

Upazilas List of Bhola District

  1. Bhola Sadar Upazila
  2. Daulatkhan Upazila
  3. Burhanuddin Upazila
  4. Tazumuddin Upazila
  5. Lalmohan Upazila
  6. Char Fasson Upazila
  7. Manpura Upazila

Pourashavas: 5

Number of Union Parishad: 66

Bhola District Economy

Bhola district economy is predominantly agricultural. 64.01 % holdings are farms that produce varieties of crops namely local and HYV rice, wheat, vegetables, jute, spices, cash crops, pulses, and others out of total 347,515 holdings of the zila. Also, here grows types of fruits like banana, mango, guava, jackfruit, black berries, coconut, papaya, palm, lichi, dates etc. As it’s abounded by a huge water body, the zila which enjoys the advantages of marine fishing. Moreover, Bhola district’s main sources of income Agriculture 63.64%, non-agricultural labourer 4.95%, industry 0.50%, commerce 12.67%, transport and communication 2.47%, service 5.74%, construction 1.55%, religious service 0.35%, rent and remittance 0.44% and others 7.69%. Their main crops are Paddy, Jute, Potato, Onion, Garlic, Chilly, Peanuts, Mastered, Banana, Coconut, Betel Leaf, Betel Nut, Vegetables etc.

Bhola District Educational Institutions

There are a lot of educational institutes in Bhola district. There are 3 Government college, 32 Non-government college, 12 polytechnic & vocational institute, 6 Government high schools, 256 Non-government high school, 63 junior high school, 45 government primary school 424, 526 registered primary school, 25 Non-government primary school, 241 madrasah, 89 kawmi madrasah, kinder garten school, 1 Government technical institution, 1 Non-government technical institute, Bank Hat Cooperative College, Altazar Rahman College etc. Among the high schools, there are Bhola Government School, Bhola Government Boys High School, Bhola Sr. BAU School, Nizam Uddin Secondary School, Abdul Mannan Miah Secondary School, Yilsha U, C Secondary School etc.

Bhola District Population & Literacy

Bhola district’s total population is 2037201 where Male 51% and Female 49%. Besides, the Sex ratio is 100: 96. The density of population Density 500/Sq Km and annual growth rate is 0.13%. On the other hand, the literacy Rate of Bhola district is 47% (Male 38% and Female 34%); school attendance rate is 59.60% for 5 to 24 years age group.


There is one Modern Hospital, 6 upazila hospitals, 1 family welfare centre, 276 satellite clinics. Besides, you’ll find there more than 20 Private Clinic Diagnostic centers in the district.

Bhola District 10th Parliament Member’s

Bhola-1: Tofail Ahmed, Bangladesh Awami League (BAL)

Bhola-2: Ali Azam, Bangladesh Awami League (BAL)

Bhola-3: Nurunnabi Chowdhury, Bangladesh Awami League (BAL)

Bhola-4: Abdullah Al Islam Jakob, Bangladesh Awami League (BAL)

Bhola District Major Crops

Bhola district grows Paddy, potato, onion, chili, garlic, mustard seed, nut, betel leaf, betel nut, extinct and nearly extinct crops Tobacco, linseed etc.

Bhola District Major Fruits

Bhola district’s major fruits are Coconut, jackfruit, papaya, amra, banana etc.

Bhola District Major Rivers

The rivers of Bhola district are Meghna, Tetulia, Ilsha, Boalia, Shahbajpur channel etc.

Bhola District Bank

  1. The Sonsani Bank
  2. Janata Bank
  3. Agrani Bank
  4. Rupali Bank
  5. Pubali Bank
  6. Uttara Bank
  7. Agricultural Bank
  8. Grameen Bank
  9. Islami Bank
  10. National Bank

Bhola District Newspapers

There are many newspapers in Bhola district, such as:

  • Ajker Bholabani,
  • Daily Banglar Kantha,
  • weekly Dvipabani
  • Weekly Lalsurya extinct

Bhola District Major Non-government Organization (NGO)

  1. District backup agent, Bhola.
  2. District Manager, Asha, Bhola.
  3. Clinic Manager, Mary Stops Clinic, Bhola.
  4. Executing Director, Coast Trust, Bhola.
  5. Director, Preview, Bhola
  6. District coordinator, Sushilan, Bhola.
  7. Executive Director, Bhola Social Development Organization (BISAS),
  8. Director, Agency for Infectious Disease Control and Prevention (AIDCAP), Bhola.
  9. Project Manager, Heid Bangladesh, Bhola.
  10. Area Coordinator, Proshika, Bhola
  11. Chief Secretary, National Friendship Council, Bhola
  12. Executive Director, Grameen People’s Development Agency, Bhola
  13. District Co-ordinator, Swanirvar-Bangladesh, Bhola.
  14. Program Officer, UNICEF, Bhola
  15. Director, Action Human Development Agency, Bhola.

Post office with Postal code

  1. Bhola Sadar 8300
  2. Borhanuddin UPO 8320
  3. Borhanuddin UPO 8321
  4. Charfashion 8340
  5. Doulatkhan 8310
  6. Doulatkhan 8311
  7. Hajirhat 8360
  8. Hatshoshiganj 8350
  9. Lalmohan UPO 8330

Tourist Place

There are many famous places to visit in Bhola district. These Brojomohan Monpura, Bhola Shishu Park, Birsresta Mostafa Kamal Museum, Kheaghat Bridge, Bhorhanuddin helipad, Shabazpur Gas Field, Monopura Island, Graveyard of Tofayel Shah, Kobi Mozammel Hoque Gateway etc.

Famous person of Bhola

Some people have enlightened the Bhola district. These include Birshresta Mostafa Kamal, Tofayal Ahmed (Politician), Mozammel Hoque (Poet), Dr Abul Hasan Shamsuddin (Educationist), Firoza Begum (Educationist) Naziur Rahaman Monjur (Politician), Dr Azhar Uddin Ahmad (Politician), Major (Rtd) Hafiz Uddin Bir Bikrom (Politician), Comorad Nalini Das (Politician), Mosharof Hossain Shajahan (Politician), Nasir Ahmed (Poet), Principal Afsar Uddin Babul, Principal Faruquar Rahaman, A K M Makbul Ahmed (Poet), M. Mokammel Haque (Bureaucrate), etc.

 Bhola District Miscellaneous

  • Language: Bangla
  • Government Primary Schools: 424
  • Non-Government Primary Schools: 498
  • Government High Schools: 06
  • Non Government High Schools: 169
  • Bhola Govt College: 3
  • Private College: 34
  • Government hospital: 7
  • Division: Barisal
  • Time Zone: +6
  • Official Website:
  • Mosque (Mosjid): 2391
  • Temple (Hindu): 130
  • Church: 01
  • Cyclone Center: 350
  • Stadium: 1
  • Public Library: 1

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