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Dhaka Express | Online Ticket & Counter Number

Dhaka Express a very popular bus service in Bangladesh. It is an intercity bus that uses routes from Dhaka to Laksham.  This bus is having non-ac chair-coach seats for nap during long journey. The bus provides accurate time for arrival and departure. Dhaka Express ticket prices are also affordable for all.

Dhaka Express
Dhaka Express Bus Images

If you are travelling from Dhaka to Laksham or Maijdi, you must choose this bus service. This article is to inform you all about this bus facilities. The ticket counters are available everywhere in Dhaka. You can get tickets from online also. Again Dhaka Express bus counter address and contact details can be found from this article.

In January 2020, this bus service company has been more popular. They have upgraded their service comparing other bus companies in this route. The bus has enough space that contains large number of seats for the passengers. The windows are also large that helps to enjoy light air and scenic beauty.

Dhaka Express All Counters Lication & Contacts

Address: Syedabad(Head Office) (সায়দাবাদ)
Mobile Phone: 02-7553160, 044-78335507, 01970-180607,
morning-01924-787550, afternoon-01811-265907.

Manik Nagar (মানিক নগর)
Mobile Phone: 02-7545838, 044-78335505, 01970-180606.

Hujur Bari (হুজুরবাড়ী)
Phone: 044-78335506

Fakirapul (ফকিরাপুল)
Phone: 02-7193725, 01683-564838.

Mohakhali (মহাখালী)
Phone: 01711-242461, 01915-555780.

Jhigatala (জিগাতলা)
Mobile Phone: 01912-226923, 01823-210626.

Shyamoli adabar (আদাবর, শ্যামলী)
Mobile Phone: 01817-514263, 01911-471347.

Mirpur-1 (মিরপুর-১)
Mobile Phone: 02-8058315, 01911-471347.

Mirpur-10 (মিরপুর-১০)
Mobile Phone: 01712-082607

Kanchakshat (কচুখেত)
Mobile Phone: 01740-616433

Nilkhet (নিলখেত)
Mobile Phone: 01747-184934

Tongi (টঙ্গি)
Mobile Phone: 044-78335500, 01970-180601.

Uttara (উত্তরা)
Mobile Phone: 044-78335501, 01970-180602.

Airport (এয়ারপোর্ট)
Mobile Phone: 044-78335502, 01970-180603.

Norda (নরদা)
Mobile Phone: 044-78335503, 01970-180604.

Badda (বাড্ডা)
Mobile Phone: 044-78335504, 01970-180605.

Raipur (রায়পুর)
Mobile Phone: 01772-098662, 01680-824746

Mandari (মান্দারি)
Mobile Phone: 01729-044993, 01819-935587.

Choumuhani (চৌমুহানি)
Mobile Phone: 01961-872440, 01819-510631.

Bajra (বাজরা)
Mobile Phone: 01828-155858

Dalal Bazar (দালাল বাজার)
Mobile Phone: 01926-959518, 01718-111279.

Battali (বটতলী)
Mobile Phone: 01717-741075, 01715-609127.

Sonaimuri (সোনাইমুরি)
Mobile Phone: 01713-600175

Joksin (জোকসিন)
Mobile Phone: 01721-731269

Laxmipur (লক্ষিপুর)
Mobile Phone: Morning – 01761-559212,
Afternoon- 01928-336239, 01846-218315, Night- 01735-761301.

West Market (ওয়েস্ট মার্কেট)
Mobile Phone: 01716-228808, 01716-567811.

Maju Chowdhury Hat (মাজু চৌধুরী হাট)
Mobile Phone: 01718-732709, 01715-979357.

Hajir para (হাজিরপাড়া)
Mobile Phone: 01713-63509

Dhaka Express Regular Routes

Passengers must find accurate routes for their destinations. This bus has such routes that meet the demand of them. The bus stops in all nearby routes to help passengers get down from bus. Here are given below the routes of Dhaka Express bus from Dhaka to Laksham:

• Raypur
• Lakshmipur
• Chondrogonj
• Bot Toli
• Mandari
• Maijdi
• Sonaimuri
• Laksham

Dhaka Express Ticket Prices

Ticket booking has become easy in most of the buses. It is same for the Dhaka Express bus. Now passengers can book tickets from online. The prices of tickets are also found in online. This bus service updates ticket fares regularly. Here is given below a list of ticket prices below:

Destination Ticket Fares In BDT
Raypur Tk. 330
Lakshmipur Tk. 330
Chondrogonj Tk. 330
Bot Toli Tk. 330
Mandari Tk. 330
Maijdi, Sonaimuri, Laksham Tk. 300

Important Notes For Passengers:

• Passengers must present in the bus stand before 20 minutes.
• Every passenger has right to carry luggage of maximum 10 kilogram weight.
• Passengers will be charged for having more than 10 kg weight of luggage.
• Passengers cannot carry illegal goods during journey. This is ruled by the bus authority
• Smoking is prohibited in the bus.
• A token system has been made for the security of passenger’s goods. They will take it to take over their bags and luggage when they need to receive these. Authority won’t be responsible if these are lost.
• No money back system for missing the bus and it is a strict rule of the bus company.

While collecting tickets, you should know about the zones. In dhaka city this bus is popular among its passengers. So most of the people know from where to get tickets. But for a new person it could be difficult to know. They can book tickets from online trusted sites.

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