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Dhaka Express is the best bus service in dhaka city. It has luxury transportations with both AC and Non-AC.

Its routes are everywhere in bangladesh from Dhaka.

Dhaka Express
Dhaka Express Bus Images

You can make journeys to expensive places at cheap cost. Only this bus service provides their passengers a comfortable and safe journey. There are counters of this bus service everywhere in dhaka.

Dhaka Express All Counters Lication & Contacts

Address: Syedabad(Head Office) (সায়দাবাদ)
Mobile Phone: 02-7553160, 044-78335507, 01970-180607,
morning-01924-787550, afternoon-01811-265907.

Manik Nagar (মানিক নগর)
Mobile Phone: 02-7545838, 044-78335505, 01970-180606.

Hujur Bari (হুজুরবাড়ী)
Phone: 044-78335506

Fakirapul (ফকিরাপুল)
Phone: 02-7193725, 01683-564838.

Mohakhali (মহাখালী)
Phone: 01711-242461, 01915-555780.

Jhigatala (জিগাতলা)
Mobile Phone: 01912-226923, 01823-210626.

Shyamoli adabar (আদাবর, শ্যামলী)
Mobile Phone: 01817-514263, 01911-471347.

Mirpur-1 (মিরপুর-১)
Mobile Phone: 02-8058315, 01911-471347.

Mirpur-10 (মিরপুর-১০)
Mobile Phone: 01712-082607

Kanchakshat (কচুখেত)
Mobile Phone: 01740-616433

Nilkhet (নিলখেত)
Mobile Phone: 01747-184934

Tongi (টঙ্গি)
Mobile Phone: 044-78335500, 01970-180601.

Uttara (উত্তরা)
Mobile Phone: 044-78335501, 01970-180602.

Airport (এয়ারপোর্ট)
Mobile Phone: 044-78335502, 01970-180603.

Norda (নরদা)
Mobile Phone: 044-78335503, 01970-180604.

Badda (বাড্ডা)
Mobile Phone: 044-78335504, 01970-180605.

Raipur (রায়পুর)
Mobile Phone: 01772-098662, 01680-824746

Mandari (মান্দারি)
Mobile Phone: 01729-044993, 01819-935587.

Choumuhani (চৌমুহানি)
Mobile Phone: 01961-872440, 01819-510631.

Bajra (বাজরা)
Mobile Phone: 01828-155858

Dalal Bazar (দালাল বাজার)
Mobile Phone: 01926-959518, 01718-111279.

Battali (বটতলী)
Mobile Phone: 01717-741075, 01715-609127.

Sonaimuri (সোনাইমুরি)
Mobile Phone: 01713-600175

Joksin (জোকসিন)
Mobile Phone: 01721-731269

Laxmipur (লক্ষিপুর)
Mobile Phone: Morning – 01761-559212,
Afternoon- 01928-336239, 01846-218315, Night- 01735-761301.

West Market (ওয়েস্ট মার্কেট)
Mobile Phone: 01716-228808, 01716-567811.

Maju Chowdhury Hat (মাজু চৌধুরী হাট)
Mobile Phone: 01718-732709, 01715-979357.

Hajir para (হাজিরপাড়া)
Mobile Phone: 01713-63509

While collecting tickets, you should know about the zones. In dhaka city this bus is popular among its passengers. So most of the people know from where to get tickets. But for a new person it could be difficult to know. They can book tickets from online trusted sites.

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