Dhanmondi Ideal College Dhaka Bangladesh {2020}

Dhanmondi Ideal College is renowned institute of dhaka. It is a private college that has much reputation. The syllabus system has made study easy for the students here. In this college massive numbers of students are studying. The admission system in this college is same as other colleges. Here science and commerce must have GPA 5. The teachers are qualified and very careful about students.

Establishment of Dhanmondi Ideal College


The establishment of this college has done by a private person. According to that the college was established in 1969. This college is only for the students of intermediate class. This college was established for the group of science, arts and commerce. The development of this college has made great changes in education sector. Students from higher and lower middle class can study here.

Students & Teachers Qualification


The students who get admission in this college are brilliant enough. They have to cut good figures in the examination. Thus they get chance for admission in dhanmondi ideal college. The students are justified by their result for science such as golden A+. If the seats are limited, they have to be qualified by exam. For commerce there are sufficient numbers of seats here. So the students passed with GPA 5 and A grade get admitted here.

The teachers of this college are also educated and smart. They are highly qualified from reputed universities. Some of the teachers have completed their qualification from abroad. Besides some govt. BSC colleges teachers also take classes here. They are BCS cadre and they have much skill to educate students here. In dhanmondi ideal college, some teachers are permanent and some are perpetual.

Education Fees Of Dhanmondi Ideal College


When you get admission in this college, you will charge 15, 500BDT. This amount is taken from the students at a time. This charge is can be increase in future again. The regular fees for students are 1500BDT. Students have to pay this amount every month. The college has also arranged scholarship for merit students. It has also poor fund that supports poor students for educational expenses.

Reputation of Dhanmondi Ideal College


This college has much reputation in dhaka city. In dhanmondi there are many private colleges. Among those, dhanmondi ideal college got more reputation. The college campus and its environment is perfect for the students. The college has large space where students can study, play and cultural programmes can be arranged.

This college makes great result in dhanmondi area every year. During HSC exam the college keeps their students highly prepared. Most of the GPA in all groups are achieved by the students of this college. So this college is in top list among most of the top colleges in dhaka, dhanmondi.

Admission Process Of Dhanmondi Ideal College


You have to be admitted in dhanmondi Ideal College. For this your first step is to complete SSC with the required point that this college asked for. Then you need to apply in online and choose your group. After you have applied, you will get chance for admission. In this way you can done your admission process.

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